Texas Abortion Law VS Planned Parenthood


SCOTUS decision in 1973:


Roe V Wade: The Court held that a woman’s right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy (recognized in Griswold v. Connecticut) protected by the Fourteenth Amendment. The decision gave a woman a right to abortion during the entirety of the pregnancy and defined different levels of state interest for regulating abortion in the second and third trimesters.


Justice William Rehnquist dissenting opinion, “the Court necessarily has had to find within the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment a right that was apparently completely unknown to the drafters of the Amendment.”


14th amendment of the Constitution (1868)


Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The recently enacted Texas law making abortion after the fetus develops a heartbeat (approximately 6 weeks), has a unique presentation. Instead of the State’s law enforcement being the watchdogs of the implementation, this task is left to the citizens who would receive financial compensation for denouncing the lawbreakers. This was a unique way to challenge the established Roe vs. Wade law. This law, even if you approve the result of it was flawed in its justification. Even the late SCOTUS brilliant liberal Justice Ginsburg said so. Regardless ROE vs. Wade has stood every challenge made against it by the so-called Pro-Life movement. Planned Parenthood, which is heavily financed by the government and private institutions, was created to practice Eugenics, a form of “purifying humans by eliminating “inferior classes”. Blacks were targeted via abortions, and now even after renouncing the past abhorrent practice and in the guise of “women’s health” the majority of abortions continued to be of future black lives. In fact, there are more blacks aborted than the ones born. This racist act is never called as such by our anti-racist movements and falls in the category of the black lives that “don’t matter”. SCOTUS opposite of MSM headlines did not judge the legality of the law. Planned Parenthood asked for an expedited ruling by SCOTUS which they denied because there was no precedent to make a judgment. They only sent the decision back to the lower courts to decide on its constitutionality. To wit:
But in a brief ruling issued on Wednesday, a majority of the Supreme Court’s justices disagreed. The ruling stated that abortion providers “raised serious questions regarding the constitutionality of the Texas law,” but did not adequately address “complex and novel” procedural questions presented by the case. Additionally, the court did acknowledge, “This order is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas’s law, and in no way limits other procedurally proper challenges to the Texas law, including in Texas state courts.”
Obviously, I am in favor of women’s, like everyone’s, rights, health, and liberty. I resent and object to the idea that because I consider abortion on demand a crime that makes me against these important principles. Why do I consider abortion on demand a crime? Because I believe, as do many in my field, that life starts at conception and not at birth. No one disputes the notion that at conception all the factors necessary for life are present. If you, like I, agree on this premise you will also support the notion that the right of anyone to choose does not allow murder. Another premise that I consider a false concept is the labeling of the right of women to stop the formation of another human life a health issue. I agree with the tough decision that has to be made when both the life of the mother and the newborn are threatened, and cases of rape and/or incest are present. Personally, I agree with the view that consideration for aborting is justified. On the other hand, abortion on demand is, if health is to be considered, an impediment to well-being, both physically because even if rare there are complications, but mostly because of the psychological permanent damage that it causes. On the more complex issue of abortion being a constitutional right, we would have to start with the Roe V Wade decision that interpreted the first item of the 14th amendment very, in my opinion, broadly to mean a right to privacy and abortion part of that right. All these interpretations are deducted from a simple sentence that includes the word liberty, highlighted above, of that amendment that was originally intended to assure the full rights as citizens of the prior slaves. Calling the latest ruling, a challenge to existing abortion law is not only premature but false. It only stops the “emergency” asked for decision and advises starting with lower courts as is the norm. If our Supreme Court is compelled to make rulings by interpreting the Constitution using a political prism, the arbiter of our separation of powers will be no longer, and the country would be subjected to the dangers that either the congress or the executive could be the sole branch to dictate our destiny. In the ambition of one political party, it is clear that their desire to federalize our election laws is in order to assure the victory of their candidates in the legislative and executive branches. If that happens, only SCOTUS would be in the way of a one-party rule Nation. Misinterpreting the recent decision gives them ammo for their call to “pack” the Court and stop the Senate’s filibuster. That would be the end of our Country and our forefather’s dreams!

