Florida’s District 27th Race


Hi there friends. In the comments section of my last blog, “Florida’s Gubernatorial Race”, my friend Jorge Villalon asked me to give him my two-bits on the forthcoming race for Florida’s 27th district between Republican Maria Elvira Salazar and Democrat Donna Shalala. Specifically, John’s concern in this race lies in the fact than the “independent” candidate may split the vote to where Shalala wins.

I think that Jorge deserves, if nothing else, an answer, not just drawn from thin air, but somewhat a more thoughtful response – one based on facts rather than off the cuff, extemporaneous innuendos. Before I can even address Jorge’s concern I must, right of the bat, admit, I have never, ever, been into our own political scene here in South Florida. I say that respectfully, but I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that South Florida politics is nothing but – a three-ring political circus.

I am sorry to say, but, regretfully, Miami’s Cuban political Mafia, seems to have just taken-over for years now to where I personally have seen the prevalence of the same evils akin to most politicians, regardless of what area of the nation or the planet. If anything, I think the Miami political scene has always had its larger share of greed, corruption, scandals, than most areas of the nation, bar none. The ‘same-old’, ‘same-old’ disgrace which once paved the way for the coming of a Dictator like Fidel Castro back in the day.

But back to our topic – Florida’s 27th District. As we all know, the 27th District was practically owned by GOP’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Cuban’s political version of Mother Teresa. As we know Ros-Lehtinen has been nothing short than an institution as a Florida congressional representative for 24 years, from 1989 to 2013, first with the 18th District followed by the 27th. On April 30th, 2017, Ros-Lehtinen announced that she would not be running for re-election in 2018. With all due respects to Ileana’s supporters, I personally have never been quite the admirer that other Cuban-Americans have been. In the end, to me she was as ‘political’ as all the rest – for which I didn’t really care for her one way or the other. You see, I have a big problem supporting a candidate for the mere fact that we are bound by the Cuban roots – just my very own feeling about the issue.

My only concern when she [Lehtinen] announced her retirement dealt more with ‘party’ politics more than anything else, if you ask me. I view Ros-Lehtinen’s retirement, much like the democrats did. I viewed her leaving as one of the best chances nationwide for a Democratic pickup in the DNC’s quest to win House control over the GOP.

As we all now know, on August 28th, in the Florida Primary Election, Cuban-American and T.V. personality Maria Elvira Salazar won the Republican nomination while democratic contender Donna Shalala won the Democratic nomination. Admittedly, it promises to be a close race. As to my friend Jorge Villalon’ s question, specifically, no, I don’t think that the ‘independent’ nominee Mayra Joli will split the vote, and/or, for that matter, I really don’t think her presence will influence the outcome of the elections one way or the other.

I think that this will be a head-on between Shalala and Salazar. Now, as what is my forecast on the outcome. Well, I must be honest, personally, I would want Salazar to win, if nothing else, again, because if she [Salazar] loses it means one less seat in the House. In addition, I am going to tell you, I truly hate Shalala, the old witch, with a passion. But…then again, that is just personal emotions.

I have a different picture altogether if I used the intellect to give you a prediction. Let’s be truthful here. If I look at the race from a completely objective perspective, I say it can go either way – vintage for our swinging state of Florida. Let me expand a little bit on this. As far as Maria Elvira Salazar, as well as she enjoys a great following amongst Cuban-Americans, her popularity as a T.V. personality within the Hispanic community of South Florida is just that – very much a popularity within a minority section of the voting universe.

I say that Maria Elvira’s chances to win the election are mostly riding on the Cuban-American vote. Two-thirds (67%) of the nation’s 1.2 million Cuban eligible voters live in Florida, with many living in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area. But as Florida’s Latino eligible voter population has grown (reaching 2.6 million in 2014), the Cuban share of that population has declined to 31%. (The Puerto Rican share of the state’s Latino eligible population stands at 28%.) Question is: Can this 31% be enough to carry Salazar to the promised land? Answer is: maybe yes, maybe no.

