America Is Back, Way Back!

The Democrat party was in a conundrum. Either they surrender to the radical left and lose to what they saw as their worst enemy, or they use a façade of being bipartisan and moderate as they once used to be. They went with Joe Biden and attempt to reshape his image and past history. As an old TV program use to say “will the real Joe Biden please stand up”? Biden had always been the typical middle-of-the-road politician. Not overtly dumb, but also not too bright. On the negative side, he was known to lie to aggrandize his history, plagiarize speeches and statements as if he was the author, and having a “short fuse” when criticized by the media. On the positive side, he was always a vote available if another Senator of either party needed it. That action gave him the label of being bipartisan, but in fact so did the clerk that delivers coffee to all members, Republicans or Democrats. In a Nation rapidly being governed by career politicians that stayed in power for decades, as a form of enrichment, not “making waves” was an asset. The Democrat leaders, in their desire to keep their leadership and not have overt opposition, followed the Goldilocks principle. Biden defined the “just right” dogma and thus was promoted Biden to lead several committees. Senator Biden, even if he lacked intelligence in academic terms, was streetwise; and behind his modest and self-effacing, he allowed his family to exploit his contacts, taking a cut from their financial gains. After becoming Vice-President to the very popular Obama, for the last presidential nomination he made a logical choice by his party leaders in order to counter the socialist movement. Disregarding the how, he won the post and took over the highest position in our Nation. Instead of looking for more experience in his upcoming assessors, he formed a Cabinet from Obama’s second and third teams. He governed appearing to be mostly on his own but directed by someone, or a group yet to be known. Whatever! His first 6 months have been more disastrous than our worse expectations. Being sold to “we the people” as not Trump he totally misunderstood the meaning. Trump’s Achilles heel was his personality, thus he was supposed to be the antithesis, a uniter, level-headed substitute, not prone to emotional outbursts and/or twits. He instead dedicated himself to turn back every domestic and/or foreign policy – disregarding their effectiveness and without an appropriate substitute. With an obvious performance deficit, his actual decisions were more akin to the Democrat radicals than the middle-of-the-road actions we were sold. His latest debacle and the most dangerous was the extreme mismanagement of the planned extraction of our remaining armed forces in Afghanistan. Now, the whole world – allies and enemies – look at our country as weak and vulnerable. For a leader to appear feeble can only result, as we now face, in our friends leaving and our enemies attacking. Now what? The Democrat Party played their hand and it was a loser. From secure border to one that is now open to millions of traffickers and people from all over the world without proper vetting. From energy independence to begging the oil cartels to produce and provide us more. From a booming economy, paused by a pandemic, to a never seen spending spree, inevitable increased inflation, and now losing the World leadership and respect that we have had for over a century. The blaming Trump policy has run its course. The ruling party is looking forward to huge electoral losses. Now, back to the drawing board, they are desperately trying to change our Constitution and separation of powers by the Federal Government assuming our election process, dominating the judicial branch, and maintaining eternal control as in Venezuela, while claiming democracy. Be aware and place pressure on the few honest democrats in the Senate left, and the “weak” republicans that are such in name only. Whatever our future is dubious at best, our population changed, and our children are being brainwashed. We have to rebel, with our votes, words, and actions with or without Joe. If not, our descendants will only know of our country’s success by reading history books. Once there was Camelot…!

La Maldad Humana


Un joven de nacionalidad australiana, estudiante y deportista en la Universidad de Oklahoma, salió temprano en la mañana a correr. Con un futuro por delante y a todas luces siendo un miembro útil a la sociedad, no podía prever que este sería su último día de vida. Tres jóvenes, pasando el tiempo en el portal de una casa lo vieron y en un impulso súbito decidieron matarlo. Así lo hicieron, cazándolo como a una bestia. Después del hecho se jactaron a través de los medios sociales del gozo que sintieron. Al ser capturados, explicaron su acción como resultado de “estar aburridos”. (8/2013)

Escribí estas ideas hace 8 años refiriéndome a un terrible e inexplicable crimen. Desgraciadamente, estamos viviendo hoy en día crímenes igualmente insólitos en una frecuencia alarmante, con consecuencias que anticipe entonces.