My Heart Aches


A woman who cradled a baby in her arms at the airport and posted on social media that she loved her job. A young husband with a child on the way. Another man who always wanted to be in the military. A man who planned to become a sheriff’s deputy when his deployment ended. Heart-wrenching details have emerged about some of the 13 U.S. troops killed in a horrific suicide bombing at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport, which also claimed the lives of more than 160 Afghans. Eleven Marines, one Navy sailor and one Army soldier were among the dead, while 18 other U.S. service members were wounded in Thursday’s bombing.

I know you well! For two-thirds of my professional career I was privileged to lead a group of dedicated persons, many veterans themselves, to try and make bearable the inevitable scars that body and soul suffer while serving in the Armed Forces. I know you well! I know for a fact that any action by you or any of your mates is suffered by all. You taught me that as soon as you placed the US uniform on, you ceased to be an individual, to become just a part of a bigger self, your unit, your service branch, the other branches, the purpose of being, and the duty given by God as protector of your Nation and its values. I know you well! Any act of heroism, sacrifice, wound, and even death was felt by all as you were part of it as well. I have to thank all of you that I met, as you gave my life purpose and an example of dedication, patriotism, and self-sacrifice that not many others achieve. This is why, watching the bodies of the 13 latest of you that lost their youth and future for the rest of us, my heart aches and eyes tear. If only, at least in this day of mourning we could all follow your example and be just a small part of one, regardless of skin color, gender, beliefs, and politics some achievement could be felt. Because you taught me the facts, we are all different cells that form a body. And only this union could survive and will fight against any attempt to divide us. We live as one, and die as one! SEMPER FIDELIS!

The Fall Of A Country


Once your leaders, sir, persuades you to believe what your intelligence declares to be absurd, beware lest you likewise sacrifice your reason in the conduct of your life. In days gone by, there were people who said to us: “You believe in incomprehensible, contradictory, and impossible things because we have commanded you to; now then, commit unjust acts because we likewise order you to do so.” Nothing could be more convincing.Certainly, anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. If you do not use the intelligence with which God endowed your mind to resist believing impossibilities, you will not be able to use the sense of injustice that God planted in your heart to resist a command to do evil. Once a single faculty of your soul has been tyrannized, all the other faculties will submit to the same fate. This has been the cause of all the crimes that have flooded the earth. – Voltaire (adapted)

Our forefather’s ideology that culminated in a new form of governance and a Nation that became the indisputable leader of the world was influenced by the so-called “enlightened” philosophers from France, like Voltaire, and England’s Locke. Basically, the end game had to have the principles of individual freedom of speech, religion, property ownership, and separation of church of State. A few nights ago, when talking with my nephew, who has great historical knowledge, we discussed the eventual fall of Empires as they related to our obvious decline. He mentioned a quote from Voltaire appropriate to our thoughts. When looking for the quote I found the one shown above. The original intent was about religious oppression, but by changing just two words, in my opinion, describes to a T what we are presently facing. What better way to describe “woke”, CRT, Transgender ruse, climate change caused by humans, mainly “we the people” in the US, accept what to read, write, teach, which sports logos to use, and so forth”, than what he wrote over two centuries ago; To believe what your intelligence declares to be absurd! Just to chose one absurdity, close to my heart, and offensive to my knowledge, one that I warned off more than a decade ago. I am referring to the elimination of separate genders as define by our anatomy and purpose as man and woman! As absurd as this idea is, it is believed by many, and if one dares to state facts, it provokes censorship and even loss of employment. A few days ago I read about a woman protesting the attempt to body search her “transgender” teenager. Let us be very clear! There are no transgender teenagers, there are no transgender children, and in fact, there is no transgender malady. The word is a made-up term that includes more than two dozen behaviors, some like homosexuality potentially genetic, and many other behaviors in the realm of psychological disorders and even a few borderline perversions. What many assume the term means is Transsexuality (a change of gender-defining anatomy), now called by the “politically correct crowd” of the APA Gender Dysphoria (a bothersome feeling about your gender), caused as the stats show, for another reason other than transsexual in over 99% of the cases. Of every child that might be part of the 0.05% prevalence of a true transsexual, only observation is needed, most resolve at adolescence or after completion of sexual maturity. Definitely NOT a problem that affects society. Why I ask, this now popular malady was not a problem before? Resuming my thoughts I will have to use again Voltaire’s words to give a reasonable explanation of what we, as a society, are going through and why it could mean the beginning of the end of the fall of our country’s world prevalence. Once a single faculty of your soul has been tyrannized, all the other faculties will submit to the same fate.