If we use past statistics, again, it can go either way. In the 2016 elections, Ros-Lehtinen won 54.9% over Democratic opponent Scott Fuhrman’s 45.1%. Vis-à-vis, while Trump won 14 of Florida’s 27 districts, ironically, Florida’s 27th District voted mostly democrat with Hillary Clinton getting 59% of the vote vs., Trump’s 39%. Having said that, I don’t think that in the forthcoming Midterm elections, Cuban-Americans will vote for Shalala as they did for Clinton in 2016.

Now, about Shalala. Here again, I have two opinions: one, my very personal one, and second, my intellectual counterpart. I shall share with you both. Strictly from an intellectual perspective, I got to say, Shalala does have certain strengths over Salazar – the most significant one is her fund-raising abilities, and, in politics, my friends, is mostly about campaign money.

Donna Shalala’s resume, has her joined-at-the-hips with the Clintons all throughout her life. She first served the Clintons as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 2001. She later became the president of the University of Miami from 2001 to 2015. In September 2014 she announced her resignation from UM to, once again, join the Clintons as President of the Clinton Foundation. As far as I am concerned, her fund-raising ability, as that shown in raising close to 3 billion dollars for UM, will be one of Shalala’s greatest assets in the forthcoming elections. Her biggest flaw, the fact that she is an up-and-up Clintonite.

Now, as far as I am concerned, on a very personal note, I say the old witch is “bad-news”. Really bad news. You see, for me, the Clintons are two of the most corrupt people in this country. They are, in my view, outright white-collar criminals who have outsmarted the system through their savvy use of political influence and power – a true sign of the corruption now prevalent at the highest levels of our government. To me, the Clinton Foundation is probably one of the most fraudulent and dishonest organizations in the history of the U.S. For Donna Shalala to have served as President of this quid-pro-quo Foundation is about as low as you can go – a true reflection of the witch’s moral character.

I must also say, that my presumptuous reflection of Shalala’s character is not, mind you, altogether without factual back-up. Just so that you know, her journey at UM is plagued with controversy. Under her tenure, the big scandal was Nevin Shapiro – a $900 million-dollar Ponzi Scheme in 2011, where Shapiro, now in prison, sought to buy favors for student-athletes (hookers among other things). Shalala weathered the controversy despite multiple calls for her resignation.

In 2006, under Shalala’s tenure, UM’s janitors went on a hunger-strike to protest for their low wages. As if this was not enough Shalala’s reputation took a hit with a series of controversial stories, dealing with a student’s protest over a rape assailant allowed to graduate; by a New Times Story of a student allegedly sexually harassed by her professors and others. In all the incidents, Shalala has been accused of covering-up and/or protecting the assailants, much like the Catholic Church’s alleged cover-up in the prevalent child sexual abuse scandal.

So, my friend Jorge, there you go. What is my final prediction on this election, well, in summary and in answer to your question, I don’t think that the independent, Myra Joli will split votes to where these votes can make the difference in the final outcome. Again, my personal wishes are for Salazar to win, regardless. Can she win? Yes, it will be close though. She needs the Cuban-Americans’ vote, but she also needs a share of the Anglo vote and the rest of the Florida voting universe. I give her a chance only for the same reasons that Ros-Lehtinen won the seat in 2016 – this my greatest hope, a statistical one at best.

Can Shalala win? Most certainly she can. I guarantee you her campaign will be well-funded, and I can guarantee you she will have a major support from the democratic base and much the same liberal base that went for Clinton in 2016.

All in all, I think this race will be a complete toss-up. Highly unpredictable, if yet, I know I will be voting for Salazar as I still live by the old cliché, which is that – “every vote counts”.

Florida’s Gubernatorial Race

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been in a sort of political sabbatical for the past few months, albeit for good reasons. We just finished building our long- awaited new pool on our new house, which, as you can tell from the heat-wave we are suffering in South-Florida, will only serve to help us relieve some of the inevitable stresses associated with watching the fake news every day.

Thank God for the good people at Fox News, Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Martha, Judge Jeanine and the rest. Were it not for them, I would probably be writing this narrative from some mental institution upon my family’s implementing the “Baker Act” on me – case you are not familiar with this Act, this is a Florida Statute under the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, which allows for the “involuntary” institutionalization and examination of an individual suspected of having a mental illness.

