Kamala Harris – Our Next President?

I can only imagine how much faster our free-fall would be under Kamala Harris.


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As far as the 2024 elections are concerned, amidst all the brouhaha, all the commotion, what most everyone in the nation is overlooking are the inherent dangers of another Biden presidency. No, I am not necessarily thinking of Biden’s declining cognitive abilities, his age, his absolute disastrous presidency, nor specific issues such as energy independence, inflation, border, crime, tensions in the geopolitical arena. All of these, independently and/or combined, to me are not as scary as the very real possibility of a Kamala Harris presidency.

O.K., so put it this way, the man [Biden] is now 80 years old. Meaning if he wins the presidency again, he would be 86 years-old at the end of the next presidential term in 2028. Now, let us look at the facts, today, as we speak, U.S. life expectancy has declined to 79.11 years. So, for all practical purposes, if Joe Biden is re-elected, there are more odds that he will not make it to the end of the presidency. But…even if he does, given how impaired he is today, I cannot even imagine what he would be as he gets older – we would have a decrepit, lamed President, incapable of dealing with all the demands of the most important post in the world.

Either way, this narrative is not really about a Biden presidency, all the contrary. If you think about it, given the chances that, if re-elected, he will not make it to the end, whether it be his passing or by incapacity, what this means is that every single day of the next presidency, could be an inauguration day for a Kamala Harris presidency. So, can you even entertain the idea of a Kamala Harris President of the United States of America?

Given the abundant stupidity of many in mainstream Americans, I can almost guarantee you that come election time 2024, a great majority of all the Useful Idiots that are going to vote for a Biden / Harris Democratic ticket, many of them, will not even know who Kamala Harris is, let alone what her presidency could do to our nation. Matter of fact, I can guarantee you, a vast majority of Americans, will see a Kamala Harris presidency as the shattering of the glass ceiling, as the first woman and the first Black woman to make it to the Presidency – forget whether or not she is qualified for the job. The latter is irrelevant to the masses of mental midgets that abound in the rank and file of the Democratic Party.

In summary, for me personally, I think a Biden / Harris win in 2024 would spell the real end of this nation, the crumbling of the American empire, as I don’t see Biden capable of making it to the end, and I see us with a totally dull, stupid, shortsighted, woman who made it to the Presidency strictly on the basis of “Affirmative Action” – the practice of hiring a person because of race or gender rather than qualifications. We are now on a “free-fall” with Biden – I can only imagine how much faster our free-fall would be under Kamala Harris. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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