Este hecho es una demonstración de la maldad humana en lo más primitivo de su manifestación. El ser humano nace con impulsos básicos destinados a reproducir y preservar su vida. Estos instintos mantienen la eternidad de la humanidad. Como el mundo en que vivimos es limitado, existe necesidad de mantener un equilibrio entre la vida y la muerte para así obtener el número exacto permitido por la naturaleza. Solo un Dios, creador de nuestras vidas, es capaz de instituir este balance imprescindible. El humano siempre nace diferente. Esta diferencia es obligatoria para adquirir el control del número requerido. También nacemos con biologías, sentimientos y propensiones similares que incluyen la bondad y la maldad. Todos tenemos algo que nos diferencia de los otros seres y que, a mi entender, es el arma que nos dieron para obtener el premio que nos da la vida, la felicidad. Este algo es nuestra voluntad. Todos somos potencialmente crueles o generosos, morales o inmorales. Vivimos en sociedad y obtenemos placer cuando podemos ver en otros lo que nos gusta, y nos duele cuando los demás padecen por razones que nos causan también a nosotros sufrimiento. Aunque distintas sociedades definen mal o bien de acuerdo a su cultura, todos tenemos derechos y responsabilidades individuales y capacidad de distinguir entre una acción beneficiosa y una perjudicial Una sociedad feliz, es la que está compuesta por unidades humanas responsables de sus acciones y que han aprendido desde pequeños por sus familias, educadores y/o guías religiosos, que solo se es dichoso y se cumple con el destino cuando se trabaja, se crean otros seres y se ayuda a los necesitados. Cuando las personas ceden sus vidas a otros, a cambio de satisfacciones inmediatas, es cuando la maldad se impone, el hedonismo prevalece y la sociedad se destruye. Desgracias como el nefasto evento de hace unos días, cuando ya forma parte de acciones que suceden cada vez más frecuentemente, son un síntoma de un mundo en decadencia y debe ser una voz de alerta para todos.  

English Translation:

A young Australian national, student and athlete at the University of Oklahoma, went out early in the morning for a run. With a future ahead of him and clearly a useful member of society, he couldn’t foresee that this would be his last day of life. Three young men, hanging out in the doorway of a house, saw him and on a sudden impulse decided to kill him. They did so, hunting him like a beast. After the fact, they bragged on social media about the joy they felt. When caught, they explained their action as a result of “being bored.” (8/2013)


I wrote these ideas 8 years ago referring to a terrible and inexplicable crime. Unfortunately, we are experiencing equally unusual crimes today at an alarming rate, with consequences that I anticipated then.

This deed is a demonstration of human evil in its most primitive manifestation. The human being is born with basic impulses destined to reproduce and preserve its life. These instincts maintain the survival of humanity. As the world we live in is limited, there is a need to maintain a balance between life and death in order to obtain the exact number allowed by nature. Only a God, the creator of our lives, is capable of instituting this essential balance. The human is always born different. This difference is mandatory to acquire control of the required number. We are also born with similar biologies, feelings, and propensities that include good and bad. We all have something that differentiates us from other beings and that, in my opinion, is the weapon they gave us to obtain the prize that life gives us, happiness. This something is our will. We are all potentially cruel or generous, moral or immoral. We live in society and we derive pleasure when we can see in others what we like, and it hurts us when others suffer for reasons that also cause us suffering. Although different societies define poorly or well according to their culture, we all have individual rights and responsibilities and the ability to distinguish between a beneficial action and a harmful one. A happy society is one that is composed of human beings responsible for their actions and that have been taught since childhood by their families, educators and/or religious guides, that one is happy and that destiny is fulfilled only when one works, reproduces, and help those in need. When people give their lives to others, in exchange for immediate gratification, that is when evil prevails, hedonism prevails and society is destroyed. Misfortunes such as the disastrous event a few days ago, when it is already part of actions that happen more and more frequently, are a symptom of a world in decline and should be a voice of warning for everyone.

Glad We Are Clear!