Anyways, ironically, if there has ever been a time deserving of political narratives to shed some light on all the turmoil that is going on around us, this is it, no doubt about it. But again, my chores as a construction supervisor, just kept me so busy that, despite my best wishes for otherwise keep on writing my political blogs, the latter took a temporary back-seat to all else going on in my life. It was not until early today, when I received a text message from my dear sister-in-law Yamile Pou. “Yami” as those close to her call her, asked to me to write a much-needed narrative on the Florida gubernatorial race – a race filled with all kinds of controversies akin to pretty much all that is going on in the nation as the November 2018 Midterm elections come to fruition. So much is at stake.

Well, Yami, this one is for you. Let me preface my assessment of the Florida race, by sharing with you some of my forefront perceptions on all that’s going on. For years now, I have been hesitantly writing about communism in the U.S. Starting with my article “The Beginning of the End”, written in the 2008 presidential elections, followed by my book bearing the same name, published in 2012, all I have talked about for years now, has been the threat of communism coming to the U.S. Throughout my writings, many of you challenged my allegations. Many thought my warnings were a far-out cry; not in the U.S., it could not happen, many believed – Marxism and Communism was a match-made-in-heaven for third-world countries and/or for other nations in the world but not in the U.S. For nations with struggling economies; for nations with autocratic self-serving leaders, who cared nothing about their citizens and all for their own endowment.

Matter of fact, it was precisely this “denial”, the one I blame for all that is going in today’s political landscape – as we speak. I personally think it should be transparently obvious to all nowadays that communism has made great strides in taking over this great nation. I think you will agree with me that, for the first time ever in the nation, Communism is now rearing its ugly head, unabashedly, blatantly, and in full view for all to acknowledge its presence.

For years now, I dare say, our enemies have successfully manipulated a vernacular of deceit which, throughout time, has taken a life of its own – a lexicon where terms such liberals, progressives and leftists, have been inventively reintroduced to the American public as preferred euphemisms for the terms Marxist and Communist. I say its time we expose the truth to America. Enough is enough. I am utterly repulsed with the pontification of the words ‘liberal and socialist’ as surrogates for the word ‘communist’.

You see, many Americans would have had a hard time dealing with and/or accepting the use of the term “communism”, per say, if they, the left, had dared used it in its literal context, whereas now, even though the term itself is non-existing, it seems to me that the rats have come out of hiding; they have come out of the closet. Finally, a close pseudonym is being used bringing us closer to the truth than ever before. Finally, the word “socialism” is now liberally used to describe most of the nation’s communist platforms embraced by the democratic party – the “Democratic Socialist Party” as they like to call themselves.

Point I am trying to make my friends, it’s all out in the open. It is there for you to virtually touch. For those of you who doubt me, it cannot be more evident. Just look around you. No longer do they [the left] see a need to go about it elusively snitching their way to gaining power and control of the nation. It’s all out in the open. Go no further than looking at the platforms of some of these so-called “progressive socialists”, including Florida’s very own Andrew Gillum – which happens to be the center point of my narrative today.

My fellow-Floridians come the Midterm elections, your choice is crystal-clear, just take a quick glance at Mr. Gillum’s platform as a self-described “progressive”.

  • Supports the replacement of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – abolition of ICE.
  • Seeks to expand Medicaid.
  • Supports the removal of Confederate monuments.
  • Wants to raise corporate tax rate to 7.75% from current 5.5%.
  • Wants voting rights for felons.
  • Calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump.
  • Believes in global warming.
  • Opposed Trump’s administration decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Mind you, Mr. Gillum is not alone. Not by a long stretch of the imagination. Take our darling winner of the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Again, Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I repeat: a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. There you go, out in the open. Alexandria has made headline news almost every day since the day she was elected on June 26, 2018. The fake news has embraced her as some sort of female Messiah – the next coming of salvation for mankind.

