Coronavirus and the 2020 Elections

As much as it is demonstrably camouflaged in the alleged combativeness against the Coronavirus pandemic threat, the voting-by-mail issue is a first-time-ever, close encounter with an unprecedented, extraordinary, and unparalleled assault on our freedom to vote rights


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Hi there my friends. Maybe you have or maybe you have not noticed how everything seems to be uniquely and uncommonly quiet and peaceful as far as political issues and/or politics is concerned. Generally speaking, political news have, all in all, taken a back-seat; been buried, if you will, behind an avalanche of Coronavirus /COVID-19 headlines, updates, briefings and what have you – to be expected, mind you.

Ironically, as it usually happens with children growing up, when things are too quiet, you better worry, as chances are the little rascals are typically up to no good – sorry to say, not a bit different with Democrats. You can safely bet, the prevalent political limelight peacefulness, stillness, and quietness all translate into the fact that they [the Democrats] are up to no good.

Matter of fact, Democrats do have something up their sleeves, which could be detrimental, lethal even, to Donald Trump’s presidency- as dreadful and drastic as that may sound, and I will explain why in a minute. Last week, a lifetime friend, residing in Washington, one of the states which have adopted the “vote-by-mail” system, brought to my attention an inconspicuously subdued plot which has been quietly developing right before our very eyes – albeit barely noticeable by a great majority of us, notwithstanding the fact that this could be, in fact, one of [the] most evil conspiracies yet, to date, against Donald Trump– bar none.

As we speak folks, the radical left-wing of the Democratic party is earnestly pushing to introduce legislation, which would take away the Constitutional rights granting states the right to manage all matters relative to “elections” protocols, while mandating a vote-by-mail system – one which, needless to say, would be the beginning of the end of our Republic as we now know it.

On March 18th, a group of Democratic senators led by Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn,) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) introduced legislation to promote “mail-in” and early voting in the general elections. Presumably, they argued, the bill was relative to decreasing the spread of the Coronavirus, meant to let people vote through the use of absentee ballots.

O.K., folks so…it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? As we all know, Democrats have tried just about everything and anything in the book to get rid of Donald Trump. From a bogus Russian conspiracy theory to an impeachment crusade for fabricated quid-pro-quos with the Ukraine government, and everything in-between. They have tried it all, haven’t they? All to no avail, however, but, then again, they were not going to give up that easy. Not just yet anyway, were they? I have said it before, and I will say it again. I have contended all along, that this Coronavirus pandemic, would be conveniently and expeditiously used by Democrats in some way, somehow, yet one more time, in the Trump destitution-crusade.

I will put it to you this way, all along since the early primaries, Democrats realized that their chances of beating Trump at the polls in November were slim and none. As far as I am concerned, if you think about it, none of the presidential hopefuls of the Democratic party, stood a chance of giving Trump a run for the money next November – none, and they damn well knew it. As well they knew their only hope to win the elections was to come up with some sort of Ponzi scheme – a scam whereby they could tweak the results in their favor. As well we all know, the absolute best way of manipulating votes is, you guessed it, the vote-by-mail system. It is well known that the mail-vote and absentee ballots lend themselves to all kinds of fraudulent practices, including dead people rising from their graves and coming out to vote. There has been countless cases of fraudulent voting practices, including but not limited to, false impersonations, duplicate voting, illegal use of absentee ballots, buying votes, votes by illegal immigrants, just to mention a few.

Got to give Democrat pundits credit for their creative evilness, though. If you think about it, their use of the Coronavirus /COVID-19 as an excuse to legitimize the ‘vote-by-mail’ campaign is quite clever I must say. In the wake of all the “social distancing” pandemonium surrounding the Coronavirus, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it, to argue that “in-person voting,” would inevitably imply breaking many of the “social-distancing” rules imposed as part of the pandemic mitigation campaign, moreover and particularly for the elderly within a universe of voting assistants at the polling stations. Many folks, in fact, from both sides of the aisle, Republicans as well Democrats have acquiesced to the anti-Coronavirus rationale as far as vote-by-mail is concerned.

Now, you and I know just how bad this voting-by-mail is when two of the most despicable snakes within the Communist Democrats’ brigade are endorsing the vote-by-mail issue. You darn-well know when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-N.J.) are endorsing Klobuchar’s (D-Minn,) and Wyden’s (D-Ore.) vote-by-mail bill, we have a lot to worry about. Make a long story short, you know when two of the most contentious Communists in the Democratic Party are pushing this bill – that alone folks is a warning sign which should scare the living daylights out of all of us, while, at the same time, I happen to know this has not been an issue at the forefront of our concerns.

