Are you ready for our new IRS?

Time has come when “We the People” better do something to prevent the ultimate destruction of this nation.


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So…case you have not heard, on August 16th, 2022, your President, Joe Biden signed into law what they labeled the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Funding under this law will allow the IRS to increase audits on middle-class Americans by hiring 87,000 new IRS agents.

As if this was not enough, on the IRS’s job application, under the “Major Duties” section of the job description page, among other requirements, there was one that read: “Agents will carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

Now, you tell me please, if this is not your quintessential “Police State” found in every dictatorship in third-world Banana Republics, I do not know what is. Think about please, think of the hypocrisy, the double-standards, on the one hand, they, Democrats, want to take our guns away, as they claim that our owning guns is the principal reason for crime spiking all over the nation and on the other hand, they have no problem of IRS agents with guns ready to kill! Hypocrites.

It is not their defunding the police departments; it is not their minimizing sentences for felonious crimes; it is not their D.A.’s making jail sentences a revolving door for criminals; no, it is you and I exercising our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms – all the while as now they will have IRS agents carrying guns willing to use “deadly force” as needed. Deadly force? Deadly force used by government to collect our taxes? What has become of the United States a.d. [after Democrats].

As far as I am concerned, this IRS deal is one of [the] most telling signs of how far we have gone into reaching the bottom of the barrel. Every day that goes by, we have less and less of the freedoms that come with democracy.
What bothers me the most of all that is going on is how can anyone in his or her right mind, how can anyone who is not mentally retarded even consider voting for a government that is out to make the people their possession?

How can anyone that is not a masochist even think of voting again for a government which all it wants is to have complete and total control over us as well it happens in China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and all communist nations? Anyone in their right mind that votes for a re-election of Joe Biden is either very stupid, very evil, or both.
Last, yes, after they realized that what they had said in the job description about “deadly force” was an absolutely unthinkable, they did change the wording, as always, to swiftly manipulate the truth and keep it from the American People.

I am telling you folks; it cannot get any worse than what they are doing to us right before our very eyes. Time has come when “We the People” better do something to prevent the ultimate destruction. Every single American should vote Republican in 2024, whomever the candidate is. Be it Trump, DeSantis, or be it your next-door neighbor. It is either you vote Republican or be ready for an armed IRS agent come knocking on your door anytime. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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