This blog is dedicated to all of you out there who graciously follow my blogs and to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for coming out in yesterday’s hearing and standing-up for millions of Americans in a way which, in fact, could have changed the course of history for this nation as I will detail in the narrative that follows.

After watching yesterday’s follow-up hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I am going to, follow in Senator Graham’s footsteps by speaking to you out of my heart.

Before I do so, however, let me preface my narrative today, by sharing with you my state-of-mind just prior to the start of the proceedings, which, by the way, I did watch from beginning to end. For those of you who read my blog from a couple of days back titled “The Kavanaugh Travesty”, as you could tell, I was incensed with all that was going with Dr. Cristine Blasely Ford’s allegations of Kavanaugh’s sexual attack. I went as far as alleging that she [Dr. Ford] had either fabricated and/or contrived her story under the influence of alcohol or drugs while mistakenly confusing the alleged attacker [Kavanaugh]. Got to be honest with you all, I was dead wrong on both counts.

Before the start-up of yesterday’s hearing, however, I realized that I was completely and totally biased. In fact, I was guilty precisely of the same sinful misjudgment as those committed by Democrats in their judgement of Brett Kavanaugh. I realized that I was lacking the presumption of innocence – [the] most basic tenet and precedent to our justice system– probably the most tantamount principle separating this great country from the rest of the world. To be clear, I went into my viewing marathon, with a compelling need to be open-minded about what I was about to watch. I owed it to myself and I owed it to a judicial system where rule of law is prevalent – [the] guiding light that has made this nation the great nation it is.

To be honest with you, after I heard Dr. Ford’s complete her testimony, I had to recant on most of my prejudices as I stated them in my article the day before. My very first perceptions were that Dr. Ford was a rather credible person. I soon came to the realization that, in fact, she could be telling the truth, and…to be perfectly honest with you, I even thought of the possibility that her allegations about Kavanaugh were, in fact, true. Matter of fact, by the time she had ended rendering her testimony, I was compelled to believing that all was lost for Kavanaugh. Besides all else, I then went on to lay blame on all the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee for having chosen a format such as was the hiring of an independent prosecutor, to wit, Ms. Rachel Mitchell, to do the cross-examination of Dr. Ford.

I truly thought Republicans had done themselves a disfavor by having a format where the questions and answers of the witness were interrupted every five minutes. So, anyways, again, for a moment there, I thought it was all lost. I thought to myself how disastrous this would be for the Trump presidency; how disastrous it would be for all of us; for America.

Honestly, I was really sad and in disbelief that a man who appeared to be the quintessential image of moral integrity could have been as deceiving as claimed in Dr. Ford’s sexual allegation, assuming these were true after all. I felt truly sorry for Dr. Ford. And, frankly, immediately after hearing her testimony, I thought the latter was air-tight. Also, I did not realize at that time, that I had made, once again, a magnanimous judgement error – one typically and historically made by each and everyone of us at one time or another in our lives – that is, our inability to hear the two sides to any controversy. It is human nature for most of us to rush to judgement without really listening to “the-other-side”. Was this ever so true with me yesterday. Frankly, after Dr. Ford’s testimony ended, I had literally thrown-in the towel. In retrospect now, I realize how very wrong I was. Just like that, it suddenly dawned on me that I had not given myself a chance for Kavanaugh to present his side of this story – I was, without realizing it doing just like Democrats were in their character assassination plot of the good judge.

No sooner had Kavanaugh raised his hand in the swearing-in of his testimony, no sooner had I realized this was a different Brett Kavanaugh in front of us. The further he went into his opening statement, the more I blamed myself for questioning this man’s character, integrity and righteousness. Matter of fact, I am not ashamed to say, I had tears in my eyes during most of his narrative. By the time Kavanaugh had finished in the late afternoon, I was unconditionally convinced of Kavanaugh’s innocence, which brought to mind a serious dilemma – at the end of the day, I thought, both of them Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh could not be both telling the truth, could they? It was either one or the other, right?

Wrong again. They were both, in fact, telling the truth. As far as Kavanaugh is concerned, his compelling testimony, coupled with his deportment; the humanity shown in breaking down throughout his presentation; his evident indignity and madness commensurate with anyone who’s integrity has be dragged through the mud; the phenomenal way he handled the attacks of all the scumbag democrats questions – very much different than the incredible patience and level-headed way in which he conducted himself during the first round of hearings on September 4th, all went to prove to me the man’s innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

As far as Dr. Ford, was concerned, I believe that she was, in fact, the victim of a sexual attack, but…not by Kavanaugh. Mind you, Dr. Ford believes in her heart-of-hearts that is was Kavanaugh. Other than her sincerity in her testimony, being the observant person I am, I could not help to have noticed that this woman seems to be a very sick person. Notwithstanding the incredible pressure that comes from being in a witness stand with a national viewing audience, you could tell her demeanor was one typical to someone that has some deep psychological wounds left behind by a magnanimous event – one equivalent to the alleged sexual attack, albeit an attack now lacking all such specifics and corroborations, legally needed, due to its seriousness, to be credible – more so when a man’s entire life is at stake; more so when the future of an entire nation is also at stake.

For the record, I can poke many holes into Dr. Ford’s allegation, albeit as far as it relates to the Kavanaugh accusation that is. To begin, with, Dr. Ford cannot remember the date, names and place where the alleged attack took place. In addition, Dr. Ford, cannot remember how she got to the place of the attack nor can she remember how she left, which, in my mind, that person the one driving her to and from the place where the incident occurred could have and would have been the most significant witness to her testimonial evidence. Moreover, if you think about it, there are no witnesses to the incident as the three purported witnesses invoked by Dr. Ford, resolutely and under penalty of perjury, denied any incidents such as the one alleged by the accuser.

I don’t know if you noticed but in every single question posed to her by the independent prosecutor, she had to ask advice of her attorneys, sitting on each side. Historically and typically, people that tell the truth under similar circumstances, do not need for attorneys to approve or disapprove their testimony – such advise is typically applicable to the accused not the accuser. Matter of fact, speaking of Dr. Ford’s attorney, other than the fact that she is an ugly witch, seemingly taken right out of a horror movie, she happens to be a stout activist democrat, referred to Dr. Ford, by? You guess it, Senator Feinstein herself – so…what about an unbiased Judiciary Committee?

For a change, once again, when time came for the scumbags Democrats to launch their questions, they were all in their usual “attack-mode”, only this time they finally got a taste of their own medicine when a re-born Kavanaugh stood by his grounds making members of the interrogating democratic panel complete and total asses of themselves. Beginning with Dianne Feinstein herself followed by her “Dirty Dozen” as I chose to call the S.O.B’s.

