I don’t know if you guys had the stomach to watch the whole democratic debate this past Thursday. If you did, give yourself credit as it was not easy – I bore the brunt of it all, only because I think it is germane and incumbent on every one of us to keep ourselves abreast of what the “enemy” is up to.

So, where do I start? My overall perspective, I thought the whole spectacle was laughable – more of the same if you will; if you ask me, would have made a great act for the old Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Then again, Ringling had better entertainment. At the end of the day, I don’t think the debate will do anything, absolutely nothing to change the standings amongst the candidates.

Case you missed it, the three front-runners, Biden, Warren and Sanders, were, again the three most outspoken of the clan, while Spartacus, Cory Booker, joined the front-runners in the time they spent talking. I am going to spare you with the diatribes of each of them. I’ll put it to you this way, Biden was Biden, several times throughout the night he stuttered and mumbled in his answers which earned him a direct personal attack from Julian Castro who questioned Biden’s memory while sparring over their respective health-care plans. Castro’s attack inspired a rumbling roar from the audience in a total display of disapproval for what the audience thought was a low-blow.

Pocahontas Warren, did what she does best, ramble-on while saying nothing. Communist Bernie Sanders was his old self too, he went on to promote his communist agenda, with his archetypal anger and that wide-eye scary look of a psychopath who is temporarily out of his mental institution. His continued stubborn clinched fist with finger-pointing movements seemed as though he wanted to emphasize with his hands whatever he missed with his mouth – as though we would all be swayed by his hand movements. Unbearable!

Again, there were no high points or low points in the debate. The forefront theme of the night was about healthcare, free welfare benefits and whole host of other government subsidies, i.e., free college education, and free everything. As expected, climate change was at the vanguard of the candidate’s agenda as they all vowed to stay away from fossil-fuel energy and revert to renewable energies.

All of them, without exception, publicly endorsed to some degree or another, the mental midget Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal [GND], which basically sets us back to the stone age – say hello to the Flintstones – yabadabadu!

While all the candidates are candidly willing to spend trillions of dollars on entitlements, none, mind you, had direct answers on how they would bankroll the exorbitant expenses ensuing from their brownnose endowment platforms.

As far as the rest, let’s see, Bozo Beto O’Rourke, I thought, committed political suicide as he vowed to take the AR-15’s from the people. Forget the Second Amendment rights, forget the constitution and the rule of law – Bozo’s statement was the same as your quintessential autocratic dictators of a third-world banana republic. That is, he implied he would forcibly take arms from the people – period. Sure he will.

Chameleon Kamala Harris, was her usual hateful self. She spent most of the night poking jokes and trying to be cute. Of all the candidates, Harris, seems to have no platform whatsoever other than her unhinged desire to oust Trump. While the other candidates have some form of platform, albeit as extremist as they are, at least they have a platform. Harris, on the other hand, has a one-track mind, as every single answer begins and ends with a hateful comment about Trump – no wonder she has lagged at the polls.

I thought Harris’ answer to Biden when the latter said: “you can’t ban weapons with an executive order”, to which Harris responded: “Let’s say, ‘Yes we can,’” was a telltale sign of what to expect if democrats ever get control of the nation. Just like Bozo O’Rourke, they all seem to think they can circumvent the constitution and enact their own laws at will – a practice already started by Barack Obama during his administration.

Anyways, the rest of the pack, Kloubachar, Buttigieg and Yang, were, I thought, meaningless. To make matters worse, I thought the ABC’s moderators were dull and unprepared. Univision’s Jorge Ramos was his usual self, arrogant and condescending while in his questions he wanted to come through to the world as the Commander in Chief of all “Latinos” – well, he is not. I guarantee you; he does not represent me – I despise the man. Every time he opened his mouth and addressed the world in Spanish, it turned my stomach – sounded so absolutely ridiculous, made me want to puke.

All throughout the night, I thought the moderator’s questions dwelled, for the most part, in innuendos, while relevant issues such as matters dealing with our economy were all but completely ignored – wonder why? Anyways, again, I think, all in all, the debate was a waste-of-time. As far as I am concerned, it did absolutely nothing in terms of potential changes of the candidate’s standings.

Make a long story short, barring the element of unpredictability inherent to all forecasting activity, I am standing firm on my former prediction. I say that, in the end, Joe Biden will be the democratic nominee as presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Gaffes and all, Biden will prevail. And, the reason why, as far a I am concerned, it’s more obvious than at first meets the eye. The answer is: no choices. Simply put, if you think about it, of the 20+ clowns now running for president, none, absolutely none, offer anything to the electorate other than their extreme radical communist platforms which, a majority of democrats realize would literally destroy the United States of America as we know it. I think many in the fake news media underestimate the electorate’s intellect. I think the electorate realizes that, while Joe Biden may be intellectually disadvantaged as shown in his continued blunders, he is, still, the best they have. Again, a question of “lack of choices and alternatives.”

To democrats, Biden, as stupid as we all know he is, still comes through and displays an aura of presidency from his Obama days – an aura, which, to this day, appeals to many Obama supporters in the democrat voting universe. And, by the way, Biden knows it. Notice throughout his campaign he continues alluding to his tenure as vice-president to Obama.

Anyways friends, as far as I am concerned, I think Republicans should feel very pleased with all that is going on. Why? Well, as you can tell, they, the Democrats are in disarray, and they know it too. Like I said, they have only one candidate, and that’s it. The rest of them can all go try and find something else better to do with their “Socialism”. Then again, assuming I am right, the contest between a Joe Biden and a Donald Trump, I think will be something like David and Goliath – try and guess who’s who?

So, believe me, if you missed the debate, you really didn’t miss anything. I think the debate, along with all that is going on in the nation: our stronger than ever economy; the democrats’ mania surrounding the climate-change obsession and their stupid Green New Deal as well as their unhinged desire to embrace communism, are all contributing to a landslide victory by Donald Trump in 2020. Keep it on democrats – we appreciate your continued support!


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