Volver A Lo Basico

El Padre, entonces en el colegio Belén, Eduardo M. Barrios escribió una carta en el 2014 que titulo “Ex Católicos”, donde nos aclara que la retirada de muchos de la Iglesia Católica se debe al abandono de la fe. Esta realidad el la atribuye a presiones del “secularismo, el relativismo y el hedonismo”.

Tiene toda la razón. La falta de fe es solo un síntoma de una sociedad que se está transformando y no hacia el bien. El gran adelanto de nuestra tecnología esta proporcionalmente relacionado con la disminución de nuestros valores Judeo-Cristianos. Al igual que un equipo deportivo que no funciona como es debido, tenemos que regresar a nuestras raíces. La base de una sociedad sana es la familia. En esta se deben inculcar las diferencias entre el bien y el mal, las virtudes y los defectos y primordialmente, entre la satisfacción material y la espiritual.

Cuando desde niño se aprende que el verdadero goce se encuentra en responsabilizarse con su vida y aceptar sus consecuencias. Que una riqueza material cuando no se necesita y se utiliza en ayudar a los necesitados alimenta más el espíritu, que una consumida en bienes materiales. Que un error secundario a una decisión personal es superior a un éxito provocado por la presión de otros. Que sea un placer admirar las bellezas de la naturaleza.

Estas simples reglas deberían guiar nuestra vida, sin necesidad de creer falsos dogmas, buscar la ayuda de otros, de desear la felicidad inmediata o abandonar la unión física y emocional necesaria entre padres e hijos. Al perder el verdadero sentido de nuestra existencia, nos convertimos en “zombies”, niños y jóvenes convertidos en apéndices de aparatos electrónicos. Esta sociedad sin una base humana es fácilmente manipulada y se convierte en una sin identidad. Si se pudiera retroceder a lo básico de nuestra existencia, entonces se descubriría nuevamente la fe verdadera en Dios, Jesús y sus enseñanzas. Jaime Jaramillo en su libro “Volver a lo básico”, lo explica;

“Valora el tiempo, las cosas pequeñas y simples que Dios y la vida te dan, ya que mañana puede ser demasiado tarde para comprender que las pequeñas y simples cosas eran las más grandes y, quizás, ya las hayas perdido.”

Biden’s New Math

Pathological lying, also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, is a mental disorder in which the person habitually or compulsively lies. It was first described in the medical literature in 1895 by Anton Delbrück. Although it is a controversial topic, pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.

It is a well-known fact, that Joe Biden has a long history of plagiarism, and making up stories proven not to be true. This behavior is confirmed by all, including his closest friends and supporters.

Unfortunately, though expected, this pathology has continued in his presidency. In the last few days, and faced with a much-unresolved crisis of his own making, he gave a couple of speeches to the Nation that were more than distortions of facts, but whoppers!

First, he took credit for the economic recovery. Before the COVID pandemic, our Nation’s finances were as good as or better than ever. The slow and modest present recovery is exclusively a result of the decreasing illness and the return to the workplace of some of the ones forced to stay home. His statement that he is “creating” jobs and thus responsible for the improving economic indices is a blatant lie. Only when these markers exceed the pre-pandemic ones it would be his doing. Let us look at the truth: Only when the # of workers are more than 152M, rate of unemployed less than 3.5%, and inflation rate less than 2.3% can the recovery be called Biden’s creation.

And what about “black lives matter”? obviously employed blacks have a better life, correct? During Trump’s first three years in office, median household incomes grew, inequality diminished, and the poverty rate among black people fell below 20% for the first time in post-World War II records. The unemployment rate among black people went under 6% for the first time in records going back to 1972.

But our fearless, though cognitive diminished, leader does not stop there in his self praising attempt! With a straight face he claims as an achievement the fact that only 1% of citizens were vaccinated before he took office, and now there are more than 20%. The fact that when he took over the vaccines had just been approved, but the daily rate was already the same as what he had promised was ignored. Do we also believe a statement that the first driver of a car out of the factory was responsible for its moving? This silly example was made so the likes of CNN’s John Lemon and viewers would get the point!!!