O.K. friends, now my final version on this, one of the most, hideous chapters in the political history of our nation. First and foremost, I think that in spite of it all; in spite of the sham, the charade, the travesty of what Judge Kavanaugh himself called “a Circus”, in spite of it all, I think we won. I think Kavanaugh will be rightfully confirmed to be our next Justice of the Supreme Court next Tuesday. While I am adamantly convinced that we are not, as a country, out of the woods just yet, there was, as far as I am concerned, a bright, bright moment in yesterday’s hearing, that being the rise of a new star for the Republican party; for the nation and for all of us – that being, the rise of Lindsey Graham as a potential savior of our Republic when Donald Trump leaves in either 2020 or 2024.

After this Kavanaugh farce and after reviewing in my mind all the chaos that now prevails around us brought about by all you feeble-minded democrats; by you communist pundits; by the God-dammed fake media; and all of you so-called liberal progressives, after all of it, I was exceedingly worried about the U.S.’s future, were we to fall prey to the likes of another Barack Obama; to a Hillary Clinton; and/or to any Democrat, as all of them, I repeat, all of them, bar none, are but a piece of unrefined garbage.

The show is over all you son-of-bitches. All of us have seen through your repulsive destructive practices. I feel sympathy for both Brett Kavanaugh as well as Dr. Ford. I think both of them, each in their own way, were the victims of our impending system; of a dirty political mantra whose only motivation is that of regaining the power they lost on November 2016. Once and for all, give it up you idiots. I and many of us are ready, willing and able to go to arms if necessary to save this nation from becoming anything that resembles communism, in spite of whatever pseudonyms by which you choose to characterize this the most hideous political ideology in the history of mankind.

In ending, I congratulate Dr. Kavanaugh for his well-deserved battle; I congratulate Senator Lindsey Graham for his integrity; for standing up on behalf of many of us. Finally I congratulate all of you my fellow-Americans for being the beneficiaries of a true lesson in integrity, righteousness and justice – a lesson in understanding that we must always have faith in God and his ability to let good prevail over evil. May God save America. Long-live the Republic and everything it stands for. Again, congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh and congratulations to you my fellow Americans on our resounding victory and for allowing us to be on the right side of history always. God bless America!

The Kavanaugh Travesty


As recently as a couple of weeks back, on September 11th, I posted my article “The Brett Cavanaugh Charade”. In the article, I summoned to share with you my views on one of the most cynical and contemptuous political spectacles I had yet to witness since I first came to this great country back in 1960. Little did I know that the 3-ring circus which started on September 4th, aimed at appraising Brett Kavanaugh’s worthiness to becoming a Justice in the Supreme Court of the U.S., would be followed up by one of [the] most repulsive, abhorrent, and hideous conspiracies ever in the annals of political rivalry.

Talk about “Banana Republic” politics – we are not getting there, we are there already. I guarantee you some third-world countries, take more pride and dignity in the way that they conduct their business than we do. Shame on you Democrats.

Let me preface some of my comments on this extravaganza of deceit and lies, by offering my most sincere apologies to all women out there who have been victimized by sexual predators. Vis-à-vis, I am not going to apologize for believing that this Cristine Blasey Ford, a/k/a, Dr. Ford, is nothing but rip-off artist – an opportunist who either fabricated the story of being sexually abused by Kavanaugh and/or confused the attacker while under the influence of alcohol or hallucinatory substances. Not many alternatives – one or the other. You pick the one come Thursday when she testifies at the Senate’s Judiciary hearing.

Some of the things that bother me most of this Dr. Ford, are, in addition to many others that make my smell-test fail miserably is the timing of it all– bringing a crime as dreadful as the one she claims out in public some 36 years after-the-fact, precisely at the time that Senate is getting ready to confirm Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, I personally find it hard to believe at all. Coincidence maybe?

Should this case be not more than a feeble political fabrication, Dr. Ford’s selective memory seems to have blocked all relevant information regarding the attack – issues such as the date, place and names of the people at the party of the alleged attack were expediently forgotten, but not the attacker himself. Coincidence maybe? And, by the way, all 3 of the purported witnesses also denied having any recollection whatsoever of Ms. Ford allegations. Coincidence maybe?

On and on. To be perfectly honest with you, I think the whole dam thing is but a conspiracy to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Plain and simple. In addition to what is evident as far as coverage or lack-of-it thereof by the ‘fake news’, let me just share with you some narrative sent to me this morning by my cousin Luli. Most of you will not have access to the facts I am about to share as its contents have been conveniently removed from the Web. Suffice it say, someone out there doesn’t want for you and me to know about this. Coincidence maybe?

As little or nothing has been conveniently told about the accuser and/or her background, let me just say this. On September 19, 2018, a blog published by the “Cult of the 1st Amendment” details issues dealing with Cristine Blasey Ford’s Holton-Arms High School yearbook, which again, was suitably scrubbed from the web on Monday September 17th, 2018. Not before, however, someone apparently got a hold of its contents and brought it to the public light, so let me share with you some of what I know.

First and foremost, as part of the plot, the accuser has been introduced to the court of public opinion as a puritan victim – a member in good standing of the “Me Too” movement – a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, which followed sexual misconduct allegations first made against Hollywood mogul producer Harvey Weinstein.

For the record, Dr. Ford’s High-School Holton-Arms, is an independent college preparatory school for girls, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Its yearbook, known as “Scribe”, published stories and pictures appearing in the 1982, 1983 and 1984 issues, the latter being the year that Ford graduated. The Scribe yearbooks tell a compelling story of what Crissy Blasey, the name she used back in the day, and the drunken white privileged racist playgirls of Holton-Arms favorite pastimes were all about – a story far opposite from the harmless prim and proper image that Democrats would want us all to perceive – matter of fact very far from it.

Allegedly, as I was not able to do a complete fact-check on the contents, the primary source of fun and entertainment for the Holton-Arms’ girls was to go into binge-drinking and promiscuity, thus the scrubbing of the yearbooks from the web. Numerous passages in the yearbooks discuss the drunken keg parties held while parents were away from home. In the yearbooks, the Holton girls proudly portray themselves as sexual predators.

Regarding Dr. Ford’s memory loss, one of the quotes that appeared on the Scribe talks about the joy of passing out and forgetting everything you did the night before, and it says:

“And there were always parties to celebrate any occasion. Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.” No comments!

The most damaging story in Dr. Ford’s character relative to her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh is that during her intense partying in high-school when the alleged Kavanaugh attack took place, “she was experiencing hallucinations from substance abuse. She was driving in a highly impaired inebriated state, and she crashed her vehicle into a building”. Specifically documented in Scribe 84 – Ford’s senior year in high-school, is the fact that she operated a motor vehicle under the influence of a psychoactive substance while crashing her vehicle. This, my dear friends is the true character of the accuser vs. the character of man who, by default, and by the assertions of a legion of supporters has been a man of the highest moral integrity and dignity.