Just so that you know, the Democrats are rather serious about this voting-by-mail deal. At center stage of the dilemma is the state of Wisconsin. On April 6th, Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers signed an executive order suspending all in-person voting for that State’s primary, moving the date of election to June 9th. “Today, I signed an executive order suspending in-person voting for tomorrow’s election,” Evers said in a statement. On that same day, in a 5 to 4 vote, the Supreme Court issued a ruling refusing to extend the deadline of absentee voting in Wisconsin. The Supreme Court ruled that a federal court was not empowered to overwrite Wisconsin’s election laws and force the state to accept ballots with any postmark deadline nearly a week after the election. Likewise, the Supreme Court ruled that Governor Evers did not have the authority to arbitrarily suspend in-person voting.

Needless to say, the typical malcontents of the Democratic Party soon began lamenting what to them was an alleged anti-democratic deportment by Chief Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court. The mischief-maker’s complaints were seconded in The Washington Post. As usual, the liberal pundits launched their customary anti-Trump hysterical crusade denouncing the latter’s disenfranchisement of minorities, conveniently adding this time around the “lives-at-risk” argument ensuing from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Other crooked Socialists such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren are also in an all-out frenzy to broaden the Democrats efforts to “federalize” and centralize the elections under the pretext of creating a more direct democracy, notwithstanding the fact that, in the end, any changes in voting laws may be in fact antithetical to our Constitution. Warren has proposed a plan compelling states to have 15 days of early voting and forcing states to adopt voting-by-mail as a liberal pet project of sorts.

Mind you, Warren is not alone, watch out folks, again, there is that real and present danger looming in the air as far as this ongoing vote-by-mail campaign which skillfully uses the Coronavirus pandemic to further the agenda. There is, as you may know, a so-called “Phase-4” Coronavirus rescue package now on the makings. Reportedly, Democratic leaders have included in it, provisions that would compel all states to offer voting by mail together with a $400 million package earmarked for subsidizing the state’s necessary infrastructure for a vote-by-mail system.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is now supporting the above-captioned mandate claiming that “all experts” say they should do it. Never mind that Biden does not specify who these experts are. Meantime, Federalists all agree that the Democrats’ suggestion to federalize the regulation of elections via the vote-by-mail, is both, “an unwarrantable transposition of power, as well as a premeditated engine for the destruction of State Governments ” – eminently dangerous I may add.

Amidst the unending partisan war of this vote-by-mail hobbyhorse issue, President Trump and other Republicans warn that “a massive expansion of the vote-by-mail issue could lead to the demise of the Republican Party as Democrats, on the other hand, claim failure to do so will disenfranchise millions in the November presidential elections. According to the National Vote at Home Institute, today 69% of the ballots West of Colorado are cast by mail, compared to 27% of the ballots nationwide – meaning there would still be quite a number of votes up-for-grabs in a vote-by-mail arrangement.

As of late, tensions are mounting as GOP opposition has strengthened on the Phase 4 Coronavirus relief package being used by Democrats as leverage to manipulate the ballot-box results in November – again, their only hope to win the elections. “You’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” said Trump last week on Fox News, as he referred to the vote-by-mail issue. In one of his daily virus briefings, Trump went even further. “Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country because they’re cheaters,” he said. “The mail-ballots, are corrupt,” Trump claimed.

There is no question that Washington Democrats view the vote-by-mail subject as having great potential benefits for their Party, as energetically claimed by dilapidated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and presidential candidate Joe Biden, both of whom publicly vouching to dismiss election integrity to the wayside in favor of national interest for the well-being of voters in light of the pandemic attack – how thoughtful of them, right?

My friends and fellow-Americans, I have a compelling moral obligation in bringing awareness to all in this voting-by-mail issue – one which may, at first glance, appears to be banal, innocuous, inoffensive, trivial even, when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. None of the previous presidential witch-hunts carried out thus far have been as consequential as is this voting-by-mail controversy. The issue of centralization of the federal government and/or the destitution of sovereignty by the states of the union, albeit is very much at center-stage of the dilemma; of our democracy and of our Constitutional Republic as well it should be of immense concern to all of us relative to it marking the beginnings of a totalitarian state and a dismantling of our sacred democratic election process, adopted as a mainstay process of all that this nation stands for.

As much as it is demonstrably camouflaged in the alleged combativeness against the Coronavirus pandemic threat, the voting-by-mail issue is a first-time-ever, close encounter with an unprecedented, extraordinary, and unparalleled assault on our freedom to vote rights – a most significant share of our democracy. We must, at all cost, remain vigilant, wary, and alert on what these Democratic Communists are up to. The fact that the likes of a Bernie Sanders is so adamantly supportive of this vote-by-mail movement is a leading indicator of how dangerous this concept is in the bigger scope of things – once again, a subtle, hardly conspicuous if the yet magnanimous threat against our democracy and all that we stand for as a nation. I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to share this narrative with as many others as we possibly can. Our collective awareness of what Democrats pretend to do with this vote-by-mail campaign is, perhaps, our most effective tool to prevent this conspiracy to meet its evil objectives. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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