At twenty-eight years old, Ocasio-Cortez is a younger version of the old communist Bernie Sanders. Her youth brings new hopes for a defeated Democratic Party, whose only hope for regaining their lost power relies on radical, if yet utopian agendas, much the same way that Karl Marx, once sought out to change the world with a counter-culture revolution in the 1800’s – an ideology which some 200 years after-the-fact has proven to be all but a failed and flawed creed. A botched doctrine relying mostly on class struggles and hate-filled envies as mainstay motivations, while having left behind a trail of bloodshed and the death of over 100 million people throughout their miserable journey in history.

Ocasio-Cortez is but one of millions of romantic young American men and women, who don’t even know the meaning of the word communism. Matter of fact, I think that for the most part, the radical base of the Democratic Socialists is composed of, on the one hand, a universe of romantic ideologues, albeit underachievers, racists, and overall losers, who believe in living off from government and from the better fitted of the classes, and, on the other hand, the George Soros’ and Tom Steyer’s of the world – the mega-rich characters who look upon communism as but just a means of amassing greater wealth through the exploitation of the ideologues.

I could go and on. I would want to share with all of you my thoughts on the impending mayhem and havoc regarding the socialist upheaval aimed removing Donald Trump from the Presidency, but I shall save that for another narrative. Suffice it say that I am confident that, come November, Republicans will, in fact, sweep the nation again just like we did in 2016 by electing Donald Trump. I don’t believe in the polls anymore, and I am confident that the GOP will keep, maybe even expand their presence in both the Senate and the House as well. Trust me. I believe you will see a Republican wave of winning in November.

As for us here in Florida, I truly believe that the State’s constituency is not ready, not now anyways, for yet another black communist, to govern our state. The wounds left behind by the likes of a Barack Obama are still very much open. Maybe with time people shall forget, but not now. I very much urge Mr. Ullum to just forget about it. Stay within the confines as Mayor of our own Florida swamp in Tallahassee as we are not ready for you, sir, not just yet anyways.

As for Ocassio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, I say, keep it up. Keep up the good work. Your rantings; your coming out of the closet; your most evident Marxists platforms; your relentless campaigns of hate towards a president who has done everything that is right for making America great again, has not gone unnoticed by magnanimous universe of true Americans who had been, for the most part, disparaged by your Democratic Socialists of America, thus your loss in 2016 elections.

As for you my fellow Floridians, I just would like to close by offering some friendly reminders, mostly directed to all my Cuban-Americans and Venezuelan voters in the reading audience. To the Cubans, just remember a vote for Andrew Gillum is equivalent to a vote to extend the Castro dynasty; ditto for the Venezuelans – a vote for Gillum is a vote equivalent for extending Maduro’s reign of destruction. To all the Florida black voters, all 16% of you, I say wake up and smell the coffee. For years now, the Socialist Democratic party has manipulated your vote, as though they owned you, as though they had a right to think on your behalf.

Over the past decades, African-Americans have been under the spell of the Socialist Democrats, who have capitalized on a history of racial injustices as a preferred tool for the party’s own self-serving advancement. I truly hope that, come November, black voters, use this privilege wisely and not just do it based on the skin color of the candidates, but on the issues that impend on both you as an individual and you as part of an important minority.

To the rest of the voting readers, may I politely remind you that a vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote for allowing illegal immigrants to continue flocking into our nation unrestricted, while many of them, outright criminals, are ready, willing and able to kill innocent Americans, all the while as Socialist Democratic judges throughout the nation, continue to give them a free pass to pursue their criminal careers. A vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote for raising our taxes; a vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote to undermine the thriving economic achievements gained under governor Rick Scott.

I think we all know better. Florida happens to be one of the most important swing states in the nation. The choices are as clear as ever before in the history of the state, we can either vote for full blown “socialist / communist” or…we can vote for Ron DeSantis, Trump’s endorsed candidate to continue in Scott’s path of keeping Florida one of the greatest states in the nation. Your call. God bless America.

Russia’s New, Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile And What it Could Signal for Mankind

Just in case you missed it, making news Thursday, in an almost inconspicuous, subtle and elusive tone, I heard a sound-bite that sent chills up my spine – albeit, if it probably went unnoticed, ignored or disregarded by most of us. I am talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin touting and boasting of yet a new missile that will render NATO “completely useless”. Some say, this is just propaganda, but…just as well.