Let me just say this, every day that goes by I despise you Democrats that much more. I say you are a ruthless cadre of hypocritical double-standard maleficent liars and outright cynical political animals. Your quest for power and your resentment for losing the 2016 elections is vibrantly showing in your continued campaigns of hatred, divisiveness and jarring the nation to where it is clear that you loathe the progress being made by Donald Trump – your nemesis, if only because of the evident improvements over a decadent republic handed us by an Obama reign of communist inclines – its roots deeply embedded in all who continue to undermine our democracy.

Mind you all, the Kavanaugh travesty is but just another sham amidst an unending farce now prevalent most everywhere we look around. Corruption in Washington is rampantly obvious. Trump’s alleged Russian-collusion is all a hoax – a witch-hunt. And so are the battles on immigration law and opening our borders to murderers; and so is the apparent support for a failed Obamacare health plan; and so is everything that you God-dammed democrats stand for. All the while as Barack Obama and his army of communist S.O.B.’s gently watch Democrats attack a president who he has done nothing but “Make America Great Again”.

My advice to the Republican establishment is, do not let your guard down with this, Democrat’s latest hoax. As reputable and honorable as you would want me to believe your Dr. Ford is, I say I guilelessly cannot accept a 36-year-old allegation made by a binge drinker and one who admittedly experienced hallucinations from substance abuse. As far as the actual alleged sexual attack suffered by Ford, maybe she was attacked…or maybe she wasn’t. If she was, based on what was going on in her life at the time, I dare say, this is the quintessential case of mistaken identity given her hallucinatory drug use.

Should Republicans drop the Kavanaugh guard and let Democrats continue to have it their way in the confirmation process, I say they can kiss the Mid-Term elections good-bye, maybe the 2020 presidential elections as well. As for the rest of us, there is more at stake with all that is going on than we care to assume. If, for any reason, we let Democrats take over, I have no doubt, we would be on a path of “more-of-the-same”. More of giving Iran, the number one exporter of terrorism in the world, the puny sum of 150 billion dollars of which 1.8 billion was delivered in cash; more of renewing relations with Cuba; more of having a Secretary of State allowing for a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans be helplessly murdered; more of selling the U.S., Uranium reserves to Russia – talk about collusion with the enemy.

In summary, I think come Thursday, the court of public opinion will have a chance to reach a verdict. Meantime, I say, for the nation to have reached a point to where an unfounded allegation of the magnitude such as is the alleged sexual attack against one of the most highly respected men both in public as well as in its private life must be an all- time low for the nation. If nothing else, the acceptance of Dr. Ford’s allegations as factual, can only serve to open the gates for a flood of similar allegations in the future, thus aiding to grossly destroy the lives of good men such as is Brett Kavanaugh.

In ending, I urge all of you diehard Democrats to consider moving to Venezuela. I am sure there, in Venezuela, your antics such as the Kavanaugh travesty and others are welcomed and encouraged. Until then, until you move, however, please don’t stand in the way of Making America Great Again. We conservative Republicans will be forever grateful if you decide to move. Matter of fact, I personally will suggest my representatives in Congress to go ahead and introduce legislation, specifically aimed at subsidizing your moving to the Communist country of your choice, with one caveat, to wit, that it be a one-way ticket to your destination! My God save America, and may God save us from the impending hoaxes by Democrats.

The Brett Kavanaugh Charade


One of the great things about retirement is that you get to pick and chose how you spent your time. Hallelujah! My preferred choice this week was watching the Senate’s Judiciary Committee confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh – Trump’s Associate Justice nominee to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

T.V. coverage began on Tuesday, September 4th. That I know, only two channels covered the hearing – Fox News and C-Span 2. No need to tell you, I switched between these two stations like it was going out of style. I really didn’t want to miss anything.

I got to tell you friends, I remember that in my college days, there were classes that were required courses and there were books that were required reading. This Kavanaugh hearing should have been “required watching” by every single American. I can honestly tell you this was a great learning experience. I kid you not. The hearing gave me an adroit insight into the prevalent political landscape in these boisterous times; it gave me a great discernment of the candidate himself, and last but not least, I walked away with a much better understanding of our judicial system. What more can you ask for?

Notwithstanding the aforementioned value-added benefits, I can also tell you the hearing was nothing short of a 3-Ring circus, albeit, in making the comparison, I offer my deepest apology to 3-Ring circuses, as the latter represent an inherent pleasant part of American folklore – of Americana, whereas, the Kavanaugh hearing was sort of a hybrid, a concoction of deception, travesty, pageantry, pantomime, etc., etc., you get the picture.

Let me preface my thoughts on the spectacle, by just sharing with you what it will take to confirm the nominee. After a true tug-of-war between Republicans and Democrats regarding the votes needed to confirm lower-court judges to the Supreme Court which lasted for years, in 2013 Democrats lowered the number of senators needed to force the vote from 60 to 51 senators to confirm the candidate, thus Trump’s nominee shall only need to clear a 50-vote threshold to be confirmed – a little taste of their [Democrats] own medicine.

Just so that you understand, Senate Republicans did have 51 votes going into the hearing, which gave them the surety to confirm the candidate, however, the passing of Senator John McCain on August 25th, left Republicans with 50 votes, which meant that, literally, the nomination required every single one of the rank-and-file Senate Republicans to confirm Kavanaugh, plus at least one of the senators from the other-side-of-the-aisle to cross party lines and vote to confirm. Additionally, rumors had it that not all Republican senators were sure to confirm the nomination, which also meant that even more than one Democrat was needed to defect party lines.

Just prior to the start of the confirmation hearings, however, there were two breakthrough announcements. First, Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona appointed Senator Jon Kyl to fill the seat left open by McCain. Kyl, a stout conservative, and former Republican lawmaker, committed to voting for Kavanaugh. Moreover, all the rest of the Republican senators also committed to confirm the candidate. Bottom line, going into the hearings, Trump’s nominee was all but reassured to become the next Supreme Court Justice of the U.S., which prompted Democrats to make their own announcement that they were all going to vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. No surprise there.

The fact that Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee knew going into the hearing that they had little or no chance to block the nominee’s confirmation kind of set the tone for all that followed. You will see why in a minute but let me preface the narrative by giving you sort of a generic prelude on the reasons for the panic. The fact that Kavanaugh could be the deciding vote in a panel of 9 Supreme Court Justices coupled with the fear that Kavanaugh could or would have strong inclines to vote conservative in critical legislation, had Democrats ready, willing and able to do just about anything to block the nomination – and I mean literally anything.

To Democrats, the thought alone that Kavanaugh would be the deciding vote, for example, in the possible overturning of the 1973 landmark decision Roe Vs. Wade which guarantees women the right to have an abortion, was enough to go in an all-out effort to block him. Other critical legislation such as waterboarding and/or the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, as well as Kavanaugh’s unpredictable position in the potential indictment of President Trump relative to the alleged Russian-collusion accusations in the 2016 presidential election, coupled with issues such as the separation of power of government, racial profiling, and others, to mention a few, were among the most threatening postures they [Democrats] had to deal with.

