Border Crisis Comes to an End!


As well we all know, our esteemed Vice-President Kamala Harris, is now back from her trip to Guatemala and Mexico – a trip, mind you, which must be the ultimate practical joke on “we-the-people” – a true mockery on the American people. When I first heard the administration’s official reason for Harris’ tour, namely, to address the “root causes” of the heightened migration from Central America, I just broke into laughter – it was just that funny. Matter of fact, I thought it would make a great line for a Saturday Night Live sketch.

So…the “root causes for a heightened migration,” really, serious? Is this an insult to our intelligence, or is it? The root causes of the border crisis – are you kidding me? I am to the point where I really believe that all in the Biden kingdom are just incapable of discerning between right and wrong, between good and evil, between truth and lies – worse maybe, they must believe we all are, you, and I, just that stupid, or so they think.

But…before I go any further, however, let me preface my comments with a disclaimer about the way I feel about this Kamala Harris woman. That is, I find the woman to be one of [the] most despicable, disgraceful, and contemptible people in our political arena. I have a great dislike for many other democrats in our political playing field, but boy, I got to tell you friends, this laughing hyena Harris, takes the prize, hands down.

On March 24th of this year, the Biden clown appointed Kamala Harris to lead the efforts on stemming migration on the southern border. As of this writing, since her crowning as border-czar, it has been 77 days that Harris has not even visited the border – an outright insult to the American people. To add insult to injury, Harris’ is now chalking the border crisis to guess what? Yes folks, to climate change of all things. Can you believe that one? Then again, in our new Socialist United States, all that is wrong, has its root cause on either “white supremacy” and/or “climate change.”

In other words, Harris’ tour outright dismisses, sets aside, and disposes of any notions that the surge in the border migration crisis had anything to do with Joe Biden and/or Biden’s administration. In other words, it is not like Joe Biden campaigned on an open border policy, right? It is not as Joe Biden has not outright enticed for all to come in illegally with the promise that they would all be received with open arms. It is not like Biden, from his first day in office, quashed Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, a/k/a the “Remain in Mexico” initiative; it is not as Biden did not order to stop building Trump’s border wall; it is not as Biden ridiculed ICE emboldening a “catch and release” policy, where illegals, including but not limited to gang members, rapists, murderers and drug dealers are swiftly released into the mainstream of our cities; it is now like under Joe Biden’s administration illegal crossings of the border are up nearly 1000% compared to Donald Trump; it is not like in April alone over 175,000 illegal aliens crossed the border and were released.

No folks, it was not Joe Biden’s immigration policies that caused the border crisis, no, it was climate change, and it was the fault of the so called “Northern Triangle” of Central America – a term used to refer collectively to the three Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as the ultimate culprits for the border crisis.

Point being in a quintessential communist tactic, Biden, Harris and company are swiftly trying to divert the blame for their out-of-control migration crisis to anything and everything other than taking responsibility on what has become a true threat to our national security. That, friends, may explain the reason why our esteemed Vice-President, has not bothered visiting the border; the reason why when asked the question on why she had not visited the border, the hyena, resorted to laughing, as she always does, while answering that “she had not been to Europe either.” Is she a sarcastic witch, or is she?

By the way friends, speaking of sarcasm as it pertains to this border-crisis situation, what about our own Cuban American spiteful version of hypocrisy? What about this hypocritical, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who, time and time again claims “there is no border crisis.” Really? It is evident to me that Alejandro, took a page or two from Fidel Castro’s bible of deception. You are right Alejandro, there is no crisis at the border, sir, just the same as Castro and his Revolution were the best thing that ever happened to Cuba, right?

Bottom line to this phony Harris’ public relations drama tour is that the Joe Biden administration’s ticket to solving the problem is, doing what the clown does best, spend more of our taxpayers money. How about a $4 billion-dollar aid plan for the Northern Triangle governments? Why not? It was them [the Northern Triangle] who started it all, right? And it is not like all the money that we send to these countries, ends up in the pocketbooks of these Banana Republic’s corrupt presidents, right? It is not like the United States has forever subsidized all these third-world Republics in the hope of gaining their admiration, alliance and respect, whereas, in the end, they end-up hating our guts.

So, let’s see now, the cure to the imminent border crisis, is to give the Northern Triangle more money so that they can alleviate the climate change problems, the hurricanes, now causing people to leave for the United States, really?

