My Humble Outlook at the 2024 Elections

A greater part of the American voting universe is composed of illiterates who cannot even spell George Washington’s name.


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I have had a lot of friends in the past few weeks, ask me how I see it or what is my outlook for the 2024 elections? And that’s precisely what today’s narrative is all about. Mind you, I happen to know there are quite a few of you out there who do not share my particular point of view. While I may rough some feathers among you, to all of you I say, I just hope that we all can agree to disagree as we need to respect other peoples’ opinions, which I will do with yours regardless.

So, right off the bat, let me preface my comments by stating precisely where I am on the elections’ dilemma. I think our starting point must be to assess where we are today – mind you, such an assessment is to be carried out with a realistic rather than an emotional outlook. We should all try and stay away from dreaming and sojourn within the boundaries of reality and/or objectivity.

In my case, figuratively speaking, I think there is a term used in the sport of tennis, the word “advantage” or “ad,” used when a player is one point from winning a game, which best describes where Democrats are, compared to Republicans in the 2024 elections. In other words, do not kid yourselves, in spite of all the polls that show Biden’s declining approval, we must not forget that this nation, as a whole, suffers from a severe case of collective masochism.

A greater part of the American voting universe is composed of illiterates who cannot even spell George Washington’s name. Another great part of that voting universe is composed of young romantic socialists, who have been brainwashed and programmed by our new Marxist / Socialist woke universities and colleges into believing that Socialism is the way of the future. Yet another great portion of the Left voting universe are Black people, who have been sold on the Democrats’ white supremacy, reverse-racist, and woke agenda, which looks upon them as Useful Idiots, exclusively for their vote. The combined influence of all these groups, just makes it that more challenging for Republicans to win in 2024.

Bottom line do not kid yourselves friends. Do not let polls and headlines distract you from reality. Take a look at the 2022 Midterm elections and what happened with the much anticipated “Red Wave” that never came. So, again, for me, today, using the tennis lingo, is “advantage Biden.” So, how can we beat Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024, or can we? What, in my humble opinion needs to happen in 2024 to have a chance at taking back the White House?

I have to believe that the very first thing that needs to happen for Republicans to have a slight or an outside chance in 2024 is, in one word is, “unity.” Vis-à-vis, if our Party does not rally behind one candidate, we are doomed. Might as well kiss the 2024 elections good-bye, and with it we can also kiss the old Constitutional Republic good-bye as well. I will leave that for another narrative though. Again, [the] word is “unity.” And, as we speak, we are anything but united. In fact, I say, we are quite disunited, divided, split. And, we have exactly 18 months from now to get it together, or else.

So, let us talk a little about “getting-it-together.” Well, I will put it to you this way, as of this writing, there are five runners-up in the Republican presidential race, to wit, ex-President Donald Trump, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, and South Carolina senator Tim Scott. Then there are a whole bunch of potential runners that are still weighing their options on whether or not to run.

Honestly and sincerely, after all is said and done, I think it will come down to just two choices, for Republicans, namely, Trump and DeSantis – the rest of them are just in it for whatever, name recognition, or whatever. So…let us talk about these two and I will give you my humble take on it. For me, if DeSantis throws his hat in the race, as he has taunted for the past six months, and, as he is expected to do next week, as far I am concerned, it is over for Republicans in 2024, unless he would come in strictly and exclusively as a running mate, as VP with Donald Trump.

Let me digress some more on why my radical assertion. First thing we all need to do, is to put aside for a just a moment our own subjective opinions on either Trump and/or DeSantis. Let us be practical and objective. Do you really think either of these men separately have a better chance of winning the Presidency than if they were to join-in as a team? I think the answer is an easy decision, is it not? That said, however, you and I know better that the chances for them to join forces are slim to none.

What will happen if they run separately, considering their alpha-male personalities, more so Trump’s, is what you will see in the end will be a war of words, to include but not limited to, belittlement, disparagement, demeaning; all of which will serve only one purpose and one purpose only, division, separation, and more dissection – precisely the opposite of what needs to happen and precisely what Democrats are counting-on to happen.

Let us take it all a step further. Three years back, right after the 2020 elections, Ron DeSantis was not in the picture at all. Back then he was not a well-known political figure. Only after the 2022 Florida Midterm did he really come to be known in the political landscape. I dare say, back in 2020, many of you we all were diehard Trumpists. We were all united back then behind a man that had proven himself to all of us, despite being the target of every witch-hunt, every hoax, and every conspiracy to destroy him – the more reasons why many of us rallied behind him, notwithstanding the fact that many also perceived him as very flawed in his personal ways, but still.

Matter of fact, in 2020, most all Republicans, me included, we all thought the 2020 elections were hacked, which, at the time made us all bond in the face of the disgrace, the scandal, and the ignominy of those elections. Since 2020, and since the events of January 6th, however, the Left’s incessant and never-ending indoctrination crusade succeeded in turning many Republicans, many Trump’s followers, and supporters against him.

Just like that, even some diehard Trumpers began to jump off the boat. Just like that, many started to believe the Left’s narrative, that, in fact, the elections were not hacked, and that Donald Trump was not as holly as we made him out to be. And so, Trump’s aura of greatness was greatly diminished with time.

All of a sudden, many Republicans did not like the way he talked, the way combed his hair, or the way he tied his shoes. And a refreshed, a younger edition of someone that offered an alternative such as Ron DeSantis, was, a welcomed opportunity for many in the Party to get off the Trump band wagon and join-in the DeSantis caravan, albeit, this was especially true for many of us here in South Florida, as we had, by this time, become true DeSantis admirers – justifiably so, I may add, considering the amazing job he had done here in Florida.

Notwithstanding DeSantis great qualifications, however, I think we all should focus more on the bigger scope of things. Can DeSantis beat Joe Biden in 2024? My gut feeling is that no, he cannot. Again, for us, down here in South Florida, the name DeSantis is a household word, but that does not mean the same holds true for the rest of the nation. I do not think that DeSantis is seasoned enough to defeat the Biden Democrat machinery. Maybe I am wrong, but that is just the way I feel about it today – speaking from my mind and not my heart.

I say, if we all look at what is at stake here, and if we can leave aside many of our own personal prejudices aside, I think that our best bet in 2024 is still Donald Trump and/or, again, a Trump/DeSantis ticket. Assuming, as I said earlier, the latter will never come to fruition, I say, watch out for all of you that have made up your minds to give your vote to Ron DeSantis. A vote for DeSantis, as far as I am concerned, can only serve to divide the Party, more so than it already is, which, by default, would guarantee us a loss in 2024 – just my humble opinion.

If anything, the Special Counsel John Durham’s report recently made public rendering Trump the victim of the greatest political witch-hunt in U.S. history should be, in and of itself, a great motivational encouragement and inspiration to rally behind Donald Trump – the man, who, in my humble opinion is [the] only chance we stand at regaining the White House and taking back the nation that was stolen from us in 2020. What say you? May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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