But it only took a day for him to claim the most incredible interpretation of what excessive government spending does. Looking at the TV without blinking he said that it was a great time for the country to spend and borrow as interest rates were 0%.

Will someone inform him when he is riding his Peloton and eating his favorite ice cream, that the Federal Reserve paper printed dollars are not a loan for the simple fact that there is no ability to pay back? There are intended for sale, with China as the main buyer, in order to pay for the debt and deficit created. Can he be made to understand what simple math is? The only way for this worthless paper to be sold is by paying the attracted party a promise for a gain called “interest”.

So, Mr. President the more you spend what you do not have, the more interests will rise causing a reaction named “inflation”, that prices for everything that “we the people” buy will increase, that as salaries have to increase, and in order to survive the producers of capital will reduce employees, make less money, pay fewer taxes, generating a spiraling crisis called “deflation”. For the Lemons of this World, it means higher prices, fewer jobs! But Mr. President, for you to comprehend, 2 plus 2 is 4, not 5!

So…you voted for Biden, ah?


So… you are a Trump-hater and on November 3rd, 2020, you were one of the 81,268,924 who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, is that right? Well, I have a couple of messages for you all. First and foremost, let me just say at the outset, I blame every single one of you for all that I see going wrong in our great nation today. Because of your irresponsible choice, our country is on a free-fall every which way you look at it. Matter of fact, I cannot think of even one single thing, your clown has done right by our country – not one.

I would not have minded so much if all that he has done would have had repercussions exclusively related to you guys, but…”no”, everything he has done so far is affecting every single American. I will be more specific further as I go along. Joe Biden happens to be the 46th President of the United States. Looking back in history, like everything else, there have been some good presidents, some not-so-good, and some bad – really bad presidents. In this last category, one of my comparison metrics is relative to the shortsightedness of some of our past-presidents which eventually ended-up hurting our country. In this classification, I give the prize to one of the dumbest presidents ever in U.S. history, to wit, the 39th President of the United States – Jimmy Carter. That is, of course, until Joe Biden came along.

My next prize in this really bad presidents classification goes to Barack Obama. Unlike Carter, Obama was a smart cookie. Too smart maybe. Then again, he [Obama], like Fidel Castro and others, used his smarts for introducing communism in the United States as he first committed to on the cusp of his presidential election on October 30th, 2008 when he said: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Again, I thought Obama was as bad as it would get. Then again, that was until Joe Biden came along.

By either of these metrics, the stupidity and/or by the Marxist tendencies, either one, Joe Biden takes the big price as the worse of them all – and that, friends, is a lot to say. Never did I think for a moment there could be someone neither as stupid as Jimmy Carter, nor as Marxist as Barack Obama, but, this guy, your Biden clown makes both, Jimmy and Barack, pale in comparison. I could have stomached an idiot like Jimmy, maybe even a communist like Obama, what is difficult, virtually impossible for me is to try and stomach both a stupid and a communist all at the same time – not easy.

Just think about it for a moment folks. The man [Biden] is a walking crisis. Forget that we are facing one of the worse immigration crisis ever in U.S. history; forget that crime in the U.S. is at historic highs; forget that experts are predicting we are entering into an inflationary period; forget that we are paying more for gas, for food and housing; forget that our national debt keeps growing and stands at a whopping $28 trillion and counting – a debt which you and I will have to pay with higher taxes and a higher cost of living; forget that the U.S. economy fell way short in jobs added in April, from 1 million predicted to an actual 266,000 jobs; forget that there is a national chaos in many police departments throughout the nation; forget that there are trying to confiscate our weapons; forget that teachers’ unions continue to keep our children out of schools; forget that the clown shut-down the Keystone pipeline destroying 11,000 jobs and roughly $2 billion dollars in lost wages – not to mention sending us back light-years in our energy dependency on world oil and gas cartels. All this in the domestic front.

