The Emperor Is Naked, Period!


“Part of that science is teaching the facts. And the facts are that there are in fact two sexes – there are male and female – and those sexes are designated by the kind of gametes we produce. Do we make eggs, big sex cells, or little sex cells, sperm? And that’s how we know whether someone is male or female. And the ideology seems to be that biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels about themselves, or feels their sex to be.”

Carole Hooven is a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard. According to a report, she has been at the prestigious university for 18 years and has been awarded multiple teaching awards.

Harvard professor Carole Hooven and her comments during a Fox News interview were dubbed as ‘transphobic’ by the director of her department’s diversity head on July 30. Hooven insists on using the terms male and female and Laura Simone Lewis, the director of Diversity and Inclusion Task of the evolutionary biology department hit back at Hooven for doing so and disregarding transgender people. Hooven’s insistence to use the term ‘pregnant women’ instead of an accomodating ‘pregnant people’ was what sparked Lewis’s response.


Only in the unreal world we are living today can the truth be denied with a straight face and people just nod and take it.

Only in a civilization consumed by hedonism and the pleasantries of the here and now can this happen.

I have been warning of this potential for over a decade, but in all honesty, I never believed that it could occur so rapidly and easily.

Of course, all this denial of factual information as biology and climate is simply a ruse in order to test citizen’s compliance and achieve control of them.

What is being tested and proven true is that a great number of our citizens are pure idiots.

Unfortunately in our present society idiocy is not an insult but the norm. We are told that men do not have a penis or women a vagina. What we feel, see with our eyes and use accordingly, do not really exist. They are only real if we feel they are.

Men can get pregnant, not because biology mandates it, but because they have the right to feel that he is.

And if these absurdities were not enough, these feelings and rights start in childhood, some even espousing the idea that they exist at birth or gestation. So, I, a man with a penis, feel pregnant, suffer the pains of birth, and feel that I delivered a boy, also this imaginary boy with a penis can feel he is really a girl!

I wish I was making this up, but it is today’s thinking that the no gender (transgender ruse) is real, and what our eyes see, our hands touch, and is corroborated by other eyes and hands is not important.

Those are just biological accidents to be disposed of if we “feel” like it.

The obvious retort to accepting these false arguments is that men and women were created differently to create more humans to replenish our planet as many leave life. And that is exactly what the proponents of this incredible notion desire.

As the creator of Planned Parenthood favored, if you control the population and control the births then you are able to create beings that have the characteristics you wish for. This is eugenics and was practiced in Nazi Germany to abide to Hitler’s wish.

Not that many years ago if a biological male came to my service alleging he was a woman and pregnant, we would strongly consider a mental illness. In today’s world my shouting “the king is naked” is what is considered abnormal.

That idea was confirmed by the response given to Dr. Hooven after she clearly was telling facts in an interview with Fox TV.

The head of her department in the prestigious Harvard University was as prompt as she was absurd as you can see above.

But what the heck, anyone can play this charade. At this moment 2.30 pm, and the sun shining bright in another hot Miami afternoon, I feel it is night and winter so I am going to bed!


Root Causes

CAPTION: Sir, you suffering from extreme hypertension and are close to a diabetic-induced coma. I am discharging you now with my written instructions with details of what your diet and alcohol intake should be. These are the root causes of why you are near death.

Ridiculous? Well, this is exactly what our border Czarina and VP has proposed as a solution to a border crisis that has allowed close to a million illegals to be sent into our country, with a pledge to attend a hearing in the future. Then, his application for asylum will be determined.

The fact that a high percentage of them have positive tests for COVID Delta and we are in a potential return of the infection continues to be ignored!

Stopping corruption, poor governing, and their population suffering has been tried by our country for decades, with no positive results. In fact, these chronic problems can only be solved by their citizens by forcing changes. Definitely not by running away or by another nation.

So, following my satire example above, what you do first is to solve the patient’s emergency by treating his diabetes to stop the coma and lowering the high blood pressure. Then the treatment comes to help the condition to avoid further crisis.

And what if the plan is not effective? You change to a new one. Kamala’s plan is old and has never worked. Trump, to his credit, tried a new one with the “wall” and financial threats to the targeted countries. Low and behold! It worked.

Long-term solutions are not open borders, but more flexible and humane immigration laws, that will take into account also our nation’s needs. Please stop the hypocrisy of being “sorry” for the ones that come breaking our laws. They do deserve pity, but also the same population that wait years to come legally deserves compassion.