Afghanistan – Anatomy of a Debacle

I take pride in dedicating my narrative today to the 13 men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation in Afghanistan – their pictures heading this article. At this time, I would like to warn you, today’s dissertation is lengthy, so, with all due respects, if you happen to be one who prefers short and/or brief narratives, this one is certainly not for you. My only reason for over-extending today’s plot, is relative to my compelling and overwhelming need to pay tribute to the fallen American heroes, who’s legacy, I venture to say, will go down in our history books as a nothing less than a landmark moment -one which you and I are, hesitantly, a part of. Such a momentous occasion, I thought, could not and should not be compromised by any limitations in all that I feel obliged to share with you as testament to the events that led to the untimely death of our service men and women. As you may have observed, in the aftermath of the suicide bombing that yielded the deaths of these 12 brave American marines and 1 Navy Medic, in Kabul, Afghanistan, while in a recent public appearance, Joe Biden did not hesitate to try and lay blame for the Afghanistan fiasco on Donald Trump – the usual and customary “blame-game” that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are so used to playing anytime that something goes terribly wrong. As I fear that some of you may have mistakenly taken Biden’s words for face value, I thought I owed it to myself and to you all to give you my humble rendition of the events leading to embarrassing debacle in Afghanistan, albeit one of the darkest chapters in the political history of this nation. As part of this endeavor, I thought it would be best to start with some historic prefacing to this week’s tragedy as follows. So, America’s war in Afghanistan began following the terrorist attack to the United States on September 11, 2001. The objective, back in the day, as simple as retaliating against Osama Bin Laden and his jihadist terrorist organization al-Qaeda known to be the perpetrators of the 9-11 attack. At the time also, U.S. intelligence knew that Afghanistan was home to some of the world’s leading terrorist groups which included al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and other Islamic extremist organizations pledging to destroy the West’s superpower, their supreme enemy, the United States of America. Yes, the U.S., it’s NATO allies and, for that matter, the world knew that Afghanistan, simply put, was a beehive of Islamic extremists– a compilation of jihadist fanatics composed by the worse of the worse. Meantime, as we all know by now, politics and politicians are, and have always been, for the most part, one of the if not [the] dirtiest of all professions – bar none. Wars, to most policymakers is looked upon a chess game –played mostly as it relates to polls and public opinion; much more so than the righteous causes typically sold in the arena of public opinion. I dare say, the war in Afghanistan typifies and is the quintessential example of the political game I am taking about. And, like they say, the proof is in the pudding. After twenty years, trillions of dollars spent, and thousands of lives sacrificed in the name of political righteousness, just look at what we have to show for at the end of twenty years. I will spare you the very intricate details of it all. But just think about it for a moment, the Afghanistan war has been and is, to this day, the longest- war ever in U.S. history. Interestingly, this war has been survived by four consecutive presidents, to wit, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now Joe Biden. Ironically too, one can readily surmise that, for the most part, the Afghanistan war has been, a bi-partisan blunder of sorts, with a 50/50 split of the blame between two Republicans and two Democratic Commanders in Chief – not usually the case Peculiarly also, if you look back at this 20-year-old conflict, you can summarily begin to associate the political footprints left behind by each of the Presidents as they all dealt with the war relative to their political vantage point during their terms in office. The gauge and/or measure of U.S. involvement in this war, simply put, always relative or measurable by the extent of our presence in the region. For instance, by 2005, under the Bush administration, there was a total of 20,000 men and women from all our armed forces. In 2008, within weeks of taking office, Obama up the ante and ordered an additional 20,000 more troops bringing the total to about 40,000. By 2009, amidst a series of setbacks, and a deteriorating situation, including but not limited to a resilient and growing insurgency, Obama’s Commander of the International Security [ISAF] warned the administration of the seriousness of the situation. Soon thereafter, the Commander’s assessment leaked to the public fueling a perception that Obama’s policies in Afghanistan were failing – a perception which ultimately led Obama to order another surge, this time of 30,000 troops for an all-time high of 70,000. This number was, as you may expect, far and above what was really needed or necessary to accomplish a mission originally perceived solely as a deterrent to terrorist activities – a counterterrorist ensemble for which certainly 70,000 troops was outrageously high and unnecessary to say the least. Fast forward now to May 2nd, 2011, the day Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. Hypothetically, if