Make a long story short, Kavanaugh’s presumptive confirmation just had Democratic senators pushing their panic buttons like I never seen before. To add insult to injury, the fact that Supreme Court Justices, are life-time appointments just made Democrats that more fractious to allow the confirmation to go through unobstructed. In short, they [Democrats] realized that if confirmed, 53-year-old Kavanaugh could potentially influence the jurisprudence system in the U.S. for years and generations to come.

Anyways, case you missed the spectacle, let me share with you the highlights of what turned out to be the closest I have ever seen to a soap-opera, a Hollywood blockbuster and/or a Broadway show, all meshed into one. I may add, as expected also.

For one, no sooner had Committee Chair, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley lowered his gavel to start the hearings, no sooner did the fireworks begin with a number of Democrat senators demanding to delay the hearing on the grounds that they [the Democrats]: 1) had not received all the paperwork necessary to evaluate the candidate, and 2) that 42,000 of the papers received were only accessible to them on the night preceding the hearing.

Chairman Grassley firmly responded that: 1) the paperwork not-forwarded to Democrat members was withheld claiming they were considered Classified and Confidential information, requiring the blessings of both president Bush and Trump for their release and 2) Democrat senators had an opportunity to make special request for the release of the classified material but did not. As it turned out, it was later revealed that Democrats had received more paperwork than the last 5 Justice nominees put together. Ironically, the truth of the matter was that the night before the hearings Democrat senators, admittedly, had plotted to boycott and/or delay the nomination using the phony demand for papers.

Now, before I go on, I must stop here and ask myself and you the question: Why the hell would you want any papers, if you had already made-up your mind that you are not going to confirm the nominee? Matter of fact why even bother with a hearing? This alone, was enough for me to understand the unprecedented nature of the farce before us.

The “paperwork saga” went on for almost an hour, while all along there were continued outbursts from protesters who ultimately had to be escorted out of the room. By the way, the protesting saga went on and lasted all throughout the 4 days of the hearing. Anyone watching could tell you, the fireworks resembled what could easily have been one of those tavern-brawls in an old Western movie. Imagine. The situation got so tense, at a point in time, Kavanaugh’s daughters Margaret 13 and Liza 10, had to be escorted out of the room for safety reasons. How nice and civilized can we be?

Now, as for the rest of the presumed confirmation hearing, I have been debating in my mind how to best compile and abridge the 4-day spectacle in as short a narrative as I possibly could, and I think I am ready to do just that. Let me start by just saying, this was no confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court Justice nominee at all. Far from it. At best, this was a political charade, if I ever saw one. Right of the git-go, we saw one democrat after another, go to their microphones to grill the nominee, at times with complete disrespect and contempt for the candidate while posing premeditated controversial questions only to cut him off shortly before giving him a chance to respond.

Among the nastiest and most repulsive in the Democratic panel were, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island. This mob came not to civilly question the candidate, they came to verbally attack him – you could see the anger, the rage, the exasperation in their line of questioning. Couldn’t help but remind me of the same resentment and peevishness now prevalent in all the Trump-hating universe. Folks, the prevalent hate and polarization I saw goes well beyond ideologies, party-lines and political divide – well beyond. Historically, the ongoing hatred is of the kind found from oppressed peoples of the world who have reached their point of saturation and are prone to overthrow the oppressors. I find this demeanor somewhat controversial considering all that is going so well since Donald Trump became president. I also think I know the answer, but I shall leave it for another dissertation.

All in all, again, the Kavanaugh hearing was no different than if we were watching a Broadway show. Matter of fact, the theatrics were such that one could even presume some of the actors were in the run for an Academy Award Oscar’s nominations. As one critic said, a couple of the Democratic senators were out to make the best in their minutes in the limelight of T.V., – a chance to promote their political platforms to Americans. In fact, I must give NJ Senator Cory Booker, my Oscar for the Best Actor award, followed only by California’s Kamala Harris as Best Supporting Actress. These two were my uncontested winners, no ifs-or buts about it.

Coincidentally, both Booker and Harris happened to have announced their aspiration for the presidency and their plan to run in the 2020 elections. So, for these two, the Kavanaugh hearing was, as you can imagine, [the] ideal stage for carrying on with a political rally – forget about the nomination hearings. I personally think they both made a complete and total fool of themselves.

Cory Booker specially made a complete and total jerk of himself and became the ‘laughing-stock’ of the nation in the aftermath of the hearings as, at a point in time, he claimed to be having: “a Spartacus” moment – a story worth telling in its entirety as it characterizes the prevailing idiocy of our adversaries come 2020. The incident happened on Day Three of the hearings, when Booker announced to the audience that he was going to do the “unthinkable”. With a straight face Booker said: “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.” He said he was going to put everything at risk, even his seat in the U.S. Senate and break the rules by releasing confidential documents that would expose Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh as a supporter of racial profiling.

Well, as it later turned out, alas, first, technically, the documents were not confidential, and second, they most certainly did not support Booker’s claim about the profiling. Worse yet, the imbecile knew he was lying in his claim of being a Thracian Gladiator but opted to go ahead and just try to get one passed by the American public watching. Didn’t go through. Americans called his bluff.

So, friends, you get the picture of what the hearings were all about. On a positive note, I got to tell you, I have watched most all the hearings for Supreme Court Justices for the past 30 years and, I dare say, without any hesitation, none whatsoever, that Brett Kavanaugh is probably [the] most qualified nominee that I have seen in my lifetime – bar none. The man is a turnkey package. I have never seen anyone in his position possess the intellect and qualifications which I was privy to see in this hearing. This man has to be one of the most intelligent men I have ever come across in my life, bar none. I have never seen anyone recite law precedents as I saw this man do. The memory of this man is categorically impressive. I personally believe the man is simply gifted and I say this with complete objectivity.

Kavanaugh is an Originalist and a Constitutionalist, both terms meaning that he [Kavanaugh] is a devout and passionate advocate of interpreting the Constitution in the context of a stable from the time of its enactment. Kavanaugh is highly praised by many in the legal community, both friends and foes alike. As a private person, Kavanaugh is known to be a good person; a good father, a good husband and son. He is a peoples’ person. After 12 years and over 300 legal opinions written as Judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Kavanaugh’s legal decisions prove him to be a fair-minded judge, who’s rulings have all adhered to Constitutional precedent.

Having watched Kavanaugh go through all the Democratic bullying in the hearing yet never, not one time, did I see him lose his composure – as far as I am concerned, a lesson to all in civility, manners and intellect. Matter of fact, he showed courteousness to all his detractors, even when some of them went out of their way to challenge his steadfast decorum while answering the animals.