But, what about in the foreign and international arena? Here too, your moron is doing well, is he not? Forget that all of our leading enemies, China, Russia, North Korea, all of them, look upon this jerk as a wimpy old scoundrel, who, at times, has a hard time even remembering his name – let alone having any respect whatsoever for someone as corrupt he is, as the whole world realizes that he [Biden] used his political clout during his tenure as Vice-President under Barack Obama to enable his son and his family to make zillions from all kinds of quid-pro-quo favors to Ukraine, Russia and China. Can you imagine if Donald Trump and/or one of his sons even came close to what this Hunter Biden puppy and dad Joe did? To think this corrupt Swamp Animal is today the President of the United States is, to say the least, insulting.

Anyways, can any of you diehard democrats name me but one good thing this guy has done for our country? Just in case, please spare me if you will the hypocritical, deceitful, and outright devious claim about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, if that is what you are thinking. Here too, your habitual liar and plagiarist is historically used to taking credit for what other people do. Has done it all his life. Biden is a compulsive plagiarist – he cannot stop stealing original ideas from other politicians. During a campaign appearance in New Hampshire, Biden claimed he had finished in the top-half of his law school class when records indicate he finished near the bottom.

Case all of you who elected this man did not know it, your Joe Biden was caught-up in a plagiarism scandal that derailed his first campaign for the White House in 1987. He publicly acknowledged plagiarizing another author’s work during his 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. Biden was also said to have used without attribution substantial portions of speeches made by Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

As much as there was not one single good thing your man Biden could brag about since taking the office of president, he unilaterally decided to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccinations. Really? What your clown, seems to have conveniently and expediently forgotten was the fact that Operation Warp Speed [OWS], initiated by the Trump administration, facilitated, and accelerated the development and the manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. It was not your Biden – it was Trump – lets get that clear, shall we? Then again, he [Biden] does not have one single thing he can claim as having done good for the country, can he? So, why not take credit on one of Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishments?

Bottom line, look you guys, you democrats who elected this first-class idiot as our president, how much worse does it need to get before you all open your eyes? What will it take for all of you guys to realize that by electing this man and by continuing to endorse the Communist Democratic Party, all you are doing is helping to destroy our great country, turning it into another Cuba, another Venezuela?

By continuing to support and endorse democrats and this administration, you are, in fact, promoting the end of our individual freedoms; our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms. You are advocating a completely fallacious climate-protection narrative which is destined to set us back light years. You are helping promote a racial divide which we had already overcome. By backing Joe Biden and the Democratic Party you are, in essence, backing Communist China in their global expansionism; you are siding with Iran in their wishes to destroy our nation and everything it stands for. Matter of fact, by endorsing and supporting this or any other democrat administration, you may be, in fact, bringing us a step closer to the end of our glorious United States of America as we knew it and, for that matter, a step closer to the end of mankind as well. May God save us and may God save the United States of America. In God we trust.

How MSM Changes Reality

Our MSM Mikado’s song version:

A more humane President never
did in U.S. exist;
to nobody’s second,
I’m certainly reckoned
a true philanthropist.
It is his very humane endeavor
to make, to some extent,
each evil liver
A running river
of harmless merriment.
Our object all sublime
We shall achieve sometimes —
To let Trump’s coverage fit the crime —
The coverage fit the crime;
And make each democrat acts
Unwillingly represent
A source of innocent merriment!
Of innocent merriment!

They really got the scoop on this one. With the White House poised to unveil the largest federal budget in US history, spy agencies investigating whether a lab in China caused the COVID- pandemic and gas prices skyrocketing ahead of a major US travel holiday, President Biden was grilled Thursday … about his favorite flavor of ice cream. NYPost.

As Biden continues to take credit for the economic recovery after its rebound post-pandemic work stoppage, like calling workers coming back and other improving indices as his creation, our fearless, when Trump, media gives him tough questioning like what type of Peloton he uses, and his favorite ice cream flavor!