In an annual address to the Russian parliament, Putin said: “Russia has developed a new, nuclear-capable cruise missile with “unlimited” range that is capable of eluding air-defense systems.”

Dear reader, let me put it to you in rather straightforward, easy-to-understand simple layman’s terms. Putin’s avowal is just that Russia can “destroy” the U.S., without the U.S., even being able to defend itself.

Now, take Putin’s challenge and throw in North Korea’s Kim Jon-Un persistent threats of building nuclear war-heads and ballistic missiles, while on a continuous campaign of “dares” to the U.S., and, just like that, you figure out, it is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”. Now if the concoction is not robust enough for you, how about mixing in a little radical Islamic terrorism and voilà the U.S. is surrounded by enemy-states -all of them literally capable of wiping us out of the face of the earth, before we even know it – or so says Putin anyways.

Could be just a tad too late by the time we find out whether the claims are real or not, couldn’t it?

But… wait a moment, what about our military prowess?

What about our ability to defend ourselves against the treat of enemy-states, Russia, Korea, Iran, China?

Well, I will put it to you this way folks, I am not so sure we still have a claim to be the mightiest nation in the world that we once were – not by any stretch of the imagination, thus president Trump’s overt agenda of building-up our military, given the weakened and enfeebled state in which our past Marxist president Barack Obama, left the nation.

Is there anything, I ask, this SOB did not do to undermine the wellbeing of this great nation?

So, read between the lines, all the while as our day-to-day politics has Trump and the Republican party fighting tooth and nail over innuendos such as Trump’s Russian collusion; all the while as Republicans and Democrats continue butting heads over a series of controversial memos; all the while as the world anxiously awaits for Special Counsel Robert Muller’s end of an investigation, which Marxist-liberals hope will yield Trump’s impeachment, all the while, Putin and his Russian comrades are boasting about developing weaponry that can outright wipe the U.S., out of the face of the earth, without us even knowing about it. How about that folks?

It is as though, Russians, maybe other enemy-states as well, must be thinking how totally inept we have become.

Think about it this way, if you were a part of the intel apparatus of our enemy-states, there are some incontrovertible perceptions making-up the stratagem leading to the ultimate planning in attaining world supremacy, synonymous, if you will, with the destruction of the U.S. – historically, the world’s bastion of wealth and prowess. You would be looking at a nation, which, under the auspices of a Marxist president and a Marxist Secretary of State, went ahead and sold Russia 20% of the U.S. uranium, made a deal with enemy-state of Iran and gave them $1.7 billion dollars in cash, emboldening them to continue exporting radical terrorism all over the world, bolstering them also with a clear pathway to building up their nuclear-armaments, and, in the process, making sure we derailed an ambitious law-enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

Yes, folks, the results of our pandering ways – a Russian missile-head, capable of reaching us undetected.

So, what is the point I am trying to make?

In light of Putin’s announcement made Thursday, my point is simple and unhindered. I would say we are on a one-way path to self-destruction. What, folks, is in store for humanity? What is in store for humans and the planet earth as we know it? Whether we want to realize it or not, we need to look ahead and begin thinking out-of-the-box, as far as the future of world is concerned.

Forget about the thoughtless “global warming”, Trump’s Russian collusion deal, DACA and immigration reform, the Wall and / or the countless other issues now a part of Washington’s political tug-of-war. I personally think, at the rate we are going, we are at the verge of extinction. Again, I think we are on a one-way path to Armageddon. I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever that we “humans” will find a way to self-destroy the species. As far as I am concerned, it is a matter of time.

Historically, we have always been at war with each other. Since time immemorial, man has always been in an unending quest to feud and kill each other. Man’s wars have been waged over all kinds of issues, i.e., territorial, religious, resources, ideological or otherwise a non-ending competition for supremacy, sovereignty, and power. It is estimated that over 1 billion people have been killed by wars throughout the history and pre-history of mankind. But, don’t need to go too far, do we? Islam today, by its very nature considers the Western civilization [us] as unclean, “other” than we must be brought into the orbit of Islam through subjugation, at best, or destruction at worst.