you think about it, Bin Laden’s death, together with what appeared a renewed stabilized region, where terrorist organizations such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and others had, presumably, repatriated, seeking refuge in new safe heavens such as Pakistan, were all reasons to believe it was time for the U.S. to bring back their troops – this rationale, nonetheless, contingent and subject to the homeland’s public opinion polls guiding and/or directing whatever lay ahead . As far as Afghanistan was concerned, resurgence of terrorist organizations was in the form of unorganized clusters of insurgents, which everyone agreed did not pose any major military threats. By then, as they say, perceptions had become realities. To many, Obama included, the time was ripe to begin withdrawing our troops. Ostensibly, by 2011, just prior to Obama’s bid for a second presidential term, public opinion on the war, once vastly supported by most Americans, began to reveal that numbers in terms of war-advocates and supporters had dwindled some as the U.N., hesitantly reported that “the Afghan districts under insurgent control had greatly decreased.” Quickly thereafter, Obama announced his intent to begin winding down our presence in Afghanistan – a withdrawal of our troops which, to many, had no military logic whatsoever, if yet, Obama decided to follow-through inasmuch as he smartly sought to do it for his own personal political gain. Enter Donald Trump into the 20-year-old dilemma. Trump, as we all know, had campaigned, and had promised to end the war in Afghanistan if elected president, notwithstanding however his hawkish rhetoric against “the radical Islamic terrorists”. While at first, following the advice of his National Security Adviser and his Defense Secretary, McMaster and Mattis respectively, Trump began repudiating any talks of withdrawal and vowed to win the war pledging for a modest increase in troop numbers. Trump’s game-plan was not a return to previously used counter-insurgency strategies, but a beefed-up version of a counter-terrorism approach at first botched by Bush in 2006 and by Obama in 2012. In Trump’s quintessential role as deal-maker, he sought to strike a deal with the Taliban. Signed in Doha, Qatar on February 29th, 2020, Trump’s agreement with the Taliban called for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021. The agreement which excluded the Afghan government, also included, amongst other things, the freeing of 5,000 al-Qaeda prisoners as well as a pledge from the Taliban’s that Afghanistan would not be used as a base for attacks against the United States or its allies. Critics, to this day, argue that Trump’s agreement, lacked provisions, contingencies, and the necessary measures for enforcing the commitments made by the Taliban. Trump, on the other hand, repeatedly referred to his extemporaneous communications with the leaders of the Taliban, in which, he vouched to annihilate them if ever any Americans were in any way harmed by the terrorist cabal in the U.S’s efforts to withdraw. By the end of Trump’s term, the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan had been brought down to 2,500, so we can say that Trump did, in fact, live-up to his part of the deal. Not so, by the Taliban as, a few months after the Doha Agreement, the U.N. publicly said to have evidence that the Taliban still held close ties to al-Qaeda and that they had launched dozens of attacks in Afghanistan ramping up the violence – not surprising, I may add. Notwithstanding, the Taliban’s truthfulness or lack of it in the Doha agreement, however, and notwithstanding the public opinion’s approval and/or disapproval of Trump’s agreement, nor for that matter, yours, or my approval, we can reasonably make the argument that, yes, both Biden and Trump were, in fact, committed to withdrawing the troops. Having said that, this is precisely where all similarities between the two leaders, Biden and Trump, begin and end – the alpha and the omega. To be sure, agreement or no agreement you can be certain, assured, asserted that Donald Trump’s retreat, would have been executed in an orderly, methodical, and highly safeguarded fashion. You can rest assured that a Donald Trump, Commander-in-Chief, would have crushed, annihilated, obliterated, the Taliban or any other terrorist organizations if any of them, would have but attempted to interfere and/or in any way, shape, or form, jeopardize the U.S. withdrawal under his command. You can be certain and sure that, the slightest threat, the slightest interference to a Trump withdrawal by any terrorist organization, would have triggered, unleashed all the military might of the world’s most powerful armed forces – that I can assure you. Joe Biden, on the other hand, did exactly what he has done since he first took the office of President, to wit, do everything the precise opposite of what Donald Trump would have done as President – no more no less. And, whereas to now, Biden’s asinine decisions have had disastrous consequences for our nation, none however reaching stature of the Afghanistan debacle. To now, Joe Biden, has been able to get away, literally speaking, with murder. Not this time around though. This time is not literal, this time is real. In Biden’s pathological compulsion to do the exact opposite of what Trump would do, this time around, he messed things up badly; so bad, there is no way of measuring the ensuing repercussions that Biden’s blunder in Afghanistan will