But what about their failure investigating the overwhelming evidence of his interaction when VP with the foreign, many known corrupt, magnates dealing with his vulnerable, addict son Hunter. The NYPost, the only media that exposed the contents of Hunter’s computer with conclusive evidence of his malfeasant aided by his father and uncle. The computer’s contents have been validated as real by every one of his partners named, and the FBI. The recognition merited by New York’s oldest newspaper for their expose was their findings being censored by all the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Today we found out in the same newspaper e-mails setting up a dinner for 14 persons where it was made clear were they Hunter and partner Devon Archer. In their interchange it was made clear that the foreigner’s interests were to meet and talk with Biden, then VP, and Kerry if he could attend. Our media has so far ignored this last very damaging allegation that if true is evidence of real collusion, not the made-up they feasted on against Trump for 4 years. To wit;

The guest list prepared by Hunter three weeks before the Café Milano dinner included Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina and her husband, corrupt former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, who since has died. Baturina wired $3.5 million on Feb. 14, 2014, to Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, a Delaware-based investment firm co-founded by Hunter and Devon Archer, a former adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry. Biden’s presence was confirmed by; an e-mail from Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, to thank him for introducing him to his father. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” Pozharskyi wrote on April 17, 2015…

Enough said!

COVID-19 – A Manufactured Pandemic?


COVID-19 – A Manufactured Pandemic, Maybe?
By: Obie Usategui

My dear friends, followers, I think it is fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a far-more reaching impact on humanity than the current world death toll, now standing at 3.48 million and counting, with estimates projected to go as high as 7.4 million by the time it is all over. Of this total, our United States takes the unenviable position, of being the nation with the highest number of deaths with approximately 590K thousand reported thus far.

COVID-19 ranks as the 9th worse pandemic in history. Notwithstanding the tragic loss of lives, it is also fair to say that the overall worldwide impact of this pandemic has been nothing short than devastating. I dare say, however, sizing the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will be, for all intents and purposes, practically impossible, mostly a result of a lack of metrics and/or the inability of many nations to accurately measure the extent of the damages incurred.

A quick fact-checking exercise, as of this writing, reveals some gruesome statistics, inclusive but not limited to the following:

✔ The largest global recession in history.
✔ Largest decline in stock markets worldwide.
✔ Every advanced economy in the world sank into a recession or depression.
✔ Global unemployment reaching peak levels throughout the world.

In the U.S., [the] worse affected country in the world, the fact-checking exercise had the added-value of a nation capable of analyzing and reporting data in much more detail and sophistication than the rest of the world, even so, there is a consensus that the extent of the damage may not be fully assessed for years to come. Meantime, we do know the following:

✔ The U.S. GDP [Gross Domestic Product] decreased 3.5% – lowest since 1946.
✔ Nearly 25 million Americans went on Unemployment.
✔ The U.S. economy lost 9.4 million jobs.
✔ 74% of small business in the U.S. reported having economic problems, many having to shut down and/or go bankrupt.

It is a well-known fact also that the pandemic pushed hundreds of millions of people into poverty with some estimates even suggesting as many a half a billion people throughout the world could fall below the poverty line. Some analysts go a far as estimating the pandemic wiped away 30 years of progress in moving people out of poverty. None of these statistics however can measure with any degree of accuracy the psychological damages ensuing from the forced lock-downs, the social distancing, or otherwise our complete change in lifestyles.

Again, our generation may never know the full extent of damages caused by this pandemic – the point being, at this stage in the history of mankind, would it not be fair to the world, and more so to the United States of America to find out in detail, in no uncertain terms, who, how, when. and where is responsible for all the damage caused?

Democrats did go to extremes to investigate hoaxes such as the alleged Trump’s Russia-collusion in the 2016 presidential elections where millions of taxpayers’ dollars were spent chasing a non-existent, a fabricated complicity case. Meantime, the Biden administration, continues to give Communist China, a free-pass in their role and responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic. Absolutely repulsive, disgusting, and hideous if you ask me.

I guess we have all heard the saying: “All roads lead to Rome”, have we not? Well, in this COVID -19 pandemic, there are all kinds of circumstantial evidence suggesting and/or leading us to believe that the origin of the virus took place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab, located in Wuhan, China.

Originally, as we may all recall, then President Donald Trump, was outspoken, while in a speech he made to the U.N. General Assembly on September 22, 2020, he sought to blame China for the pandemic. Trump, speaking in a video address from the White House, referred to the disease as the “China Virus” and implied that Beijing and the World Health Organization had worked in tandem to cover-up the dangers of the pandemic.