Look folks, I could go on and on, but I do not think I need to, do I? You get the picture here, do you not? Yep…it is all about deception; it is all about lying; it is all about mastering the art of manipulating public opinion to where you and I are re-programmed into believing whatever they want us to believe. It is about dehumanizing people, about taking God out of the equation, and taking our guns away so that we cannot fight them when the time comes; it is about making us believe that “Whites” in mainstream America are the reason for all evils; it is about the world ending soon because of climate change.

The good thing folks, however, is that we will not have a border crisis anymore. We only have a “challenge” at the border and, thank God, we have a border czar, who has solved the challenge, not by visiting the border, but with a two-day tour with our friendly neighbors south of the border, anxiously waiting for the billions of our taxpayers dollars which will undoubtedly stop all illegal immigration dead on its tracks.

Again, thank God as Vice-President Harris, did find the root-cause of our migration “challenge.” Folks, yes, we all can consider ourselves lucky to have a Kamala Harris as our Vice-President as only her, and/or someone like her could solve all our immigration problems with a two-day tour of Guatemala and Mexico – a true blessing in disguise.May God save us and may God save the United States of America.

The New “Woke” Army


I am writing this article at the request of my lifetime good friend, Claudio Remirez. Last week, I received a phone call from Claudio who lives in Seattle, Washington. Claudio is, as I am, a staunch conservative – a diehard Republican who shares in our collective uneasiness of the fundamental changes and transformation now taking place in our nation.

Claudio brings to my attention a topic, which should be of immense concern to each and everyone of us. I ask you to please, pay close attention as the Left is manipulating this extremely sensitive issue right under our very noses, even though there is seldom any mention of it, notwithstanding the fact that it may have serious repercussions on the future well being of our great nation.

So, the subject matter I am talking about has to do with a prevalent wave to demilitarize and/or transform the essence of our military to where our enemies can and will take advantage of a vulnerable United States. My friend Claudio could not have put it any better when he said, “this may very well be the coup de grâce shot, or deathblow shot administered to end the suffering of one mortally wounded” – the final blow to the communization transformation of the United States now in full progress.

So, all of us who have been exposed to communism like we Cubans have, we all know how, they [the communist], are quite adept in using words, terms, expressions which become an intrinsic and inherent part of a lingo, a dialect, or a vernacular where such words are associated with self-serving agendas, albeit deceivingly intended to program or re-program people’s minds into blindly accepting their evil ethics regardless of the adverse consequences that may ensue from such adoptions.

One such term that has gained traction under the communist regime now ruling our nation is the term “Woke” – a word that refers to the awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice. Woke resurfaced in 2014, during the Black Lives Matter movement, as a label for vigilance and activism concerning racial inequalities and other social disparities such as discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, women, immigrants, and otherwise presumably marginalized populations.

So, what if I told you that, beginning with the cancerous administration of the Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama, and now continued under the Biden administration, there is an all-out crusade to apply and utilize “Woke” and “Wokeness” as a systemic culture-transformation vehicle to a new army composition. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and President Joe Biden are turning our military into a “Woke” force – an extremist version of “political correctness”, whereby the Pentagon is now plagued with military leaders now finding political-swamp ways to minimize the lethality and readiness of the forces under their command, gradually replacing our prowess for a pandering correctness – very, very scary, I may add.

As you all know by now, I only deal in facts as opposed to inferences and ambiguities. So… it is no news that, in this our new Socialist United States, there is an all-out movement aimed at eliminating gender distinctions, to where they are trying their best to make us all believe we all, men and women, are biologically the same, when we are not – a topic for discussion another time.

Point being, as we speak, as of the time I am writing this narrative, there is a whole host of new Pentagon “Woke” regulations, better designed to suit gender issues rather than military issues as such. Some of the new regulations include but are not limited to hairstyles for women; allowance of pregnant women to wear maternity flight suits, etc. This, all the while as our common enemies, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and the rest, work their way to assembling powerful armies, contrary to Biden who says: “we need to become “more feminine…”

Only last January, the Biden clown signed an order revoking former President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military. Earlier this month Biden issued his “Interim National Security Strategic Guidance” plan quickly embraced by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. In his “Security Guidance” plan, Biden, instead of dealing and addressing all the perilous challenges now facing us, he centers his attention, instead, on climate change, and ‘racial justice’ for the LGBTQ rights. Nothing in the “Guidance” really qualifies as national security strategies, other than an expressed desire to use diplomacy instead of military might.