La Gallina De Los Huevos De Oro

Había en un corral una gallina que ponía huevos de oro. Su dueño, que todas las mañanas los recogía y vendía a buen precio, díjose entonces:—Si los huevos de la gallina son de oro, las entrañas, donde se forman, deben contener oro en abundancia. Mató a la gallina creyendo hacerse rico en poco tiempo. .—¡Bien merecido tengo el chasco, pues feliz estaba con mi gallinita viva que me daba un huevo todos los días! —exclamó el ambicioso, presa de honda frustración. Esta historia enseña que la ambición sin limites nunca es buena. En la vida hay que saber valorar lo que se tiene y ser paciente, a veces la impaciencia hace tomar las peores decisiones.


Fabula de Esopo

Por los años 50 existió un País que tenía un futuro de oro.

A pesar de dificultades políticas, corrupción estatal y una democracia frecuentemente interrumpida, esta pequeña isla rivalizaba y superaba a la mayoría de otros países con más historia y población.

El pueblo gozaba de un mercado libre, donde la iniciativa personal era recompensada. Existía una clase media, que iba en aumento progresivo, compuesta principalmente de pequeños comerciantes y profesionales. La educación estaba asequible para todas las clases sociales, con instituciones que iban de caras a gratis, incluyendo las universidades.

No todo era reluciente. Aunque el racismo era ilegal, existía discriminación. A pesar que los colegios públicos y la Universidad tenían gran calidad de profesores, eran más asequibles en las ciudades y pueblos cercanos a estas. La riqueza no llegaba a todos, existiendo desde multimillonarios a extrema pobreza.

Parte del pueblo de esta afortunada isla, no estaba feliz con la rapidez del progreso y deseaban más y más rápido. El grupo de descontentos estaba compuesto en su mayor parte por personas de clase media que por ambición y/o envidia deseaban la fortuna de otros.

Esta población no consideraba que el éxito de otros pudiera deberse a que ellos tenían mas capacidad intelectual, hacían más esfuerzo o a veces más suerte.

Pensaron que podían obtener “más oro”, menos trabajo, si pudieran recibir parte de las fortunas de otros. Con la excusa de “justicia social” y “justa repartición de riquezas”, se aliaron con el diablo social/comunista que se los prometía.

Como siempre ha sucedido el oro era producido por las gallinas que lo obtenían por su sacrificio personal. Al matar las “gallinas”, se acabo el oro.

Ese pequeño país, como seria ahora si la tiranía Castrista y los que la apoyaran no hubiera existido. Esopo escribió la respuesta en su corta fabula.

Desgraciadamente vivimos en nuestra nueva patria esta misma disyuntiva. Tenemos el cuchillo listo y la gallina en nuestras manos. Repetiremos los ejemplos de los anteriores fracasos como Cuba, Venezuela y demás?



In a pen, there was a hen that laid golden eggs. Their owner, who collected and sold them every morning at a good price, then said to himself: “If the hen’s eggs are made of gold, the entrails, where they are formed, must contain gold in abundance.” He killed the hen believing he would get rich in a short time. — “I deserve this disappointment because I was happy with the live chicken that gave me an egg every day!” the ambitious exclaimed in deep frustration. This story teaches that boundless ambition is never good. In life you have to know how to value what you have and be patient, sometimes impatience makes you make the worst decisions.


Aesop’s Fable

In the 1950s there was a country that had a golden future.

Despite political difficulties, state corruption, and a frequently disrupted democracy, this small island rivaled and surpassed most other countries with more history and population.

The town enjoyed a free market, where personal initiative was rewarded. There was a middle class, which was growing progressively, composed mainly of small merchants and professionals. Education was affordable for all social classes, with institutions ranging from expensive to free, including universities.

Not everything was sparkling. Although racism was illegal, there was discrimination. Although the public schools and the University had high-quality teachers, they were more affordable in the cities and towns close to them. Wealth did not reach everyone, ranging from billionaires to extreme poverty.

Part of this fortunate island’s people were not happy with the speed of progress and wanted more and faster. The group of discontents was composed, for the most part, of middle-class people who out of ambition and/or envy desired the fortune of others.

This population did not consider that the success of others could be due to the fact that they had more intellectual capacity, made more effort, or sometimes more luck.