have on the future of this nation, even on the future of the world. Biden’s embarrassing, spineless, and gutless surrender has, at best, undermined our image as the leaders of the world we once were, at worse, he [Biden] has made an open invitation to all our world enemies to challenge our supremacy – to challenge our might and our leadership. Because of Joe Biden and his Afghanistan debacle, the U.S. today is a weaker and feebler nation than it was seven months back when he first took the office of president. Besides it all, my dear friends, as I look upon the pictures of the 13 noble men and women who lost their lives in this regrettable, shameful, and dishonorable surrender, I can’t help but to wonder and ask myself, was it all worth it? Was the death of these 13 heroes worth it all? Hope it was. In searching for answers that make some sense of it all, I could not help but look upon this war in retrospect and think of it as nothing less than a colossal political mistake shared by many, and the facts, I am afraid, prove me right. Think about it, after 20 years in Afghanistan, through April of this year, reports estimate that up to 241,000 people died in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a direct result of the war. The war cost the lives of 2,442 U.S troops, six DoD civilians, 3,936 U.S. contractors and 1,144 allied troops. Between 66,000 and 69,000 Afghan national military members and police lost their lives, as well as another 9,314 Pakistani troops and police. More than 71,000 civilians — roughly 47,000 in Afghanistan and 24,000 in Pakistan — died, according to the report. The report also says that about 136 journalists and media workers, and 549 humanitarian workers, also died in the war. In addition to all the loss of life, the actual costs of this twenty-years-old war are staggering. As much as it is will be hard to come up with a realistic total of expenditures in this Afghanistan extravaganza, for now the price tag, is estimated at approximately $2.6 trillion dollars and counting. So, what do we have to show for it all? What we have to show for it, is a country, a nation, under the command, the control, the rule of, of all things, of a tribal alliance of some of the most despicable, disgraceful, and contemptible people in the face of the earth – the very same animals that started it all. We have, a country, a nation, which, in twenty years after-the-fact, is still, incapable of fending for themselves against the insurgents; a nation which, after twenty years is incapable, unable, to sustain their own military and security forces, even though the U.S. provided them with an estimated $83 billion dollars’ worth of training and equipment. We have a nation with a runaway coward President who, like Biden, chose to cowardly run rather than fight for his country. As if this was not enough, we have a nation, a country now ruled, presided, by a rogue band of U.S. haters, who, courtesy of Joe Biden and company were willed, free of charge, billions of dollars in priceless, state-of-the-art, strategic-intelligence equipment, military assets, weaponries, or otherwise all kinds of armaments, which they will, eventually, use to kill more Americans. In summary, I personally, believe, the war in Afghanistan, much the same as the wars in Iraq and Vietnam, all, individually and combined have been nothing short than a waste of lives and a waste of taxpayers’ money, with nothing to show for despite it all. I will not hide my feelings of resentment for the denigrating, disparaging, and vilifying games that our politicians and policymakers from both sides of the aisle have dared play over the years while engaging us in these wars; in these exercises in futility at the expense of the thousands of Americans who have lost their lives, who have been maimed or mutilated, both physically and emotionally as a result of the war games that our men and women in Washington have played for their own self-serving interest as they climbed their political ladders -as they sought to be re-elected in their dirty roles pretending to defend the national interests of this nation and those of every American. In closing, dear friends, followers, fellow-Americans, on behalf of all who have died in America’s useless wars; on behalf of the families, relatives, friends of all who have perished fighting these wars, a byproduct of men, who, like Joe Biden, epitomize, embody and personify the essence of the worse this great country has to offer; the very worse of what politics and politicians are all about, I beg you all to please join-in an effort to redeem this great nation from the hurt, the physical and emotional damage that men like Joe Biden have caused to this great nation. In the person of Joe Biden and this administration you find the absolute worse of what America and Americans can expect from their government. On behalf of the 13 heroes who sacrificed their lives because of Joe Biden, I ask everyone in America to hold Joe Biden and his administration accountable, responsible, liable for the deaths of the Afghanistan heroes, including but not limited to all who will be left behind. On behalf of the 13 noble men and women we lost, on their behalf I ask everyone to join-in to impeach Joe Biden for dereliction of his duties as Commander-In-Chief of our nation – for his unforgivable betrayal to all that our nation stands for. God be with our fallen heroes, their families, relatives, and friends – God bless our glorious United States of America.