Ironically, as expected, the COVID-19 or Coronavirus, was not immune to the habitual politicization that communists are used to anytime they have something to hide. To democrats and to a degenerate, corrupt, and perverted U.S. media, the fact that Trump had blamed China for the pandemic right-off-the-bat, was sufficient for all of them to disavow China’s responsibility, as Trump’s culpability claims were quickly discarded as a “debunked” conspiracy theory – some in the fake-news media going as far as siding with China against the U.S. in who was to take blame and responsibility for the virus – no wonder we are we are today.

It is common knowledge that, since the first signs of the pandemic outbreak back in December 2019, the Chinese Communist Party went into an all-out suppression / repression mode to cover-up the truth of their role and responsibility of the pandemic. As expected from all communist systems, “the end justifies the means.” The COVID-19 pandemic was no exception to this rule. Right from the get-go, all kinds of mysterious happenings took place, including but not limited to the sudden and strange disappearance of Chinese scientists, the silencing of doctors and all kinds of unexplained happenings took place. Chinese authorities censored information regarding the virus and outright blockaded the world from accessing first-hand information about the outbreak – all the more reasons to suspect their culpability as to the origins of the virus.

If you remember, some of the diversions included Beijing’s official lie that all cases had been infected by an unidentified animal, a bat maybe, at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Today, in hindsight, experts agree, had the Chinese been truthful and honest about the outbreak, it could have possibly saved many lives. Then again, what is another 7 million deaths to a system that has killed more than 100 million people over the course of history?

All along, since we first became aware of this deadly pandemic, there have been some key players whose role in the bigger scope of things are, to this day, dubious at best, and/or outright incriminating at worse. Take for example the role played by the World Health Organization [WHO]. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. In a news conference at the White House, Trump directed his administration to halt the funding of WHO for the latter’s role while severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.

For the record only, since 2010, the U.S. has issued grants to WHO totaling over $3.5 billion dollars, of which only $611 million were for assessed dues, meaning the U.S. government voluntarily sent WHO, an additional $2.9 billion of yours and mine taxpayers’ dollars. Question is: Where did our dollars end up at? With this kind of healthy budget allowance, it would have been reasonable to expect that this, presumably, highly prolific and well-intended organization, could have very well prevented the leaking of the COVID virus at best and/or at worse would have taken the time to investigate the cause of the pandemic.

Paradoxically, WHO willingly took China’s assurances and deceptions for face value and defended the actions of the Communist Chinese government going as far as even praising China for its transparency. WHO’s Director Tedros Adhanom disgracefully praised China’s outbreak responsiveness thus aiding and abetting the spread of the virus.

Meantime, back in the country most impacted by the pandemic, back in our own United States, the communist administration of Joe Biden and his cronies, wasted no time, in reversing Trump’s actions towards finding out the truth and holding those responsible accountable. Ironically, one of Biden’s first changes or reversal of policies upon taking the office of President was to reconstitute funding to the WHO – a reward for the well-done job by these hypocrites in the pandemic. Moreover, Joe Biden’s team shut-down a closely held State Department initiative launched late in the Trump administration by ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo aimed to prove that the coronavirus had been a man-originated virus in a Chinese lab.

Finally, in a series of recently disclosed news regarding this extremely sensitive topic, we learned that, believe it or not, the U.S. may have, in fact, indirectly funded the Chinese in the development of the virus. As recently as yesterday, Tuesday, May 25th, the king of demagogues, our own lead immunologist, Anthony Fauci, told lawmakers that $600,000 were earmarked for the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci went on to say that the funds were sent through a non-profit Alliance by the name of EcoHealth. Ironically, EcoHealth’s President Peter Daszak drafted a statement defending China in a letter authored by some 27 scientists strongly condemning conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 did not have a natural origin.

