Root Causes

Kamala's idiotic response to the crisis on the southern border


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CAPTION: Sir, you suffering from extreme hypertension and are close to a diabetic-induced coma. I am discharging you now with my written instructions with details of what your diet and alcohol intake should be. These are the root causes of why you are near death.

Ridiculous? Well, this is exactly what our border Czarina and VP has proposed as a solution to a border crisis that has allowed close to a million illegals to be sent into our country, with a pledge to attend a hearing in the future. Then, his application for asylum will be determined.

The fact that a high percentage of them have positive tests for COVID Delta and we are in a potential return of the infection continues to be ignored!

Stopping corruption, poor governing, and their population suffering has been tried by our country for decades, with no positive results. In fact, these chronic problems can only be solved by their citizens by forcing changes. Definitely not by running away or by another nation.

So, following my satire example above, what you do first is to solve the patient’s emergency by treating his diabetes to stop the coma and lowering the high blood pressure. Then the treatment comes to help the condition to avoid further crisis.

And what if the plan is not effective? You change to a new one. Kamala’s plan is old and has never worked. Trump, to his credit, tried a new one with the “wall” and financial threats to the targeted countries. Low and behold! It worked.

Long-term solutions are not open borders, but more flexible and humane immigration laws, that will take into account also our nation’s needs. Please stop the hypocrisy of being “sorry” for the ones that come breaking our laws. They do deserve pity, but also the same population that wait years to come legally deserves compassion.


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