I personally think that all Americans should be thankful to President Trump for selecting Brett Kavanaugh as our next Supreme Court Justice. I say that with truly a balanced and unbiased perception of the candidate. I just think that there is not anyone else better qualified for the post than Kavanaugh. Having said that, I am left with an unsavory feeling about the spectacle. I must be honest with myself and with you. I think our Supreme Court Justices nomination and confirmation protocols are greatly, greatly flawed. My two-bits are, first and foremost, the Supreme Court is just that the Highest Court in the land. It is meant to be the ‘fairest’ court in the nation. Yet, in my humble opinion the way Justices are nominated and confirmed is all but ‘fair’. Just think about it for a moment. The fact alone that Justices are appointed for life-time tenures, I think is the precise antithesis of ‘fairness’. We live in a world that is in a constant state of evolution, thus a need for continued changes to our jurisprudence system in a manner consistent with the permutations taking place all the time.

Appointing Supreme Court Justices for a life-time detracts from accommodating the need to make changes commensurate with evolution – just my opinion. My second point at issue with the present methodology lies in the fact Justices are appointed by the sitting president of the U.S. Again, if you think about it, this means that Supreme Court judges are likely to rule one way or the other along partisan lines – along conservative tenets if appointed by a Republican president and liberal if appointed by a Democrat. In other words, the replacement of Justices is inherently flawed relative to who happens to be in the White House at a time when next Court vacancy takes place – historically upon the passing and/or retirement of Justices. It is, as I see it, no more, no less than a game like musical chairs – when the ‘music’ stops [Justice dies or retires], whoever is the sitting President, appoints the replacement. Matter of fact, during Kavanaugh’s hearing, one Republican senator told senators on the other side of the aisle: “next time, if you don’t like the nominee, make sure to win the presidential elections.” Very true, but…not fair, I don’t think.

I personally think Supreme Court Justices should be elected by the people and should be elected for a limited period only- certainly not for a life-time. I don’t think my wish will ever come to fruition, but, still, I am entitled to my opinion, aren’t I? Anyways, this is it folks. The hearing itself a charade. Far from what it was meant to be and accomplish. My bottom line on the whole thing, a simple unadulterated conclusion: I am completely content with the appointment and likely confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Matter of fact, if I must live with a life-time appointment, no one better than Kavanaugh. As to the theatrics surrounding the hearings – to be expected, what can I tell you. No news here.

Finally, I leave the hearings with an incredibly great set of expectations for the forthcoming November Mid-Term elections. Besides all else, all that the Kavanaugh hearing did for me was reconfirm and re-assure me that Democrats are all but lost. Their agendas are full of smoke and thin air. They cannot win elections barely on their existential hate for Trump, nor on their unfathomable denial of all the progress made by the nation since the start of Trump’s presidency. In summary, like I said earlier, I thought the hearing was nothing short than a political rally. As such, I came out the rally [the hearing] with the realization that they [Democrats] don’t stand a chance in the Mid-Term elections nor do they stand a chance in the 2020 presidential elections as well. Thank God for their continued stupidity! My best wishes for them to keep it up. That being the case, they [Democrats] are their own worst enemies and, by default, Republicans’ best allies. God bless America. Long-live Democracy.

Florida’s District 27th Race


Hi there friends. In the comments section of my last blog, “Florida’s Gubernatorial Race”, my friend Jorge Villalon asked me to give him my two-bits on the forthcoming race for Florida’s 27th district between Republican Maria Elvira Salazar and Democrat Donna Shalala. Specifically, John’s concern in this race lies in the fact than the “independent” candidate may split the vote to where Shalala wins.

I think that Jorge deserves, if nothing else, an answer, not just drawn from thin air, but somewhat a more thoughtful response – one based on facts rather than off the cuff, extemporaneous innuendos. Before I can even address Jorge’s concern I must, right of the bat, admit, I have never, ever, been into our own political scene here in South Florida. I say that respectfully, but I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that South Florida politics is nothing but – a three-ring political circus.

I am sorry to say, but, regretfully, Miami’s Cuban political Mafia, seems to have just taken-over for years now to where I personally have seen the prevalence of the same evils akin to most politicians, regardless of what area of the nation or the planet. If anything, I think the Miami political scene has always had its larger share of greed, corruption, scandals, than most areas of the nation, bar none. The ‘same-old’, ‘same-old’ disgrace which once paved the way for the coming of a Dictator like Fidel Castro back in the day.

But back to our topic – Florida’s 27th District. As we all know, the 27th District was practically owned by GOP’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Cuban’s political version of Mother Teresa. As we know Ros-Lehtinen has been nothing short than an institution as a Florida congressional representative for 24 years, from 1989 to 2013, first with the 18th District followed by the 27th. On April 30th, 2017, Ros-Lehtinen announced that she would not be running for re-election in 2018. With all due respects to Ileana’s supporters, I personally have never been quite the admirer that other Cuban-Americans have been. In the end, to me she was as ‘political’ as all the rest – for which I didn’t really care for her one way or the other. You see, I have a big problem supporting a candidate for the mere fact that we are bound by the Cuban roots – just my very own feeling about the issue.

My only concern when she [Lehtinen] announced her retirement dealt more with ‘party’ politics more than anything else, if you ask me. I view Ros-Lehtinen’s retirement, much like the democrats did. I viewed her leaving as one of the best chances nationwide for a Democratic pickup in the DNC’s quest to win House control over the GOP.

As we all now know, on August 28th, in the Florida Primary Election, Cuban-American and T.V. personality Maria Elvira Salazar won the Republican nomination while democratic contender Donna Shalala won the Democratic nomination. Admittedly, it promises to be a close race. As to my friend Jorge Villalon’ s question, specifically, no, I don’t think that the ‘independent’ nominee Mayra Joli will split the vote, and/or, for that matter, I really don’t think her presence will influence the outcome of the elections one way or the other.

I think that this will be a head-on between Shalala and Salazar. Now, as what is my forecast on the outcome. Well, I must be honest, personally, I would want Salazar to win, if nothing else, again, because if she [Salazar] loses it means one less seat in the House. In addition, I am going to tell you, I truly hate Shalala, the old witch, with a passion. But…then again, that is just personal emotions.

I have a different picture altogether if I used the intellect to give you a prediction. Let’s be truthful here. If I look at the race from a completely objective perspective, I say it can go either way – vintage for our swinging state of Florida. Let me expand a little bit on this. As far as Maria Elvira Salazar, as well as she enjoys a great following amongst Cuban-Americans, her popularity as a T.V. personality within the Hispanic community of South Florida is just that – very much a popularity within a minority section of the voting universe.

I say that Maria Elvira’s chances to win the election are mostly riding on the Cuban-American vote. Two-thirds (67%) of the nation’s 1.2 million Cuban eligible voters live in Florida, with many living in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area. But as Florida’s Latino eligible voter population has grown (reaching 2.6 million in 2014), the Cuban share of that population has declined to 31%. (The Puerto Rican share of the state’s Latino eligible population stands at 28%.) Question is: Can this 31% be enough to carry Salazar to the promised land? Answer is: maybe yes, maybe no.