In an extremely confusing joint press conference by the spokespersons of the DPT’s of State and Defense, we found out that as of today 18 thousand persons had been flown out of Afghanistan. Who they were and how many US citizens were not clear. We have citizens, Afghans who helped us, refugees, or is it “at risk”? Impossible to ascertain. Thanks to our search ability, I found the transcript of a conversation between State and Defense… Intercepted conversation between Dpt. of State and Defense about Kabul evacuation:
State: let’s see, we have on the bags, who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third flight…. Defense: That’s what I want to find out. State: I say Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know’s on third. Defense: And you don’t know the fellows’ names? State: Well I should. Defense: Well then who’s on first? State: Yes. Defense: I mean the fellow’s name. State: Who. Defense: The guy on first. State: Who. Defense: The first flight?. State: Who. Defense: The guy flying?… State: Who is on first! Defense: I’m asking YOU who’s on first. State: That’s the man’s name. Defense: That’s who’s name? State: Yes. Defense: Well go ahead and tell me State: That’s it. Defense: That’s who? State: Yes.
Defense: Look, you gotta first flight? State: Certainly. Defense: Who’s flying first? State: That’s right. Defense: All I’m trying to find out is the fellow’s name on first plane. State: Who. Defense: All I’m trying to find out is what’s the guy’s name on first plane leaving. State: No. What is on second flight. Defense: I’m not asking you who’s on second flight! State: Who’s on first. Defense: One flight at a time, please! State: Well, don’t change the passengers around. Defense: I’m not changing nobody! State: Take it easy, buddy. Defense: I’m only asking you, who’s the guy on first flight? State: That’s right. Costello: Ok. Abbott: All right.

Glad it is now clear to all!

Deconflict And Possible Does Not Cut It!!


Possible definition: Able to be or become; potential. Having as much or as little of a specified quality as can be achieved.

That may exist or happen, but that is not certain or probable.

Conflict definition: Refers to a sharp disagreement or collision as in interests or ideas and emphasizes the process rather than the end [the conflict over slavery];

Fight: a rather general word for any contest, struggle, or quarrel, stresses physical or hand-to-hand combat

Struggle: implies great effort or violent exertion, physical or otherwise [the struggle for existence]

Contention: most frequently applies to heated verbal strife, or dispute [religious contention broke out]

Contest: refers to a struggle, either friendly or hostile, for supremacy in some matter [athletic contests, a contest of wits.]

The stated future actions expressed by the Assistant Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chair of the Joint Chiefs left much to be desired. We the people hoped that they would be the ones to explain what the plan was to get our American citizens and our Afghan allies out of harm’s way. Everyone was extremely disappointed with our president Biden’s reasoning and expressing his responsibility using Truman’s “the buck”, as if it were a train that made multiple stops before arriving at the final and only destination. Our Vice-president remains AWOL accompanying our Secretary of State. Finally, we heard the main tactics to be utilized consisted of “deconflicting” and doing as much as “possible” to achieve our mission. I cannot fathom a weaker form of confronting a cruel and radical opponent. Chamberlain in his appeasement of Hitler sounded tougher than them. You should explain clearly to the Taliban thugs, that if they would not allow safe passage for our troops to pick up our people they WOULD have a conflict in their hands against the full power of our armed forces, and that “not possible” is NOT an option! So much for “America is back”, and supporting NATO. We have shown ourselves as weak, cowardly, incapable fools and Europe is already strongly criticizing us, but internally thinking “if Trump would only be the President!” Do you miss him yet? Even with his personality flaws, or maybe “because of”, the words deconflict and possible would not have been symbols of our needed measures.

Who Is Minding The Store?


Mind the store: To take charge in someone’s absence. This phrase, dating from about 1920, originally meant literally taking over the business of a store when the owner was temporarily away. Later it was expanded to more general usage, as in:

“She’s on sabbatical leave this semester, so Professor Jones is minding the store.”