As a matter of record, two of the nations’ most important defense operatives, to wit, the army, and the CIA, both, have undertaken to wage an all-out effort to recruit people from all backgrounds – a “Woke” effort in the creation of a new “Woke” army. In a new recruitment series labeled “The Calling”, the army showcases real soldiers telling stories relative to their “gender” disorders. The series, first shown in YouTube, was met with significant upticks of negative commentaries regarding the new wave of army “Wokeness.” Among others, the army released a recruitment advertisement featuring a lesbian wedding, as though gender-crossing in marriage would in some way, somehow, result in improved military readiness and national security.

The intent of “The Calling” series, the Army says, is to “close the relatability gap between the Generation “Z” and the Army. Again, an all-out effort by the administration to promote a re-programming culture of renewed gender identity – a misleading culture readily found nowadays at all levels of our educational system, inclusive but not limited to children at the elementary-school level. Yes, an integral part of Obama’s fundamental transformation commitment made five days before the cusp of his election as President of the United States, now faithfully adopted by his puppet Joe Biden.

The army, however, is not alone in their efforts. The CIA, [Central Intelligence Agency] once known as the nation’s bastion of defense intelligence, with a mission statement that was all about country and patriotism, is now the laughingstock of our adversaries; now, all about the accommodation and promotion of transgender practices, again, as a means of transforming this once prestigious civilian government intelligence agency into yet another government “Woke” promoting agent. A new CIA recruitment video has been widely ridiculed as an unnamed CIA officer, described herself as an “intersectional cisgender millennial.” The CIA clip sparked fierce reaction with online users who labelled it – “Woke.” The world is laughing at us, some said, as Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “China and Russia will love this.”

So, anyways, I do not need to tell anyone, the Socialist / Communist Democrat administration of Joe Biden has been rather predictable. Most all, if not all the strategies thus far, have been a reversal of Trump’s policies, regardless. Whatever Trump did, regardless, had to be reversed, no matter if  his policies were in the best interest of the American people – we, the people, are not in this administrations’ best interest, which goes a long way in letting us all know what they [Democrats] are all about, doesn’t it?

Now, amongst all the reversals, the transformation, the permutations suffered, [the] one least talked about, least mentioned yet probably [the] most dangerous of them all, is the strength and/or the weakening of our military. Curiously, last week on Friday, May 28th, which marked the beginnings of the long Memorial Day weekend, very inconspicuously the Biden administration announced a new $6 trillion dollar budget, of which there was not one cent allocated to increase our Homeland Security and a meager 1.7% was allotted to National Defense – the latter becoming a “negative” increase if we factor the nations’ current inflationary trend.

So…you figure it all out folks, just think about this, from day one in office, Donald Trump concentrated all the powers of his job to put into place a diverse array of policies aimed at strengthening our military and our defense as he systematically addressed all the deficiencies he inherited from the Obama impostor. First and foremost, Trump increased defense outlays by 25% between 2016 and 2020 – an increase in funding greater than the entire military budget of any nation other than China. All in all, we can conclude that Donald Trump did all he could to improve our “military readiness,” as well he should have.

Vis-à-vis, our now clown, socialist, liberal President, and his corrupt administration, if you think about it, have done everything and anything in their power to weaken, to destabilize, and to undermine our military and our defense strength. It shows in a proposed budget that vigorously ignores, disregards, and dispenses the much-needed military defense requirements of, presumably, the most powerful nation in the planet. Then again, this may well be based on Biden’s renewed Socialist / Communist strategy in which a new army, a new navy, and a new CIA, are all manned by the new “Woke” recruits from within the LGBTQ community. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.

If God Wanted Equity He Would Have Made Us Identical

“It’s inconceivable,” says Mr. Steele, “that blacks are competitive in universities today.” In the 1950s, by contrast, they matriculated with slightly lower grade-point averages than whites and graduated with GPAs slightly higher than whites. “Nobody gave them anything,” Mr. Steele affirms. The minute we started to get all these handouts from guilty America in the civil-rights era, we entered this uninterrupted decline.”


Equality, Mr. Steele suggests, no longer offers an alibi. for black underperformance. Equity, by contrast, “is above all that.” Black leaders and white liberals “wanted a new, cleaner, emptier term to organize around. And equity was perfect because it meant absolutely nothing.


White America continues to determine the lives of black Americans, Mr. Steele says: “Patronizing black people is just a form of white decency,” burnished by concepts like systemic racism and white privilege. ‘We’re still in charge of your life,’ ” white Americans say to blacks.“ ‘You do what we tell you, “we’ve become slaves all over again. And we run around, coming up with words like ‘equity’.”