No matter what our good pastors, priests, rabbis, or others in the pastoral community would want us to believe inasmuch as living in peace with each other as “brothers and sisters”, this is, at best a fallacy, at worst, a wishful Shangri-La – deceitful and romantic. The irony of it all, is that by virtue of man’s breakthrough progress, evolution and development, we were able to progressively improve our ways of killing each other. As time went by, the term “weapons of mass-destruction”, became a sought-after redemption for a scientific community set-out to prove themselves in ways of outsmarting each other by ultimately finding ways of eradicating the species. If you ask me, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945 respectively, did in fact ensue the surrender of Imperial Japanese Armed forces which ended WWII, but just as well, opened-up the gates for the eventual annihilation of mankind as we know it – that simple.

In other words, one can readily conclude that man’s progress will, in the end, be its own demise. What an irony! Think about it. Over the past 100 years, our tecno-revolution has made it possible, among other things, for landing a man on the moon and connecting zillions of humans to each other using a “keyboard” and by a hand-held portable communication device known to the world as a “cellular phone”. In the medical field, man’s fight for longevity has been impressive – between 1990 and 2013, life expectancy at birth increased from 57.3 years to 64.2 years for males and from 58.2 years to 68.5 years for females. Is this an irony, or is it? We have spent zillions of dollars in medical research on how to prolong life and zillions, just as well, in finding ways to eradicate it! Wow. Does this make sense to you?

All of a sudden, when I hear Putin’s touchtone yardsticks on being able to destroy the U.S., undetected, all of a sudden, I begin to realize the anger and the hatred that prevails in the human race, still – that which incites a human being to go on a killing rampage such as the Stoneman Douglas’ High School massacre of innocent people, apparently for no reason. I take issue with the fact that there are “no apparent reasons”, as, in fact, there are. Whether we care to realize it or not, by the mere fact that we are “humans”, there is an inbred desire embedded in the DNA of the species’ to just dislike each other, even kill each other in many occult ways, such as was for Nikolas Cruz in the Florida High School, or such as we see in Putin and Kim Jong Un – no difference whatsoever. In the end, the motif is to kill each other.

In ending, I must say, my outlook for mankind is, at best, gloomy, at worst outright dismal. I see the war on Trump as a war on righteousness – a war to keep us from fighting against the-coming-of-doomsday. I look upon the issues as mere controversies in an ongoing fight of good vs. evil. When I hear of Oakland Major Libby Schaaf warning to more than 1000 illegal immigrants and criminals to flee from an impending large-scale arrest by Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, netting the agency and arrest of only 100, I can only conclude how very messed-up our nation is. Things are bad when the nation’s politicians encourage the obstruction of justice as did the Oakland’s Major in the name of sanctity. God forbid, as some amongst the 900 of ICE’s escapees will eventually end-up hurting harmless Americans, as I am sure they will. It is fine for the establishment to continue its debate over the NRA, the use of automatic weaponry and raising the legal age to buy a weapons, etc.; it is also fine to implement programs in High Schools all over the nation, on how to train school teachers to actively participate in defense platforms designed to defend innocent students against monsters like Nikolas Cruz, but…isn’t time we also begin to find ways on how to protect us from each other at levels of mass-destruction just as well?

If only but a fraction of the time now spent politicizing issues that are truly inconsequential to the sustainability of mankind, would be spent looking for ways to protect each other from the potential extinction of mankind, we would all be better served, would we not? In ending, I can only say my prayers of hope that, by some Divine Intervention, our discernment, our brilliance, our savviness, our smarts, makes us realize that in our race for the extinction the species, there are no winners, there are only losers, and…when the time comes, we will not, as we do today, have a chance to dislike each other anymore, leaving us but with only one of two alternatives: either we make the choice to live in peace and care for each other the way it was meant to be to begin with, or otherwise we can all just say farewell to this nice planet Earth, we have disgruntledly shared for millions of years.

May God save us all!