To add insult to injury, Joe Biden’s communist administration is suggesting for EcoHealth’s President to team-up  with WHO, to conduct the infamous investigation on what triggered the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you believe this? In other words, you have all heard the commonality of the term “person-of-interest” as used when referring to a suspect in a criminal investigation, have you not? Well, can you even imagine, asking a “person-of-interest” in any case to auto-investigate themselves and/or further incriminate themselves. Ridiculous and outrageous, is it not? But…then again, that is what we have come to be in this great nation.

In summary, dear friends, followers. I want to apologize to you for over-extending myself, but along with all that is going on in our nation today, I just find it appalling that this administration, is just willing to let it all ride. So, what if 7 million people are likely to die from this COVID pandemic? And, what if, because of this coronavirus, our nation lost billions of dollars? What if people’s lives have been forever changed? What if you were a small business owner and lost it all because of the pandemic? What about the thousands who opted to take their lives? What about the children who lost their school year?

What about it Joe Biden? What about it you democrats? What have you got to say to answer these and many other questions? What about all of you pandering to our worse enemy in the world, to a communist nation whose foremost motivation is global expansionism, which includes but it is not limited to outperforming the United States every which possible way.

Look folks, while neither myself nor anyone else for that matter, can know for certain how, when and where the COVID-19 pandemic started. What we do know for sure, on the other hand, is that, it is not beyond any communist country, more so a Communist China to have gone as far as manufacturing a virus, so as to take revenge for the hard-line policies taken by former President Donald Trump in his unending efforts to defend our nation against the global dominance of China as previously allowed for by former democratic administrations.

We also know as well that, today, as we speak, the United States is being systematically transformed into yet another Communist State, thus catering to China’s whims in their efforts to gain control of the world, albeit then, gladly looking-the-other-way, in what could have well been an unfathomable, if not altogether probable attempt to use biological warfare as a means to testing their powers to takeover our great nation and the rest of the world.

Whether or not the COVID-19 was a China manufactured virus, or whether it was an innocent or an unintentional escape in from Chinese laboratory, remains to be seen. Regardless, one way or the other, it is incumbent on the rest of us; it is incumbent on the rest of the world to demand from this communist Joe Biden administration to get to the bottom of what happened. To do so Mr. Biden, said investigation must be conducted by an independent, unrelated andunbiased body – not by the perpetrators themselves and/or by a cabal of Beijing’s puppets – all sucking-up to Communist China, as well as you and your son Hunter did for many years. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.

The “Duck Test”



My dear friends, followers. I take it you all have heard the ageless expression: “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duct, then it probably is a duck.” The duck test is a form of abductive reasoning. The test implies that a person[s] can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics.

To me personally, one of the most intriguing, paradoxical, and enigmatic dilemmas I have ever encountered in my perception on all that is currently going on here in the United States is the pervasive reluctance to call a spade a spade. Namely, the obvious denial by most all political public figures to use the words “communist” and “communism.” Other than the occasional use of the term “Marxist” or “Marxism”, the preferred substitutes in what I interpret as a “vernacular of deceit”, includes but is not limited to terms such as Socialists, The Left, Progressives, Liberals, and others like it.

In fact, whether we realize it or not, we have all been systematically programmed to accept this conveniently deceptive lingo of distraction. The big question on this behavior is: Why? Why is it that not even the most renown conservative talk-show hosts; conservative radio and T.V. personalities, ever make mention of the words communist and communism?

I can understand a great majority of mainstream Americans, who are, for all practical purposes illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant, not to understand what Communism all is about. Vis-à-vis, I find it intriguing that some of the leading conservative political commentators, presumably, those with a higher intellectual capacity, well-versed, seasoned analysts, and experienced political observers, seldom, if ever, make mention of the terms communist and communism – wonder why?

Ironically, for many Cuban Americans, those of us who got a first-hand taste of Fidel Castro’s Revolution in the 1960’s, we, the baby-boomer generation; we, who were exposed to communism at an early age, the symptoms of the “duck-test” were ever so pathetically prevalent in the Democrats’ platforms of recent times. I am sure the same holds true for many of the Venezuelan compatriots that came face to face with communism in their homeland as well. You may even say that for both these groups, Cubans and Venezuelans, the handwriting was on the wall. Matter of fact, for many of us, the dialect of deceit, the use of all the preferred substitutes, other than communist or communism are really an insult to our intellect.

