A Quick Look at the 2024 Elections

The Empire is destined to collapse with four more years of the Marxist Revolution that is now presiding the Republic


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Yes, guess we can all agree on the paramount relevance of the 2024 Presidential elections. There are not enough words to describe the momentousness of who will be the next President of this great nation. The choices are relatively simple. We either keep Democrats in the White House, or we do not. If we do, be it Biden or be it whomever else, another four years of the same, simply put, could spell the real end of the United States, including but not limited to the possible start of WWIII, which could, in turn, lead us into Armageddon – the generic term that refers to any end of the world scenario. Mind you, this is not hyperbole.

Given the magnitude of what is at stake, I contend that the surest way to reassure us of a Republican victory in 2024, would be a dream-team combination of Donald Trump / Joe DeSantis ticket, which, if you really think about it, would be almost unbeatable. I do not think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that a Trump / DeSantis combo has the absolute best odds to get us to the promised land. And I can assure that both Trump and DeSantis are smart enough to know that and realize that, however, I can also assure you that both of these men’s pride, stand on the way of admitting to it.

Has that said, then, I ask you and myself, are both these men so proud as to allow their egos to jeopardize the future of this nation? Which is more important to them? Let us take a minute to analyze what is going on. On the one hand, you have Donald Trump who, as expected, has already started throwing punches at DeSantis with negative advertising, even though, the latter has not even officially announced his intent to run. DeSantis, on the other hand, is playing this political game while trying to keep everyone wondering, awestruck. He has not made the official announcement, yet he is trail of public appearances are all suggestive he will run. He too, has also thrown some punches back at Donald Trump.

As I see it today, the dynamics between these two guys is only helping Democrats chances to beat us again. The interaction between these two men today is only serving to spur a perception of divisiveness, of dissension, of schism in the Republican Party, which serves no good purpose other than help the enemy. No greater truism than the divide-and-conquer paradigm. And the truth is we are divided. And hate to say, unlike us, got to give it to them, they [Democrats] are not. If there is one thing about Democrats is their ability to always stand united.

While I personally have the highest regard for both Trump and DeSantis, I think both men are very wrong in the way they are handling this rather sensitive point in our history. If both these guys absolutely love our nation as much as they both claim to do, maybe they would both put aside their immense egos, and put the future of this nation, ahead of their amour-propre and their self-pride.

For Governor DeSantis, the post of Vice-President, would give him the added political expertise to be the next President after Donald Trump. For Trump, a DeSantis Vice-President, given DeSantis talents as shown in his Governorship of Florida, would make Trump’s political life as President, a lot simpler to do all that is needed to be done in the next four years to, like he says, “Make America Great Again.” Vis-à-vis, should both these guys continue along the present war path that has already started, I fear the worst in 2024.

Honestly and/or regretfully, I think my wishes for a dream-team of Trump / DeSantis, is pure wishful thinking as I do not think it will ever happen. Be it pride, be it egos, or be it stubbornness, whichever, if these two guys cannot reconcile their personal issues between now and next November 2024, the principal loser in the equation will not be either one, but will the American people, as the Empire is destined to collapse with four more years of the Marxist Revolution that is now presiding the Republic. What say you? May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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