Transgenderism; A Dangerous Path To Sexual Anarchy


A recent term in usage is “Transgenderism”; essentially an empty word conjured up as a neutral label for any individual not conforming to common social rules of gender expression. The term was created to help unite very disparate individuals under a vague commonality of interest in gender, in order to provide a basis for mutual benefit and support within an often violently antagonistic society.

Transgenderism can refer to those who cross-dress, those who are intersexed, those who live in the opposite societal role of their physical sex, those who play with gender expression for any purpose whatsoever, and transsexuals as well. The primary function is social and political, and not clinical, despite the efforts of some to legitimize this essentially meaningless term. It includes also what was called transsexual, a real disorder that should be treated, but is extremely rare.

Every society has morals, but these vary in different cultures.

With the advent of the technology revolution and globalization, the normal flux and changes in these basic values seem to have accelerated, many times with adverse results. In our country, a society based on Judeo-Christian values and an inherited European culture many advances have been made, especially in the area of inclusiveness and acceptance of others.

At the forefront of these changes are the diminution of discrimination toward homosexuality, and the union of same-sex individuals. In order to clarify my point of view on this difficult and controversial topic, we have to define what biology does, and its influence on behavior.

A genetic origin will determine an impulse or desire, but by definition does not determine behavior or morality. A homoerotic desire does not force an act, willpower will determine its execution depending on whether the behavior is acceptable or not. This is why tolerance of specific conduct by society is so important.

The genetic studies on homosexuality done in twins and the lab show an indication of a biological origin, but they are mostly inconclusive. The gay and anti-gay lobbies push biology or behavior depending on their views, an important factor because conduct could be changed much easier than one biologically determined.

In the mental health professional world, we believe in the acceptance of this sexual orientation as a small deviation of normal as it only manifests itself on this particular orientation. Indeed, homosexuals are an important and integral part of our society in all its aspects. Facts clearly define both biology and will as influential, but neither is defining. As far as the prevalence of this sexual orientation the census shows a figure of close to 2% of the population.

The only other sexual deviation, using the medical definition, which has the potential of a physical determination and is, as it should, accepted by our society is transsexual or gender dysphoria. In a transsexual individual, its gender is not concordant with its sex. They may have been born as a boy or a girl, but feel as being of the opposite gender.

Again, this dysphoria has indications of a biological determinant, but studies are not conclusive. The American Psychiatry Association defines this disorder’s prevalence as one in thirty thousand. Some recent studies in the Netherlands increase this frequency, the highest being one in twenty-five hundred. Even this number means that only 0.04% of newborns suffer from this malady, classifying it as “extremely rare”. Rare or not, it is an extremely serious condition that might commence in childhood, but cannot be confirmed until post-adolescence, and can lead, if not surgically corrected, to much suffering, depression, and suicide.

In most cases, the gender doubts that existed in childhood resolve after adolescence the only precaution needed if doubt is professional supervision. Labeling as a disorder at that age could be described as child abuse.

In order to understand the danger implied in the term “transgender” or “trans”, we have to know the difference between gender and sex. Gender is identity, and sex is the physical form and function that corresponds with one’s identity. Both are determined by brain function at different levels.

More than ninety-nine percent of individuals are born with gender/sex concordance. Of these, only from two to five percent have a biological predisposition to a different sexual orientation, but otherwise are perfectly satisfied with their gender. In other words, the “trans” movement claims to represent many forms of behaviors regarding gender, other than the few that are biologically legitimate disorders.

Regardless of sexual orientation, both hetero and homoerotic individual’s values and morals as determined by the culture that we live in, are threatened. The tacit acceptance as now has caught on with our media and television, of sexual fetishes, perversions, psychological disorders, mental illness, and criminal behaviors as being “trans”, and thus “normal”, has to be understood as another way of destroying the very fabric of our society.

The ultimate goal of this movement is to abolish the biological determinant of two genders, male and female, and establish a “gender-neutral” society. Already we face fewer unions of couples, and more “open marriages” and hedonistic lifestyles.

When instincts and the pursuit of pleasure become dominant in the population, it becomes the beginning of the end of its existence. Traditions and morals might vary in different cultures, but no civilized society has been able to survive without rules that control excess on its behavior, and where amorality rules. We are presently facing this danger.