~ Shelby Steele, author.

Steele was born in Chicago to an American father of African descent and an American mother of European descent.

We are, like sheep, obeying the beck and call of a minority of white “elites”, our media, big tech, and educators. As a whistle that we must obey they make words that have no meaning as “transgender”, and now “equity” for the sole purpose of taking away our freedom.

More than a decade ago I warned that the real motivation of the transgender movement was, through the elimination of what our biology dictates, to change our society to an amorphous one, easily manipulated. Unfortunately, I was right. This pointless word is now part of our vocabulary and the elimination of genders which I warned was their final objective, is becoming a reality.

Now, the word of the day is “equity”. It is a play of words in order to justify the attempt to control our life and role in society from birth to death. It is an attempt to achieve what Shelby Steele clearly expressed referring to African Americans, “we become slaves all over again”.

This is the highest form of hypocrisy, accusing opponents of racism, so they could do just that. Giving any minority advancements, regardless of their merits, to achieve “equity” with the excuse of past sins is the worst insult you can give to any human being.

“We will give you (whatever) because you are unable to get it by yourself!!” Biology is clear on this matter. Every human being is different. Even so-called identical twins (monozygotic) are not 100% identical.

At a very early stage in our lives, my sister and I were taught that even if we were all born different, and with different hardships, after birth we all became equal. Challenges for some were harder than others, but we all had the freedom to face them as we chose.

The message was clear, you might be born rich in privileges and waste them, or with none and acquire them. The harder the test, the more spiritual rewards you received at the end of life. Our Creator made us different for a reason. It is not what you are born with, or without. In the end, it is still not what you achieve in riches. What gives eternal peace is how hard you fought, and what you did for others that needed help, no fault of their own.

In summary, equity is slavery; equality is trying to level the playing field. Gratification is not meant to be instant but delayed until the race is over. The only judge at the end is you, or whatever happens in the afterlife!

White Supremasists And Bigfoot

White supremacy or white supremacism is the belief that white people are superior to those of other “races” and thus should dominate them. The belief favors the maintenance and defense of white power and privilege. White supremacy has roots in the now-discredited doctrine of scientific racism and was a key justification for colonialism. It underlies a spectrum of contemporary movements including neo-Confederates, neo-Nazism, and Christian Identity.

Much has been said and anecdotes of a monster named Bigfoot’s existence and dangerousness. After much investigation and multiple allegations the existence of such a monster, or a plethora of them, has not been proven. Today we have been told by sources in high places, the latest being our highly esteemed President Joe Biden, that we face a new danger. These new monsters are not only everywhere but are so terrifying that are worse than the worst terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda. This alert made me go into action. I must find these people, where they are, where they have attacked and killed, to protect my family.

I searched for riots, destruction of property, burnings, attacks on authorities, etc. Looked at Seattle, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Atlanta, and others. Found the rioters, among them some of the white race. Alas, they were part of the BLM and Antifa movements that even with a peaceful majority voicing menacing slogans sprouted others that attacked, burned and robbed. No White Supremacists there!

Undeterred, I made a cursory search. If you are looking for murders, obviously the worst number would be found in Chicago. Bingo, in the first 4 months of 2021, 958 people were shot. Obviously, the white supremacists were involved! Failed again, most were black on black.

Surprisingly BLM, Antifa, and leftists radical whites were absent. Shame.

In fact, the latest stats shown of White Supremacist murders were 64 in 34 ‘terrorist attacks” in a 5 year period (2015-2019) with questionable inclusions like the Parkland tragedy.

But then there was the attempted takeover of our Country by the January 6 insurrection, compared to our Civil War and other awful events! No such luck, no arms found, no one killed except a female by a Capital police officer, and many rioters imprisoned. A minority were members of fringe “right-wing” groups with few followers and no hx of mass murders. Others were Trump supporters, some calling for calm and some agitating. Bottom line, a dreadful day but not an insurrection or an Isis-like terrorist action by the yet-to-be-found White Supremacist rebels.

How about KKK references? The most relevant was that of the death of ex KKK leader and recruiter and then-Senator Robert Byrd. Joe Biden called him, and I quote “a friend, guide and mentor. Every time I sat with Leader Byrd I never called him Senator. I called him Leader.”