If we use past statistics, again, it can go either way. In the 2016 elections, Ros-Lehtinen won 54.9% over Democratic opponent Scott Fuhrman’s 45.1%. Vis-à-vis, while Trump won 14 of Florida’s 27 districts, ironically, Florida’s 27th District voted mostly democrat with Hillary Clinton getting 59% of the vote vs., Trump’s 39%. Having said that, I don’t think that in the forthcoming Midterm elections, Cuban-Americans will vote for Shalala as they did for Clinton in 2016.

Now, about Shalala. Here again, I have two opinions: one, my very personal one, and second, my intellectual counterpart. I shall share with you both. Strictly from an intellectual perspective, I got to say, Shalala does have certain strengths over Salazar – the most significant one is her fund-raising abilities, and, in politics, my friends, is mostly about campaign money.

Donna Shalala’s resume, has her joined-at-the-hips with the Clintons all throughout her life. She first served the Clintons as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 2001. She later became the president of the University of Miami from 2001 to 2015. In September 2014 she announced her resignation from UM to, once again, join the Clintons as President of the Clinton Foundation. As far as I am concerned, her fund-raising ability, as that shown in raising close to 3 billion dollars for UM, will be one of Shalala’s greatest assets in the forthcoming elections. Her biggest flaw, the fact that she is an up-and-up Clintonite.

Now, as far as I am concerned, on a very personal note, I say the old witch is “bad-news”. Really bad news. You see, for me, the Clintons are two of the most corrupt people in this country. They are, in my view, outright white-collar criminals who have outsmarted the system through their savvy use of political influence and power – a true sign of the corruption now prevalent at the highest levels of our government. To me, the Clinton Foundation is probably one of the most fraudulent and dishonest organizations in the history of the U.S. For Donna Shalala to have served as President of this quid-pro-quo Foundation is about as low as you can go – a true reflection of the witch’s moral character.

I must also say, that my presumptuous reflection of Shalala’s character is not, mind you, altogether without factual back-up. Just so that you know, her journey at UM is plagued with controversy. Under her tenure, the big scandal was Nevin Shapiro – a $900 million-dollar Ponzi Scheme in 2011, where Shapiro, now in prison, sought to buy favors for student-athletes (hookers among other things). Shalala weathered the controversy despite multiple calls for her resignation.

In 2006, under Shalala’s tenure, UM’s janitors went on a hunger-strike to protest for their low wages. As if this was not enough Shalala’s reputation took a hit with a series of controversial stories, dealing with a student’s protest over a rape assailant allowed to graduate; by a New Times Story of a student allegedly sexually harassed by her professors and others. In all the incidents, Shalala has been accused of covering-up and/or protecting the assailants, much like the Catholic Church’s alleged cover-up in the prevalent child sexual abuse scandal.

So, my friend Jorge, there you go. What is my final prediction on this election, well, in summary and in answer to your question, I don’t think that the independent, Myra Joli will split votes to where these votes can make the difference in the final outcome. Again, my personal wishes are for Salazar to win, regardless. Can she win? Yes, it will be close though. She needs the Cuban-Americans’ vote, but she also needs a share of the Anglo vote and the rest of the Florida voting universe. I give her a chance only for the same reasons that Ros-Lehtinen won the seat in 2016 – this my greatest hope, a statistical one at best.

Can Shalala win? Most certainly she can. I guarantee you her campaign will be well-funded, and I can guarantee you she will have a major support from the democratic base and much the same liberal base that went for Clinton in 2016.

All in all, I think this race will be a complete toss-up. Highly unpredictable, if yet, I know I will be voting for Salazar as I still live by the old cliché, which is that – “every vote counts”.

Florida’s Gubernatorial Race

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been in a sort of political sabbatical for the past few months, albeit for good reasons. We just finished building our long- awaited new pool on our new house, which, as you can tell from the heat-wave we are suffering in South-Florida, will only serve to help us relieve some of the inevitable stresses associated with watching the fake news every day.

Thank God for the good people at Fox News, Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Martha, Judge Jeanine and the rest. Were it not for them, I would probably be writing this narrative from some mental institution upon my family’s implementing the “Baker Act” on me – case you are not familiar with this Act, this is a Florida Statute under the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, which allows for the “involuntary” institutionalization and examination of an individual suspected of having a mental illness.

Anyways, ironically, if there has ever been a time deserving of political narratives to shed some light on all the turmoil that is going on around us, this is it, no doubt about it. But again, my chores as a construction supervisor, just kept me so busy that, despite my best wishes for otherwise keep on writing my political blogs, the latter took a temporary back-seat to all else going on in my life. It was not until early today, when I received a text message from my dear sister-in-law Yamile Pou. “Yami” as those close to her call her, asked to me to write a much-needed narrative on the Florida gubernatorial race – a race filled with all kinds of controversies akin to pretty much all that is going on in the nation as the November 2018 Midterm elections come to fruition. So much is at stake.

Well, Yami, this one is for you. Let me preface my assessment of the Florida race, by sharing with you some of my forefront perceptions on all that’s going on. For years now, I have been hesitantly writing about communism in the U.S. Starting with my article “The Beginning of the End”, written in the 2008 presidential elections, followed by my book bearing the same name, published in 2012, all I have talked about for years now, has been the threat of communism coming to the U.S. Throughout my writings, many of you challenged my allegations. Many thought my warnings were a far-out cry; not in the U.S., it could not happen, many believed – Marxism and Communism was a match-made-in-heaven for third-world countries and/or for other nations in the world but not in the U.S. For nations with struggling economies; for nations with autocratic self-serving leaders, who cared nothing about their citizens and all for their own endowment.

Matter of fact, it was precisely this “denial”, the one I blame for all that is going in today’s political landscape – as we speak. I personally think it should be transparently obvious to all nowadays that communism has made great strides in taking over this great nation. I think you will agree with me that, for the first time ever in the nation, Communism is now rearing its ugly head, unabashedly, blatantly, and in full view for all to acknowledge its presence.

For years now, I dare say, our enemies have successfully manipulated a vernacular of deceit which, throughout time, has taken a life of its own – a lexicon where terms such liberals, progressives and leftists, have been inventively reintroduced to the American public as preferred euphemisms for the terms Marxist and Communist. I say its time we expose the truth to America. Enough is enough. I am utterly repulsed with the pontification of the words ‘liberal and socialist’ as surrogates for the word ‘communist’.

You see, many Americans would have had a hard time dealing with and/or accepting the use of the term “communism”, per say, if they, the left, had dared used it in its literal context, whereas now, even though the term itself is non-existing, it seems to me that the rats have come out of hiding; they have come out of the closet. Finally, a close pseudonym is being used bringing us closer to the truth than ever before. Finally, the word “socialism” is now liberally used to describe most of the nation’s communist platforms embraced by the democratic party – the “Democratic Socialist Party” as they like to call themselves.

