New Revelations on Biden’s Corruption Scheme

Latest discoveries on the Biden’s family alleged “influence peddling” scandal.


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So, in case you missed it, this morning, the House Oversight Committee led by Chair James Comer, had a press conference to share their latest discoveries on the Biden’s family alleged “influence peddling” scandal. In the publicly televised conference, the Committee said the Biden family received over $10 million dollars from foreign rogue actors, including a previously undisclosed $1 million from Romanian-linked payments.

The Committee also said that the Bidens, through Hunter and his partners had set up a complex web of LLC shell-companies, all designed to launder Biden’s dirty money. The companies were designed specifically to hide, conceal, and confuse the sources of money. The evidence obtained by the Committee was by way of subpoenas to banks who were a part of the scheme. As they say, the most prolific way to discover evidence of murky schemes is by “following the money.” To that end, the committee was able to get evidence from at least 12 banks with records relevant to the investigation.
Much of the money came from Chinese nationals and companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Let me repeat, “with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.” The Biden’s Ponzi Scheme had at least nine Biden family members receiving payments, according to committee chairperson James Comer. Among the members receiving money were “three children of the President’s son and the President’s brother.” What services could children provide to China’s Communist Party worth millions of dollars?

Since the very start of the scandal, the fake mainstream media had, all along, neglected to give any credibility to the indisputable evidence that kept surfacing, while claiming that all the monies channeled to the Biden family had been made after the end of his term as Vice-President, thus, safeguarding him, and relieving the Bidens of possible legal accountability.

On this go round however, the GOP Committee, was able to show there were, in fact, all kinds of money transfers made during Biden’s term as Vice-President. The Committee revealed in their press conference that records suggested the Biden family and their associates bear clear indication that the Biden’s received influence peddling monies from 2015 to 2017, while still active as Vice-President of the United States.

While I am not ready to bore you with all the details revealed by the Committee, suffice to say there is plenty of evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Biden, through his son Hunter and other close partners, were part of [the] biggest political scandal in U.S. history, bar none. Matter of fact, it is very plain to see that, all things considered, that, most of the monies, came from rogue foreign nationals, which also suggests that our national security interests were, indeed, compromised, which, by default has legal implications which may very well rise to the level of treason and/or treasonous offenses – this is serious matters friends.

Think of it this way, any layman, you, and I, any American, lacking the political influence of the Biden family, would have been already tried for corruption and would be serving time, as is Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort. Manafort’s alleged five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud and one count of failing to disclose a hidden foreign bank account, all pale in comparison to Biden’s scheme.

I will say this much, if you really think about all this, what is going on, is truly a reflection of just how bad it is in this new United States. It is really difficult to register the degree of chaos now prevalent in this nation. The thought alone of a President and presumed leader of the greatest nation in the world, the thought that he could be involved in an influence peddling scheme from China, Romania, Ukraine, some of our greatest foreign adversaries, is, outright [the] most shameful and most dangerous chapter in U.S. history and a most evident sign of the crumbling of the American Empire.

The fact that our old Checks and Balances, our oversight, and law-enforcement organizations, i.e., the FBI, the Dept. of Justice, and the Congress of the United States is actually participating in a cover-up designed to insulate, shield, and isolate, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and his family from any accountability is, simply said, unthinkable, unheard of. All of them should be locked up for good. This corrupt President should have been already impeached. Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal in the 70’s is like children’s play compared to what this S.O.B., his crackhead son and his family have been up to right before our very eyes.

For those of you who may be questioning, what will come next? Well, if I were a betting man, I would bet that nothing will come out of this. Absolutely nothing. What can we expect of that decrepit, also corrupt, S.O.B., Attorney General Merrick B. Garland? What can we expect of that other S.O.B., head of the FBI, Christopher A. Wray? And what can we expect from a Congress that has a Democratically controlled Senate? You really think we can expect anyone to turn against the “boss.”

While I am grateful to Chairman Comer and all members of the Oversight Committee for their truly incredible efforts in trying to bring justice in front of the American people, I say to them, under the prevailing circumstances, while Joe Biden is President and while Democrats are in control of government, scandals such as the one we are dealing with here, are just par-for-the-course. Scandals like these, are just an accepted practice under a Marxist type of regime, in which lying, corruption, dishonesty, bribery, fraud, and quid-pro-quos peddling influence are just a restatement that for Machiavellian Communism, such as that now embodied by our President, ‘the end justifies the means.’ May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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