America Is Back, Way Back!

The Democrat party was in a conundrum. Either they surrender to the radical left and lose to what they saw as their worst enemy, or they use a façade of being bipartisan and moderate as they once used to be. They went with Joe Biden and attempt to reshape his image and past history. As an old TV program use to say “will the real Joe Biden please stand up”? Biden had always been the typical middle-of-the-road politician. Not overtly dumb, but also not too bright. On the negative side, he was known to lie to aggrandize his history, plagiarize speeches and statements as if he was the author, and having a “short fuse” when criticized by the media. On the positive side, he was always a vote available if another Senator of either party needed it. That action gave him the label of being bipartisan, but in fact so did the clerk that delivers coffee to all members, Republicans or Democrats. In a Nation rapidly being governed by career politicians that stayed in power for decades, as a form of enrichment, not “making waves” was an asset. The Democrat leaders, in their desire to keep their leadership and not have overt opposition, followed the Goldilocks principle. Biden defined the “just right” dogma and thus was promoted Biden to lead several committees. Senator Biden, even if he lacked intelligence in academic terms, was streetwise; and behind his modest and self-effacing, he allowed his family to exploit his contacts, taking a cut from their financial gains. After becoming Vice-President to the very popular Obama, for the last presidential nomination he made a logical choice by his party leaders in order to counter the socialist movement. Disregarding the how, he won the post and took over the highest position in our Nation. Instead of looking for more experience in his upcoming assessors, he formed a Cabinet from Obama’s second and third teams. He governed appearing to be mostly on his own but directed by someone, or a group yet to be known. Whatever! His first 6 months have been more disastrous than our worse expectations. Being sold to “we the people” as not Trump he totally misunderstood the meaning. Trump’s Achilles heel was his personality, thus he was supposed to be the antithesis, a uniter, level-headed substitute, not prone to emotional outbursts and/or twits. He instead dedicated himself to turn back every domestic and/or foreign policy – disregarding their effectiveness and without an appropriate substitute. With an obvious performance deficit, his actual decisions were more akin to the Democrat radicals than the middle-of-the-road actions we were sold. His latest debacle and the most dangerous was the extreme mismanagement of the planned extraction of our remaining armed forces in Afghanistan. Now, the whole world – allies and enemies – look at our country as weak and vulnerable. For a leader to appear feeble can only result, as we now face, in our friends leaving and our enemies attacking. Now what? The Democrat Party played their hand and it was a loser. From secure border to one that is now open to millions of traffickers and people from all over the world without proper vetting. From energy independence to begging the oil cartels to produce and provide us more. From a booming economy, paused by a pandemic, to a never seen spending spree, inevitable increased inflation, and now losing the World leadership and respect that we have had for over a century. The blaming Trump policy has run its course. The ruling party is looking forward to huge electoral losses. Now, back to the drawing board, they are desperately trying to change our Constitution and separation of powers by the Federal Government assuming our election process, dominating the judicial branch, and maintaining eternal control as in Venezuela, while claiming democracy. Be aware and place pressure on the few honest democrats in the Senate left, and the “weak” republicans that are such in name only. Whatever our future is dubious at best, our population changed, and our children are being brainwashed. We have to rebel, with our votes, words, and actions with or without Joe. If not, our descendants will only know of our country’s success by reading history books. Once there was Camelot…!

La Maldad Humana


Un joven de nacionalidad australiana, estudiante y deportista en la Universidad de Oklahoma, salió temprano en la mañana a correr. Con un futuro por delante y a todas luces siendo un miembro útil a la sociedad, no podía prever que este sería su último día de vida. Tres jóvenes, pasando el tiempo en el portal de una casa lo vieron y en un impulso súbito decidieron matarlo. Así lo hicieron, cazándolo como a una bestia. Después del hecho se jactaron a través de los medios sociales del gozo que sintieron. Al ser capturados, explicaron su acción como resultado de “estar aburridos”. (8/2013)

Escribí estas ideas hace 8 años refiriéndome a un terrible e inexplicable crimen. Desgraciadamente, estamos viviendo hoy en día crímenes igualmente insólitos en una frecuencia alarmante, con consecuencias que anticipe entonces.