Not only that, but I am also going to take this whole issue one step further. My contention is that you simply cannot expect to cure a disease unless you have identified it. In the medical world, all malignancies must be first diagnosed and then treated accordingly. The same holds true for the political world, I guess. So long as we keep giving Democrats’ the benefit of the doubt by calling their political system by all other labels except the real one, we will never be able to change or do away with the prevalent ailment now afflicting our nation – the rampant and fundamental transformation to a Communist State, as first committed to by the nation’s first communist President, Barack Hussein Obama.

In my continued search for answers to this inscrutable paradox, I have come-up with several possibilities, none which, I can construe to be mutually exclusive. At the top of my list, I place a denial syndrome – the historical confidence that Communism could never happen in the United States – any place but in the United States was a nationwide shared sentiment. Mind you, not altogether baseless. All things told, up until very recent, it was not only reasonable but outright assumable that the aegis of Communism could never gain tract in the U.S.

The fact that the U.S. was traditionally looked upon by the rest of the world as the foremost emblem of liberty, democracy, and capitalism made it virtually impossible to conceive that communism would ever set foothold in this nation; in the country that had become known as “the land of opportunity” – the only country in the world that made it possible to fulfill the so-called “American Dream”, to wit, a national ethos, a set of ideals which includes the unlimited opportunity to prosper and succeed.

So…where and when, did things go wrong? Following is a one man’s opinion, my very own, on what changed the course of history in the US. To make my point[s], a bit of history is a must. Ironically, this nation went from an obsessive-compulsive disorder [COD] about communism in the 1950’s to a complete turnaround – a love-at-first-sight that followed in the next 50 years. From 1950 to 1954, there was, as a matter of fact, a vociferous campaign against alleged communists and communism in the US government and other institutions carried out under then Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Unlike today’s pervasive corruption at top levels of organizations such as the FBI, back in the 1950’s John Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States, stood firm in front of the House Committee on un-American Activities and committed to protect and defend the United States against the menace of Communism and Fascism. Ironically, back in the day, Hoover’s role and that of the FBI were the oversight of anything and everything that smelled like Communism – what a difference a day makes, does it not?

So…all told, the nation went from an all-out compulsion to where we literally thought the country and all its institutions were outright plagued with communists and communism to a reverse-psychological mode; to a complete reversal in our state-of-mind, whereby the Democrats cleverly seized the opportunity of the moment, to further introduce communism while defending its introduction under the compulsion banner of the critics. As a result, our 180◦ degree turnaround, the words communism and communists simply vanished. And people like myself who continue to warn against this, the evilest system known to mankind, we are looked upon as fanatics, extremists, and / or obsessive-compulsive. Really?

Regretfully, with time, McCarthyism declined and eventually died in the U.S., and the term communism has since become synonymous with “defamation of character or reputation. I believe then that the end of McCarthyism was also pivotal in nation’s future reluctance and unwillingness to label anything as communist – that simple. All the while, again, as the Democrats and the U.S. Communist Party, cleverly seized the opportunity to uninterruptedly continue their crusade of transforming the U.S. into a full-blown Communist State.

Well, there you go friends. I do not know, but, as far as I am concerned, the prevalent resistance, defiance, and unwillingness to use the words communist and communism to define the current Democrat’s administration and its leading actors, is just a major disfavor to the American people and to the future of this great nation.

Our continued reluctance to identify the present Democrat administration as an outright communist system is the same as giving Democrats a Carte-Blanche pass to continue their transformational crusade. By doing so, by refusing to call a spade-a-spade, we are all both, subliminally and rationally, contributing to one of the most unfathomable disinformation campaigns ever – the same disinformation crusade which has made it plausible for the American people, to democratically elect not one but two communist presidents within the last twelve years.

My dear friends, my fellow-Americans, it is not Socialism; it is not Progressives; it is not Liberals; it is not Radicals; it is not “the Left”, it is, plain and simple, communism at its best – about time we all understand once and for all that: “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duct, then it probably is a duck.” It is a duck friends. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.