Point I am trying to make my friends, it’s all out in the open. It is there for you to virtually touch. For those of you who doubt me, it cannot be more evident. Just look around you. No longer do they [the left] see a need to go about it elusively snitching their way to gaining power and control of the nation. It’s all out in the open. Go no further than looking at the platforms of some of these so-called “progressive socialists”, including Florida’s very own Andrew Gillum – which happens to be the center point of my narrative today.

My fellow-Floridians come the Midterm elections, your choice is crystal-clear, just take a quick glance at Mr. Gillum’s platform as a self-described “progressive”.

  • Supports the replacement of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – abolition of ICE.
  • Seeks to expand Medicaid.
  • Supports the removal of Confederate monuments.
  • Wants to raise corporate tax rate to 7.75% from current 5.5%.
  • Wants voting rights for felons.
  • Calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump.
  • Believes in global warming.
  • Opposed Trump’s administration decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Mind you, Mr. Gillum is not alone. Not by a long stretch of the imagination. Take our darling winner of the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Again, Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I repeat: a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. There you go, out in the open. Alexandria has made headline news almost every day since the day she was elected on June 26, 2018. The fake news has embraced her as some sort of female Messiah – the next coming of salvation for mankind.

At twenty-eight years old, Ocasio-Cortez is a younger version of the old communist Bernie Sanders. Her youth brings new hopes for a defeated Democratic Party, whose only hope for regaining their lost power relies on radical, if yet utopian agendas, much the same way that Karl Marx, once sought out to change the world with a counter-culture revolution in the 1800’s – an ideology which some 200 years after-the-fact has proven to be all but a failed and flawed creed. A botched doctrine relying mostly on class struggles and hate-filled envies as mainstay motivations, while having left behind a trail of bloodshed and the death of over 100 million people throughout their miserable journey in history.

Ocasio-Cortez is but one of millions of romantic young American men and women, who don’t even know the meaning of the word communism. Matter of fact, I think that for the most part, the radical base of the Democratic Socialists is composed of, on the one hand, a universe of romantic ideologues, albeit underachievers, racists, and overall losers, who believe in living off from government and from the better fitted of the classes, and, on the other hand, the George Soros’ and Tom Steyer’s of the world – the mega-rich characters who look upon communism as but just a means of amassing greater wealth through the exploitation of the ideologues.

I could go and on. I would want to share with all of you my thoughts on the impending mayhem and havoc regarding the socialist upheaval aimed removing Donald Trump from the Presidency, but I shall save that for another narrative. Suffice it say that I am confident that, come November, Republicans will, in fact, sweep the nation again just like we did in 2016 by electing Donald Trump. I don’t believe in the polls anymore, and I am confident that the GOP will keep, maybe even expand their presence in both the Senate and the House as well. Trust me. I believe you will see a Republican wave of winning in November.

As for us here in Florida, I truly believe that the State’s constituency is not ready, not now anyways, for yet another black communist, to govern our state. The wounds left behind by the likes of a Barack Obama are still very much open. Maybe with time people shall forget, but not now. I very much urge Mr. Ullum to just forget about it. Stay within the confines as Mayor of our own Florida swamp in Tallahassee as we are not ready for you, sir, not just yet anyways.

As for Ocassio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, I say, keep it up. Keep up the good work. Your rantings; your coming out of the closet; your most evident Marxists platforms; your relentless campaigns of hate towards a president who has done everything that is right for making America great again, has not gone unnoticed by magnanimous universe of true Americans who had been, for the most part, disparaged by your Democratic Socialists of America, thus your loss in 2016 elections.

As for you my fellow Floridians, I just would like to close by offering some friendly reminders, mostly directed to all my Cuban-Americans and Venezuelan voters in the reading audience. To the Cubans, just remember a vote for Andrew Gillum is equivalent to a vote to extend the Castro dynasty; ditto for the Venezuelans – a vote for Gillum is a vote equivalent for extending Maduro’s reign of destruction. To all the Florida black voters, all 16% of you, I say wake up and smell the coffee. For years now, the Socialist Democratic party has manipulated your vote, as though they owned you, as though they had a right to think on your behalf.

Over the past decades, African-Americans have been under the spell of the Socialist Democrats, who have capitalized on a history of racial injustices as a preferred tool for the party’s own self-serving advancement. I truly hope that, come November, black voters, use this privilege wisely and not just do it based on the skin color of the candidates, but on the issues that impend on both you as an individual and you as part of an important minority.

To the rest of the voting readers, may I politely remind you that a vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote for allowing illegal immigrants to continue flocking into our nation unrestricted, while many of them, outright criminals, are ready, willing and able to kill innocent Americans, all the while as Socialist Democratic judges throughout the nation, continue to give them a free pass to pursue their criminal careers. A vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote for raising our taxes; a vote for Andrew Gillum is a vote to undermine the thriving economic achievements gained under governor Rick Scott.

I think we all know better. Florida happens to be one of the most important swing states in the nation. The choices are as clear as ever before in the history of the state, we can either vote for full blown “socialist / communist” or…we can vote for Ron DeSantis, Trump’s endorsed candidate to continue in Scott’s path of keeping Florida one of the greatest states in the nation. Your call. God bless America.

Russia’s New, Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile And What it Could Signal for Mankind

Just in case you missed it, making news Thursday, in an almost inconspicuous, subtle and elusive tone, I heard a sound-bite that sent chills up my spine – albeit, if it probably went unnoticed, ignored or disregarded by most of us. I am talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin touting and boasting of yet a new missile that will render NATO “completely useless”. Some say, this is just propaganda, but…just as well.

In an annual address to the Russian parliament, Putin said: “Russia has developed a new, nuclear-capable cruise missile with “unlimited” range that is capable of eluding air-defense systems.”

Dear reader, let me put it to you in rather straightforward, easy-to-understand simple layman’s terms. Putin’s avowal is just that Russia can “destroy” the U.S., without the U.S., even being able to defend itself.

Now, take Putin’s challenge and throw in North Korea’s Kim Jon-Un persistent threats of building nuclear war-heads and ballistic missiles, while on a continuous campaign of “dares” to the U.S., and, just like that, you figure out, it is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”. Now if the concoction is not robust enough for you, how about mixing in a little radical Islamic terrorism and voilà the U.S. is surrounded by enemy-states -all of them literally capable of wiping us out of the face of the earth, before we even know it – or so says Putin anyways.

Could be just a tad too late by the time we find out whether the claims are real or not, couldn’t it?

But… wait a moment, what about our military prowess?

What about our ability to defend ourselves against the treat of enemy-states, Russia, Korea, Iran, China?