Este hecho es una demonstración de la maldad humana en lo más primitivo de su manifestación. El ser humano nace con impulsos básicos destinados a reproducir y preservar su vida. Estos instintos mantienen la eternidad de la humanidad. Como el mundo en que vivimos es limitado, existe necesidad de mantener un equilibrio entre la vida y la muerte para así obtener el número exacto permitido por la naturaleza. Solo un Dios, creador de nuestras vidas, es capaz de instituir este balance imprescindible. El humano siempre nace diferente. Esta diferencia es obligatoria para adquirir el control del número requerido. También nacemos con biologías, sentimientos y propensiones similares que incluyen la bondad y la maldad. Todos tenemos algo que nos diferencia de los otros seres y que, a mi entender, es el arma que nos dieron para obtener el premio que nos da la vida, la felicidad. Este algo es nuestra voluntad. Todos somos potencialmente crueles o generosos, morales o inmorales. Vivimos en sociedad y obtenemos placer cuando podemos ver en otros lo que nos gusta, y nos duele cuando los demás padecen por razones que nos causan también a nosotros sufrimiento. Aunque distintas sociedades definen mal o bien de acuerdo a su cultura, todos tenemos derechos y responsabilidades individuales y capacidad de distinguir entre una acción beneficiosa y una perjudicial Una sociedad feliz, es la que está compuesta por unidades humanas responsables de sus acciones y que han aprendido desde pequeños por sus familias, educadores y/o guías religiosos, que solo se es dichoso y se cumple con el destino cuando se trabaja, se crean otros seres y se ayuda a los necesitados. Cuando las personas ceden sus vidas a otros, a cambio de satisfacciones inmediatas, es cuando la maldad se impone, el hedonismo prevalece y la sociedad se destruye. Desgracias como el nefasto evento de hace unos días, cuando ya forma parte de acciones que suceden cada vez más frecuentemente, son un síntoma de un mundo en decadencia y debe ser una voz de alerta para todos.  

English Translation:

A young Australian national, student and athlete at the University of Oklahoma, went out early in the morning for a run. With a future ahead of him and clearly a useful member of society, he couldn’t foresee that this would be his last day of life. Three young men, hanging out in the doorway of a house, saw him and on a sudden impulse decided to kill him. They did so, hunting him like a beast. After the fact, they bragged on social media about the joy they felt. When caught, they explained their action as a result of “being bored.” (8/2013)


I wrote these ideas 8 years ago referring to a terrible and inexplicable crime. Unfortunately, we are experiencing equally unusual crimes today at an alarming rate, with consequences that I anticipated then.

This deed is a demonstration of human evil in its most primitive manifestation. The human being is born with basic impulses destined to reproduce and preserve its life. These instincts maintain the survival of humanity. As the world we live in is limited, there is a need to maintain a balance between life and death in order to obtain the exact number allowed by nature. Only a God, the creator of our lives, is capable of instituting this essential balance. The human is always born different. This difference is mandatory to acquire control of the required number. We are also born with similar biologies, feelings, and propensities that include good and bad. We all have something that differentiates us from other beings and that, in my opinion, is the weapon they gave us to obtain the prize that life gives us, happiness. This something is our will. We are all potentially cruel or generous, moral or immoral. We live in society and we derive pleasure when we can see in others what we like, and it hurts us when others suffer for reasons that also cause us suffering. Although different societies define poorly or well according to their culture, we all have individual rights and responsibilities and the ability to distinguish between a beneficial action and a harmful one. A happy society is one that is composed of human beings responsible for their actions and that have been taught since childhood by their families, educators and/or religious guides, that one is happy and that destiny is fulfilled only when one works, reproduces, and help those in need. When people give their lives to others, in exchange for immediate gratification, that is when evil prevails, hedonism prevails and society is destroyed. Misfortunes such as the disastrous event a few days ago, when it is already part of actions that happen more and more frequently, are a symptom of a world in decline and should be a voice of warning for everyone.