They thought that they could get “more gold” with less work if they could receive part of the fortunes of others. With the excuse of “social justice” and “just distribution of wealth”, they allied themselves with the social/communist devil who promised them.

As has always happened, gold was produced by chickens that obtained it through personal sacrifice. By killing the “chickens”, the gold ran out.

That small country, as it would be now if the Castroite tyranny and those who supported it had not existed. Aesop wrote the answer in his short fable.

Unfortunately, we live in our new homeland with this same dilemma. We have the knife ready and the chicken in our hands. Will we repeat the examples of the previous failures like Cuba, Venezuela, and others?

Silence Of The Lambs


Charlie: Lou, it’s Charlie Donovan with the Cleveland Indians. How would you like to manage the Indians this year?

Lou: Gee, I don’t know…

Charlie: What do you mean, you don’t know? This is a chance to manage in the big leagues.

Lou: Lemme think it over, will ya, Charlie? I got a guy on the other line about some white walls. I’ll talk to ya later.

Jake Taylor: Um, the Indians.

Chaire Holloway: Here in Cleveland? I didn’t know they still had a team!

Jake: Yup, we’ve got uniforms and everything, it’s really great

The Indians win it! The Indians win it! OH MY GOD, THE INDIANS WIN IT!

– Quotes from movie Major League

When thinking of great old movies that I would like to watch again Silence of the Lambs came to mind.

In my state of free associations, the title sent me to the many in our population that are drinking the same “kool-aid” of socialist promises that we swallowed in Cuba.

As here now, Cuba’s so-called “revolution” was erroneously labeled as being by the “poor”, when in reality it was the elite, academia, and media that made Fidel and his few followers in the mountains as “Robin Hood-like” heroes.

My loose thoughts changed to the last corporate “woke” move, to change the century-long Cleveland baseball team name and logo.

First, Indians was never meant as a derogatory name.

Columbus was seeking a shorter pathway to the east of Europe for trade and thought he had arrived in India, thus natives were called Indians.

Second, the terrible treatment towards the natives was motivated by greed and religious beliefs, not to demean them. In fact, they were seen as fearsome and valiant fighters revered by history books.

The US population that came from these original inhabitants centuries ago is not against, nor feel offended by, the terms Indian, braves, or redskins.

The so-called disturbed people are mostly ignorant manipulators and cowardly elites.

Many just prefer to be silent and follow like lambs.

But even lambs start to revolt.

“We the people” are starting to realize the dangers we face and are fighting back.

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Tom Hanks and his ridiculous message or Cleveland’s new name.

I will stay with Indians and Wahoo.

So to end this story instead of cannibalism, I watched baseball in the great sports movie starring the Cleveland Indians called Major League.

I recommend it!

Count Me As Skeptical!

If you believe the media, the Biden administration will take strong measures against the human rights abuses committed against the protesting Cuban people who are tired of 60 plus years of enslavement, started by Fidel Castro and continued with his brother Raul.

Massive demonstrations asking for freedom (Libertad) and democracy were met with an inhuman response with beatings, prison, and death for the unarmed people.

Why I am, at this time, not convinced that the stated “strong sanctions against the leaders of the repression” are going to happen. First, because Biden and his handlers are constantly making outrageous statements that they clarify are not “hyperbole”. The fact is that they are not; they really are bald-faced lies. Second, because the history of our president and staff, as prior members of the Obama administration is one of rapprochement, not toughness towards the tyrants. Third, because the words that made many believe the “hard measures”, come from tweets by Julie Chung an acting Assistant Secretary in the State Dpt. The highlights of these tweets:

“We are going to focus on applying hard-hitting sanctions on regime officials responsible for the brutal crackdown. Cuban officials responsible for violence, repression, & human rights violations against peaceful protestors in Cuba must be held accountable.”

In another tweet, Chung said:

“The United States will intensify diplomatic engagement with regional and international partners to support the aspirations of the Cuban people… We must collectively condemn the violence and repression upon the Cuban people for demanding freedom.”

Obviously, it is devoid of details, not corroborated by higher sources, and blends “hard-hitting sanctions”, with “diplomatic engagement” an obvious oxymoron. Everyone knows who the responsible leaders are. The hard posture that they falsely claim is not that hard.

Fidel responded to his malignant narcissism and even with his history as a coward, there was always the possibility that he would commit genocide if seriously threatened. The “new” leaders are fighting to maintain their power only to defend their fortunes and the capability to continue enriching themselves by the labor of the people.