Well, I will put it to you this way folks, I am not so sure we still have a claim to be the mightiest nation in the world that we once were – not by any stretch of the imagination, thus president Trump’s overt agenda of building-up our military, given the weakened and enfeebled state in which our past Marxist president Barack Obama, left the nation.

Is there anything, I ask, this SOB did not do to undermine the wellbeing of this great nation?

So, read between the lines, all the while as our day-to-day politics has Trump and the Republican party fighting tooth and nail over innuendos such as Trump’s Russian collusion; all the while as Republicans and Democrats continue butting heads over a series of controversial memos; all the while as the world anxiously awaits for Special Counsel Robert Muller’s end of an investigation, which Marxist-liberals hope will yield Trump’s impeachment, all the while, Putin and his Russian comrades are boasting about developing weaponry that can outright wipe the U.S., out of the face of the earth, without us even knowing about it. How about that folks?

It is as though, Russians, maybe other enemy-states as well, must be thinking how totally inept we have become.

Think about it this way, if you were a part of the intel apparatus of our enemy-states, there are some incontrovertible perceptions making-up the stratagem leading to the ultimate planning in attaining world supremacy, synonymous, if you will, with the destruction of the U.S. – historically, the world’s bastion of wealth and prowess. You would be looking at a nation, which, under the auspices of a Marxist president and a Marxist Secretary of State, went ahead and sold Russia 20% of the U.S. uranium, made a deal with enemy-state of Iran and gave them $1.7 billion dollars in cash, emboldening them to continue exporting radical terrorism all over the world, bolstering them also with a clear pathway to building up their nuclear-armaments, and, in the process, making sure we derailed an ambitious law-enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

Yes, folks, the results of our pandering ways – a Russian missile-head, capable of reaching us undetected.

So, what is the point I am trying to make?

In light of Putin’s announcement made Thursday, my point is simple and unhindered. I would say we are on a one-way path to self-destruction. What, folks, is in store for humanity? What is in store for humans and the planet earth as we know it? Whether we want to realize it or not, we need to look ahead and begin thinking out-of-the-box, as far as the future of world is concerned.

Forget about the thoughtless “global warming”, Trump’s Russian collusion deal, DACA and immigration reform, the Wall and / or the countless other issues now a part of Washington’s political tug-of-war. I personally think, at the rate we are going, we are at the verge of extinction. Again, I think we are on a one-way path to Armageddon. I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever that we “humans” will find a way to self-destroy the species. As far as I am concerned, it is a matter of time.

Historically, we have always been at war with each other. Since time immemorial, man has always been in an unending quest to feud and kill each other. Man’s wars have been waged over all kinds of issues, i.e., territorial, religious, resources, ideological or otherwise a non-ending competition for supremacy, sovereignty, and power. It is estimated that over 1 billion people have been killed by wars throughout the history and pre-history of mankind. But, don’t need to go too far, do we? Islam today, by its very nature considers the Western civilization [us] as unclean, “other” than we must be brought into the orbit of Islam through subjugation, at best, or destruction at worst.

No matter what our good pastors, priests, rabbis, or others in the pastoral community would want us to believe inasmuch as living in peace with each other as “brothers and sisters”, this is, at best a fallacy, at worst, a wishful Shangri-La – deceitful and romantic. The irony of it all, is that by virtue of man’s breakthrough progress, evolution and development, we were able to progressively improve our ways of killing each other. As time went by, the term “weapons of mass-destruction”, became a sought-after redemption for a scientific community set-out to prove themselves in ways of outsmarting each other by ultimately finding ways of eradicating the species. If you ask me, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945 respectively, did in fact ensue the surrender of Imperial Japanese Armed forces which ended WWII, but just as well, opened-up the gates for the eventual annihilation of mankind as we know it – that simple.

In other words, one can readily conclude that man’s progress will, in the end, be its own demise. What an irony! Think about it. Over the past 100 years, our tecno-revolution has made it possible, among other things, for landing a man on the moon and connecting zillions of humans to each other using a “keyboard” and by a hand-held portable communication device known to the world as a “cellular phone”. In the medical field, man’s fight for longevity has been impressive – between 1990 and 2013, life expectancy at birth increased from 57.3 years to 64.2 years for males and from 58.2 years to 68.5 years for females. Is this an irony, or is it? We have spent zillions of dollars in medical research on how to prolong life and zillions, just as well, in finding ways to eradicate it! Wow. Does this make sense to you?

All of a sudden, when I hear Putin’s touchtone yardsticks on being able to destroy the U.S., undetected, all of a sudden, I begin to realize the anger and the hatred that prevails in the human race, still – that which incites a human being to go on a killing rampage such as the Stoneman Douglas’ High School massacre of innocent people, apparently for no reason. I take issue with the fact that there are “no apparent reasons”, as, in fact, there are. Whether we care to realize it or not, by the mere fact that we are “humans”, there is an inbred desire embedded in the DNA of the species’ to just dislike each other, even kill each other in many occult ways, such as was for Nikolas Cruz in the Florida High School, or such as we see in Putin and Kim Jong Un – no difference whatsoever. In the end, the motif is to kill each other.

In ending, I must say, my outlook for mankind is, at best, gloomy, at worst outright dismal. I see the war on Trump as a war on righteousness – a war to keep us from fighting against the-coming-of-doomsday. I look upon the issues as mere controversies in an ongoing fight of good vs. evil. When I hear of Oakland Major Libby Schaaf warning to more than 1000 illegal immigrants and criminals to flee from an impending large-scale arrest by Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, netting the agency and arrest of only 100, I can only conclude how very messed-up our nation is. Things are bad when the nation’s politicians encourage the obstruction of justice as did the Oakland’s Major in the name of sanctity. God forbid, as some amongst the 900 of ICE’s escapees will eventually end-up hurting harmless Americans, as I am sure they will. It is fine for the establishment to continue its debate over the NRA, the use of automatic weaponry and raising the legal age to buy a weapons, etc.; it is also fine to implement programs in High Schools all over the nation, on how to train school teachers to actively participate in defense platforms designed to defend innocent students against monsters like Nikolas Cruz, but…isn’t time we also begin to find ways on how to protect us from each other at levels of mass-destruction just as well?

If only but a fraction of the time now spent politicizing issues that are truly inconsequential to the sustainability of mankind, would be spent looking for ways to protect each other from the potential extinction of mankind, we would all be better served, would we not? In ending, I can only say my prayers of hope that, by some Divine Intervention, our discernment, our brilliance, our savviness, our smarts, makes us realize that in our race for the extinction the species, there are no winners, there are only losers, and…when the time comes, we will not, as we do today, have a chance to dislike each other anymore, leaving us but with only one of two alternatives: either we make the choice to live in peace and care for each other the way it was meant to be to begin with, or otherwise we can all just say farewell to this nice planet Earth, we have disgruntledly shared for millions of years.

May God save us all!