My final deduction was that the terrifying supremacists were dead, all eaten by a tribe of Bigfoot. The extreme peril for our current D leaders comes from the over 70 million supporters of the last president. Trump, even with his disability of having expressed thoughts that leave him without consulting his brain, has policies that appeal to many – including 12% of black voters, more than the ones that voted for Obama.

Now, I can feel safe. Let the extremists from the left and the useful fools and media that follow them be fearful, because their days are numbered and “we the people” are waking up!

Biden – A First Class Hypocrite!


My narrative today, begins with the boredom I experienced last Tuesday, June 1st, which I decided to combat by turning on my T.V. at approximately 3:00 pm in the afternoon, only to find my screen with the distressed image of our esteemed President Joe Biden getting ready to deliver a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, paying homage to the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre that took place on June 1st, 1921.

Case you are not familiar with this Tulsa Massacre, alternatively also known as the Black Wall Street massacre or the Tulsa riot, on this day in history, mobs of white folks, deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked blacks and burned businesses on the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, coincidentally similar to acts of Black Lives Matter [BLM] nowadays– all in response to the purported sexual assault against a 17-year old white girl and the killing of 10 white men by blacks which marked the “single worst incident of racial violence in American history” – bar none.

As expected, once again, the clown’s [Biden] tele-prompted, highly manicured, and rehearsed speech was the epitome of demagoguery; one of those tell-me-what-I-want-to-hear speeches, catering to an almost all-black audience. In keeping up with the latest liberal fad, throughout the entire speech the clown hammered the idea of how “white supremacy” is reigning supreme in the U.S.

Anyways, my article today, is not about Biden’s speech, per say, you can pretty much assume he spent most, if not all the time, chastising the white race – a topic for another day, another article. As Biden’s speech ended, it happened to coincide with the FOX News’ 4:00 p.m. slot, Watch Your World with Neil Cavuto – someone who I personally dislike a lot. Once again, I came close to turning off the T.V. and/or changing channels but did neither one.

Coincidentally, Cavuto had a panel of FOX News Contributors, among them African American Deneen Borelli – who, as far as I am concerned is a true class act, one of the most gracious, well-spoken conservative black voices in America today. But case you are wondering what this has to do with anything. I tell you what friends, what followed, in my humble opinion, was nothing short than one of [the] most telling publicly televised exchanges I have ever heard since this Biden clown took the office of President – an exchange which, as far I am concerned, epitomized everything that is wrong with our nation today, thus my taking time to write about it.

As expected, right after Biden’s speech, Cavuto directed himself to Deneen asking her to comment on the latter’s speech. For the record, Cavutos’ request had quite an obvious leading tone of support for all that Biden had talked about regarding “white supremacy” – the same tone he was expecting from his guest Deneem Borelli. Unbeknownst to all listening, Cavuto in particular, Deneem said: “But I got to tell you and I’m being sincerely honest here – President Biden is a propagandist and a hypocrite”, she said, “the man supported segregationists early on his political career,” she continued. Cavuto bid to differ with her, asserting his approval of Biden’s white supremacy accusations.

If you really think about it, the interaction between Deneem and Cavuto pretty much reflects all that is wrong with our nation today. It took a highly intelligent, non-racist black woman, to condemn the ongoing hypocrisy of a white elitist demagogue, manipulator, and crowd pleaser as is this Joe Biden and all democrats. All the while as her kissing-ass counterpart, apologist, Cavuto emboldened a true reverse-racism agenda – part of the “fundamentalist transformation” crusade initiated by the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama, now faithfully carried-on by this decrepit hypocrite Joe Biden.

As usual, Deneem’s comment regarding Biden’s alleged role of support for segregationists, sparked my curiosity as I embarked on a fact-checking expedition on the subject and, was utterly amazed at some of the findings, which I will now gladly share with you all, as I hope you will too with your friends considering it behooves us all to come out of our habitual political hibernation and speak-out our minds on issues which otherwise will remain forever unsaid by the fake liberal media of this country.

Before I embark on this fact-checking mission, for the record, and, for the sake of the younger ones in my reading audience, back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, our great nation, the U.S., was, unlike today’s fabricated racism, a true hotbed of racial divide. Terms such as “segregation” and “segregationists”, were just a common-day occurrence, very much part of a culture which defined the terms as: “the systematic separation of people into racial or other ethnic groups” – in our example the racial group being “blacks.”

