Republicans – Our own Worst Enemy!

...getting to the point where I truly believe that we deserve a Joe Biden, we deserve a Democratic Party


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So, the definition of an eternal optimist is “a person who never gives up hope in something that they believe in.” I have always thought of myself as someone who fitted this description, that is, until now as I see our hopes of winning the elections in 2024 dwindling by the hour. Reason: our Republican Party. Except for just a few of them, like my hero Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. The rest, for the most part, are but a collection of weaklings, wimps, cowards, deserters, and turncoats. We are our own worst enemies, and we deserve a Joe Biden and a Democratic Party.

Go no further than what is happening right now in the House with the impending impeachment of Joe Biden. I, personally, think this example says it all. As recently as this last Tuesday, Republican House Speaker Kevin MaCarthy, our topmost wimp, announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Good, right?

Well, maybe not as good as we all believe it to be. Let me preface by saying that the combined evidence for impeaching Richard Nixon for high crimes and misdemeanors in the Watergate case, Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998 on grounds of perjury to a grand jury, and Donald Trump’s two impeachments, one for obstruction of Congress and the other one for incitement of insurrection, all of these individually and combined against these three former presidents, do not even come close to the insurmountable evidence now garnished against Joe Biden for offenses that may very well rise to the level of treason.

So, stop here and consider for a moment what is going on with your House wimps. Notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence on Joe Biden’s influence peddling scheme using his son Hunter as principal representative, our wimps have not been able to even come together to vote on an impeachment proceeding against Biden. Matter of fact, they instead chose to substitute a real impeachment vote for a vanilla alternative, which is conveniently labeled an “Impeachment Inquiry.” Key deceitful and distracting word here: “Inquiry.”

Please, spare me the pandering politics of the “Inquiry” instead of a real impeachment. For the record, all it would take for a true impeachment would be for House Republicans to vote along partisan lines. That is, all they would need would be simple majority of 218 votes while there are 222 House Republicans, meaning if they all voted to impeach, Democrats would not stand a chance to turn it over. So…ask you may, why have Republicans not voted to impeach instead of to inquire more? Answer is, because, unlike Democrats, some Republicans are against impeaching Biden, if you can believe that.

By the way, I am very much aware that to complete an impeachment you would need to have a trial at the Senate as well. But, I say, so what, neither Bill Clinton, nor Donald Trump were impeached by the Senate, but they both have to still, bear the burden of an impeachment by the House, regardless. Why not do the same to this corrupt President? So anyways, our head wimp, this McCarthy, opted not to have a line-vote for impeachment as doing so would unmask those House Republicans who were not in favor of impeaching Biden. By using the “inquiry” camouflage, McCarthy is actually serving two experts, trying to appease God and Satan at the same time.

What McCarthy really accomplished by pursuing the inquiry instead of the real impeachment, was to prolong an investigation which is already taking forever in spite of having more evidence than what is really needed to impeach. From a legal standpoint, by using the inquiry instead of an actual impeachment, House Republicans may actually be helping Biden and House Democrats disenfranchise the results of same on the grounds that there was not a full House vote.

To add insult to injury, up to now, House Investigating Committees could issue subpoenas and summons which were legally binding on those served, however, under this formal Inquiry, some of these subpoenas and summons may be contested on the grounds, again, that they lack a formal House vote.

Overall, our House business is pure demagoguery, pure politics, pure corruption. We are our own worst enemies, aren’t we? We are only sixteen days away from midnight September 30th, the day when Congress has to either pass all pending funding bills, or else shut down government. Speaker McCarthy, together with our Senate Minority Leader relic, Mitch McConnell, could, theoretically speaking, both use a “shutdown” as leverage for stopping Democrats’ out-of-control expenditures, right? Instead, watch as both these figureheads find a way to sign-off and join-in with Democrat’s spending lunacy, then go and claim they did it for the good of the nation – sure!

Bottom line, do you know what? We just cannot become organized. Again, we are our own worst enemies. We cannot even come together to impeach Joe Biden, but we can quickly come together to join Democrats in criticizing Donald Trump’s personality, thus my diminishing expectations for winning the elections in 2024.

I am, mind you, getting to the point where I truly believe that we deserve a Joe Biden, we deserve a Democratic Party; we deserve Socialism, the Left, Wokeness, or whatever other preferred pseudonyms they use, rather than the real thing which I personally call it Communism, having lived it in my own homeland of Cuba, which, as all Cuban-Americans can well tell you, is no more, no less of what we now, regretfully, see happening in this new United States of America. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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