There is something very strange happening in our government’s leadership. It has become apparent in this latest of many crises that President Biden, either by capability or design, is not fully in charge. The crucial question is: who is then? Never before in our history, a President goes and stays on vacation in a time when American lives are at stake in a foreign country. Decisions and potential military actions might be needed and our President has as his main duty to protect our country’s citizens. This requires a physical presence and constant meetings with top advisors. Being on vacation is NOT an option. Even if it were, he would demand a continued physical attendance of his staff. After a brief report to the Nation that ended with Truman’s slogan “the buck stops here”, he rapidly went back to Camp David’s vacation resort. Important to note, that in his speech before assuming responsibility, he blamed Trump, the Afghan army, military and civil leaders, the population, among others. So basically the buck had many more stops before arriving at his office. We could think positively and say that Camp Davis has facilities equal to the White House, but the picture above tells a different and sad story. A real Commander in Chief should be physically surrounded by his top people. His being instructed via zoom does not suffice, it just proves the point that he is not making the decisions in these extremely dangerous times. Who is then? Not our VP, who is also AWOL, and has proven when tasked to solve problems as not up to the undertaking. Not the Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen Mark Milley that has been totally occupied by the analysis of his “white rage”. Not the Secretaries of State and Defense that have shown in their TV appearances incapable of delivering a clear message. Are we being led by a consortium of billionaire executives that are looking at China as their future? In fact, presently China has surpassed the US in its military force and is close to doing so in their economy. Also, even with the censorship of the mainstream and social media, there is clear evidence that they possess damming information on the Biden family, including Joe. I really do not know, but it is the time for “we the people” to be wary and vigilant. 2022 elections might be our last opportunity to correct our present pathway to submission. God help us!


Aug 16, 2020 ·

“One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up,’” Politico reported. “Speaking of his own waning understanding of today’s Democratic electorate, especially in Iowa, Obama told one 2020 candidate: ‘And you know who really doesn’t have it?


Gates, secretary of defense by former President George W. Bush in 2006 and retained by former President Barack Obama until 2011, chronicling his time as defense secretary, said Biden had been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”


Biden went on to say that adequate forces and equipment were already in place, adding that he intended for the United States to continue to aid the Afghan government — just not with boots on the ground. One reporter asked whether a Taliban takeover was inevitable once U.S. forces cleared the region, and Biden said it was not. “No, it is not, because the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped — as well-equipped as any army in the world — and an air force against something like 75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable”

What has and is happening in Afghanistan with the rapid departure of our remaining troops and most important, discontinuing our intelligence and air support to that Nation’s army is nothing short of disgraceful. As such it will be part of our history as a dark passage of our foreign policy. Many factors and decisions have contributed to this takeover of a country by a band of inhuman killers that will share power with our sworn enemies of Al Qaeda, Isis, and Nations like Iran, China, and Russia. Politics aside, this tragedy happened under the mandate and instruction of our President Joe Biden. He, as noted above, has never been able to prove his reputation as a foreign policy expert. So, it was with great interest that I watched his public appearance this afternoon. “Better late than never,” I thought hoping to hear some valid reasons for his actions and an assumption of responsibility. After all, this is the credo of every noted statesman. Of course, as I truly expected it was not. His first tirade was to blame others including Afghan’s army and leadership, his advisers, and, as usual, former president Trump. Then he criticized the war, our prolonged stay, and late departure, not emphasizing the ordeal was launched by his Obama/Biden administration as the “real needed war” vis a vis Iraq. Then he justified his actions with the rationale of needing to return the troops back to our country. This was baffling, as this was the same as Trump’s plan that he had just disapproved of. The only, but most important difference, was that in his hurry to outdo Trump; he hurried the withdrawal to an extent that surprised many, mostly the Afghan army and leaders. This army he now blames as cowardly has been successfully holding up against the Taliban with the US only adding air, logistical, and intelligence support. In short, it was not the plan that failed but the execution. On this, he has only himself to blame as his attempt to justify it because of faulty intelligence or Army leaders’ advice was strongly denied and refuted by them. In fact, they warned that a rapid withdrawal would indeed bring the chaos, we are now living. After the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, an action that Biden objected to, and the elimination of the first Taliban regime, did we need to stay? Was the neoconservative ideology of “nation-building” wrong? Were both the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars necessary? These are legitimate questions, but at present the recent actions backfired, should be condemned, and responsibility assumed by the ones who decided on it. Now we can only hope that the thousands of our citizens and allies that are still in situ are able to evacuate without further loss of life.