But…let us be a little more specific here, when Deneem Borelli referred to Biden’s support for segregationists [anti-Blacks], she was specifically referring to Biden’s cuddly relationship with fellow-Congressmen James Eastland, Herman Eugene Talmadge, George Wallace, John C. Stennis, Strom Thurmond, and renown Ku-Klux-Klansman [KKK} Robert Byrd.

For the record friends, the now puritan, latest version of self-appointed Don Quixote for blacks; the “savior” of a black race now being terribly oppressed by the rest of us white supremacists in America, yes, Joe Biden, the “Chosen One”, the Redeemer, the Knight in the Shinning Armor, coincidentally, happens to have been a racist and a bigot himself all throughout his political career folks – talk about this first-class, mundane hypocrisy – the man is complete and total phony.

As always, however, let me deal in facts and not in innuendos. In a speech made by Biden in 2020 on the eve of Juneteenth, a day that marks the bitter end of slavery in the U.S. back in 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Biden voiced his fondness for his colleague, Mississippi senator James Eastland, an avowed segregationist, who often said black people were “an inferior race.” In 1985, a young up-and-coming rising star in the Democratic Party by the name of Joe Biden, wasted no time in also praising Mississippi senator John C. Stennis on his birthday – Stennis, known for his decades of resistance to civil rights. While in a speech Biden daringly compared Stennis to Confederate fabled military commander Stonewall Jackson – known for his tactical prowess.

On July 3, 2010, Biden delivered a eulogy on the passing of renown Klansman, Robert Byrd. As a liberal senator Biden’s friendships in Congress also included notorious Dixiecrats racists and segregationists like former Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, with whom Biden worked to fight “busing” – an integration of blacks agenda designed in the 50’s to transport students to schools within or outside their local school district to diversify and cure the prevalent racial discrimination against blacks at the time.

Speaking of the devil, you may all recall while on a democratic presidential debate held on Thursday, June 27th, 2019, then runner-up Kamala Harris, took aim at her boss today, Joe Biden for the latter’s praising segregationists James Eastland and Herman Eugene Talmadge – the same two alluded to by Deneem Borelli in the Cavuto show. It was not only his praise of segregationists that bothered her, but it was also his efforts to end the “busing” program that ensured her an integrated school experience, said Harris.

All things considered, the fact that Harris’ segregationists accusations of Joe Biden, seemingly vanished when she was rewarded with the Vice-Presidential nomination, is, to say the least, a sign of the immense hypocrisy and double standards that characterize politicians in general but more so democrats and the Democratic Party. If you think about it, this is a true Litmus test for just how bad it is all around – how evident it is that we have hit rock-bottom.

Anyways friends, this narrative is only meant to tell the world just what this sorrowful hypocrite Joe Biden clown is all about. To have this man as our President is outright shameful and/or outright disgraceful to say the least. So, the next time, this compulsive hypocrite dares to call us “white supremacists”, just remember who the true white supremacist is. Finally, maybe you will just find it in your good-graces to share this narrative with all your fellow “White Supremacists.” May God save us and may God save the United States of America.

Honoring Our Dead

“He fell in October 1918, on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole front, that the army report confined itself to the single sentence: All quiet on the Western Front. He had fallen forward and lay on the earth as though sleeping. Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come.”


― Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

I have delayed these words about the meaning of Memorial Day, to wait for the many that arrive from beaches and parties where they enjoy what is NOT a festive occasion, or a celebration. It is a day of mourning.

Today we remember the many that gave their lives in order to allow the rest of us the opportunity to enjoy ours. Kids, look at yourself in a mirror and look at your friends having a “great” time. Then at least join them in remembering the fact that many of your age’s existence was cut short because they participated in action for the love of Country, even with little understanding of the motive.

Look at the picture. That is a reflection of kids your age sunbathing at the beach. Look again! No bathing suit or cap. He is not sleeping, he is dead. It could have been you or others. The least we can do is to take time off pleasures and give thanks!

Go to Amazon and watch the movie “All Quiet in the Western Front”, or read the book by Remarque. By doing that simple task you will feel more pleasure than whatever you take to get high. And while doing this, also pray for the “living dead”, or war-torn Vets that will forever be tortured by the horrors of seen friends killed, and killing others.

I know. I spent 20 years of my life trying to help these magnificent humans. In this age of division, jealousy, and anger they continued, even through their suffering, to be positive and to grieve and be proud of their actions.

And if you come from a family of Cuba, also feel for your compatriots that gave their lives for our country. I was lucky to stay alive, but continue to mourn for my very good friends that did not survive.