O.K. friends, so it appears that last March 3rd, Super Tuesday, changed the entire landscape of the Democratic party, didn’t it? Biden, you may say, rose from the ashes, much like the Phoenix mythological bird in the Greek and Roman legends, that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. On Monday, March 2nd, everyone in the planet, including yours truly, had written Biden off, for better or for worse. Then came the two Super Tuesdays, on the March 3rd and 10th respectively, to where Biden now leads the race by 154 delegates, with 864 delegates to Sanders 710.

As much as I don’t want to confuse you with the complex probabilities of what can or cannot happen, and, by the way, they are complex, I will put it to you this way, the total candidates needed to win is 1991. As of today, March 12th, there were a total of 2,129 candidates still up for grabs, come next Tuesday, March 17th, there will be 577 candidates available, with our own state of Florida carrying the biggest prize of 219 delegates.

O.K., let us do some simple math here, say that next Tuesday, Biden wins 60% of the remaining delegates, more or less the same percentage he won last Tuesday, March 11th. If that were the case, the old Communist would have to, according to my calculations, win approximately 60% of all remaining delegates – highly unlikely if you ask me, but…then again, mathematically speaking Sanders is, most definitely, not out of contention – not just yet anyways.

Besides all else, the good news is that Warren, Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Klobuchar are out of the race, meaning we don’t have to put up with any of these clowns’ tirades anymore. Thank God for that, right? So, it is a two-man race from here on out, as I write-off Tulsi Gabbard, still on the run with a measly 2 delegates, but definitely not a contender. Let’s just say, she is in it for the ride.

Now, let’s talk a little about the now beefed-up chances that Biden is the nominee instead of Sanders, how does that fair in the overall scope of things? Well, first of all, let me just say there really isn’t that much difference between Biden and Sanders if you really think about it. Let’s just say, they are both Communists, if only they each have their own style in going about it and/or admitting it publicly.

Bernie first, well, you know – out and out, a professed Communists, unmitigated Marxist throughout all his political career. Outspoken, I give the old man high marks on his honesty as far as admitting who he is, although, he goes as far as calling himself a Liberal Democrat rather than Communist – an easier sale, but still, far more willing to admit his school-of-thought as compared to all the other clowns.

Then Biden, I don’t know, but, as far as I am concerned, he is worse than Sanders in many ways, if you think about it. I will put it to you this way, like I said before, Biden as well as the rest of the pack, without exception, they are all, career Communist or Socialists as they like to disguise it, some more, some less, but they are all Marxists at heart. I think all of them, with Biden leading the pack are but a bunch of hypocrites. Think about it, compared to Sanders, well, the old man may be whatever he may be, but he stands his grounds, doesn’t he?

This Biden, character, on the other hand, comes through as the most “moderate” of all, which you can, for all I know, translate to, as [the] most “hypocrite” of them all. As far as I am concerned, [the] only reason he is ahead of Sanders, rests solely on the “hypocrisy” – as mainstream voters are picking him over Sanders strictly on a mistaken perception.

Again, Biden comes through as your quintessential establishment politician. More moderate they call him. This old swamp animal, has a lifetime aura of telling the world what they want to hear, albeit full of political innuendos, specifically catering to please the minds and egos of the ‘useful idiots’, those, you know, who don’t even know who George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were.

If you ask me about this Biden character, this is the way I read him. He, unlike Bernie is one of these romantic Communists, who don’t even know what Communism is all about, yet they all have a love for money. Matter of fact, in Biden’s case, his love for money makes him your archetypal capitalist, as proven in his quid-pro-quos, which used his son Hunter to enrich everyone in the family, including brother James now facing fraud allegations for using family ties to advance his personal business interests.

I personally find this Biden character, intellectually dull, and to make matters worse, with definite signs Alzheimer’s and /or dementia beginning to set in – leading to the unending gaffs seen throughout the campaign. Politically speaking, I think the guy is an ‘opportunist’ – a carpetbagger of sorts. To me, the fact that he was part of a Marxist administration such as was Obama’s, makes him a Marxist too, as much as he was, as far as I am concerned, Obama’s marionette. I say, this is the type of guy, who, if elected president of this nation, would most probably run the country on cruise-control, with everyone around him, with stronger personalities, telling him what or what not to do – dangerous, I may add.

Then again, notwithstanding his poetic Communism, you have to watch out for this guy, as he could probably end-up taking the country as far left as Bernie would, maybe even more. We must not forget that, regardless, in March 2009, Biden, traveled to Chile to meet with Communist Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet and Brazil’s pro-Communist president Lula da Silva. This is the type of guy who does things only because it is the politically correct thing to do at the moment – scary, if you will, only because who knows where he could take the nation at any given point in time, depending on which way the wind was blowing.

Bottom line, whether it be Bernie or sleepy Joe, as Trump likes to call him, either one, I don’t think neither one is a match for Trump, come November. My problem is, what is in store for this great nation considering the fact that today’s Democratic Party, might just as well be called the Communist Party – then again, that is the subject of my next video which I shall be publishing very shortly. For now friends, let’s just say, we are on safe grounds, all the while as they [the democrats] fight it out to see who is [the] most Communist of them all and/or who is, most ardently, willing to admit to it. You go tell Bernie.


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