Let us make this point very clear, the Cuban people are able with their ability for work, and inventive to produce enough capital to live with all their necessities that they now lack, and make the Nation, as it once was, a “jewel and example” for the world. Just look at the ones that arrived in the US looking for freedom and all that we have accomplished.

There is only one need for Cuba, freedom which starts with trade. Either a “show of force” and/or a freeze of the leaders’ millions of dollars and properties owned will suffice.

Providing food, medicines, and other necessities by our government or well-intentioned (and some not that well) only will be a palliative solution and a guarantee of continued suffering.

UPDATE: This news came after I wrote the above. Read carefully, more “smoke and mirrors” from the administration! The sanctions are worthless, but the “humanitarian assistance” only helps the rulers!

The Treasury Department blacklisted Defense Minister Álvaro López Miera and an Interior Ministry special police unit, actions imposed under sanctions powers targeting gross human rights abuses and corruption.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. sanctions are part of a broader effort that includes humanitarian assistance and building international condemnation. Thursday’s action—which bans travel and freezes any assets within U.S. jurisdiction—is intended as more of a message of censure than one expected by itself to coerce changes in Havana’s behavior, a person familiar with the matter said.

The target officials aren’t likely to travel to the U.S. and are unlikely to have accounts in the U.S. financial system.

Death Of A General

The chief of Cuba’s Eastern Military, General Agustin Peña, has died with no cause of death indicated. The information comes from the Ministry of Armed Forces (FAR) and published by the state-run news agency Prensa Latina. “During his career, he held different posts from platoon leader to company leader and tank brigade leader,” said the official statement. He was the head of the military in the provinces of Granma, Holguin, Ciego de Avila, and also was head of the Army’s logistics department.

In the closed society that is Cuba, it is hard to ascertain what is going on on a day-to-day basis. This is what undeniable facts are. Cuba in 1959 became a family tyranny led by Fidel Castro and inherited by his younger brother Raul. Communist governments always result in a small elite ruling the country with a strong army and repressive agencies to keep citizens at bay, while personally enjoying the riches produced by the same workers that they promised to liberate from “oppressive” capitalism.

Cuba was not an exception. Corruption extended to the high military command and civilian bureaucrats. Not only Cubans on the island, but all over the world, Castro became an unworthy hero. Cubans fled, or lived under miserable conditions, many still believing Castro’s placing the blame of their misfortune in others, mainly the United States.

After Fidel’s death and aging Raul’s retirement, a power vacuum was created. As the military increased their power and capital control, the population’s suffering also augmented. The inevitable people’s revolt started.

Without any overt military assistance, at least as a show of force, the repression by murder and imprisonment diminished the revolt. With a highly inept and unpopular civil face, it was obvious the military would react.

Personally, I hoped for a more moderate takeover and maybe that was what General Peña was attempting. The Cuban news agency Prensa Latina announced the General’s death as sudden, and his demise was confirmed by the Hospital. His body was to be cremated. Absent were the cause of death and/or statements or whereabouts of his family. This terse statement is now absent from their site, substituted by one by Diaz Canel as follows:

Havana, Jul 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday mourned the recent death of Division General Agustin Peña, chief of the Eastern Army, and sent his condolences to his family, friends, and combatants. On his official Twitter account, the president wrote that the news is very painful. On Saturday, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) informed on Division General Peña’s death.

It is rather obvious that his death did not have natural causes. Was he attempting a coup? What we can be certain of is that a higher authority is worried about the military command, and in Cuba’s hierarchy this order had to come from the true power in Cuba General Lopez Calleja, Raul’s son-in-law. He not only controls the military but Gaesa the corporation that handles the finances. To confuse the family situation even more, Lopez-Calleja’s nephew is rumored to have left the country a couple of days ago and issued this statement:

Carlos Alejandro Rodriguez Halley, the nephew of Division General and Cuban Communist Party Politburo member Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja, called on his family and others in power to drop their weapons and start a transition to democracy. “I make a call for harmony and for the putting down of weapons so a process to start a transition to democracy in Cuba can begin. The people have made it clear they no longer want you in power. Listen to the people,” Rodriguez Halley said on Wednesday in a video he posted on Facebook.

As my dear friend, colleague, and professor Jose Gurri used to say when hearing a difficult to diagnose patient case: “and the plot thickens”.