The Caravan of Hate

These people are neither “asylum-seekers”, nor are they as “peaceful” as some of the fake-media poster boys would want us to believe, are they?

A man part of a caravan of thousands of migrants from Central America en route to the U.S, throws a stone to the Mexican Police as they try to pull down the border gate with the intention to carry on their journey, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, October 28, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins - RC1684894820

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So yes, some of them are finally here. Mind you, ahead of schedule on their ETA, as though by some sort of wizardry, suddenly, just like that, many of them were graciously transported by good-hearted truckers. I refer, obviously, to the egregious Caravan of “peaceful” immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. Hello. Only problem, if you paid close attention and watched the newsflashes over the past couple of days, these people are neither “asylum-seekers”, nor are they as “peaceful” as some of the fake-media poster boys would want us to believe, are they?

Despicable Univision’s Jorge Ramos referred to the Caravan of immigrants as: “refugees fleeing violence and poverty; children, single mothers with babies – not criminals or terrorists”. Abominable, CNN’s Jim Acosta, condescendingly lectured president Trump on the fact that the Caravan was “harmless”. During a testy exchange with president Trump at a recent post-midterm press conference, petulant Acosta debated the president claiming the Caravan was not an “invasion”, predicting the immigrants would not storm the borders nor climb the walls and fences to get into the U.S. Of course not Jim, they only threw rocks at our border patrol agents – no harm intended, I bet.

Among the most passionate apologists on behalf of the illegal immigrants is Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera. On repeated public appearances, Brooklyn-born of Puerto Rican heritage Rivera, expressed his shame on how these “asylum-seekers” were being treated and how they were greeted with non-lethal tear gas at the border.

“These are desperate people”, Rivera said. “They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in the restaurants”. With all due respects Mr. Rivera, I ask you: Are these desperate people set out to do as much good as you claim, supposed to turn violent on our good law-enforcement officers as a means of attaining their objective? Are you, Mr. Rivera, willing to endorse some of migrants by having them to come and live in your house with your family while they settle in America?

You know what, I would politely remind Messrs. Ramos, Acosta and Rivera that the Caravan mob is not alone in this rock-hurling business. Matter of fact, Palestinians have been throwing rocks at the Israelis in the Gaza Strip for years now. Maybe some of the rock-throwers in the Caravan would be better served by joining-in with the Palestinians -only thing is, let those who want to go, be aware that, whenever the Israeli army is stormed with rocks, their retaliation, unlike the U.S.’s noble use of “tear- gas” is, instead, handled with tanks and real bullets. Oh, and, for the record, the whole State of Israel, approves, supports, and favors the use of force, instead of characterizing such retaliation as abusive or inhumane – only in the U.S., are we so politically correct, for lack of a better term, as to suggest, like many have, that it is wrong for our agents to protect themselves from these mobsters, instead of the other way around. I say God-Damn all of you apologists.

As you may have heard, 5000 migrants have already arrived in the Mexican border city of Tijuana with thousands more still on the way – all demanding entry into the U.S., under an asylum designation. As part of their “harmless” plea, they hurled rocks, bottles and other objects over the fencing. Three U.S. border patrol officers were struck. The “gentle” migrants broke windows and damaged vehicles of the border patrol agents. To protect themselves the agents fired back with tear gas yet portrayed by the fake-news as a barbaric measure of reprisal.

Images of the Tijuana confrontation were part of a well-organized campaign of misinformation, albeit, the type that communists are extraordinarily adroit at carrying-on. Since the start of this immigration drama, all we see are snap shots, most everywhere you turn, of women bearing young children in their arms; meanwhile as you and I are expected to feel sorry for the abuses committed by Trump’s white supremacist militia, right?

What about the pictures, I dare ask, of the hundreds of children of ICE and border patrol agents as their parents wage a war with an indigenous mob of illegal immigrants? What about a picture of our men and women trying to defend themselves and our borders from being desecrated by some of these animals. Yes, I said “animals” – enough of the political correctness.

To be clear, my narrative today is humbly aimed at setting the record straight in many of the delusions, deceptions and disinformation campaigns regarding this so-called “Immigrant Caravan”. The most obvious myth of it all, is that this swarm of rogue outlaws are categorically not seeking asylum, however as much as this is the sought-out perception which the deep state, the democrats and the mainstream media would want us to recapture.

From a legal vantage point, “asylum” has two basic requirements. First, in an asylum, the applicant must establish that he or she fears persecution in their home country. Second, the applicant must prove that he or she would be persecuted on account of one of five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion or particular social group.

Now, let’s stop right here, if we take the definition of asylum based on its authentic literal interpretation as prescribed by law, none of the Caravan members would qualify for asylum in the U.S., would they? End of story. I repeat, none; not one in the Caravan would be extended an asylum status by virtue of the fact that not one of them “fears persecution in their home country” – Not one – and, by the way, that includes the women and their children. Let’s just begin by bringing to your attention the fact that the Caravan members have incessantly, along their walk, waved their country’s flags and, the last time I checked, you don’t triumphantly wave your nation’s flag if you are oppressed, or do you?

Vis-à-vis, every single member in these Caravans wants to come into the U.S., in search of improving their standard of living as compared to the prevalent poverty reigning in their banana republics. Romantically fine, except for the fact that “a better economic future” is not an accepted criterion for granting asylum, nor gives migrants a writ of passage to the promised land. If that were the case, I can adamantly assure you that the 7.7 billion people that inhabit our planet Earth today, would all be hurriedly coming to the U.S., seeking asylum, wouldn’t you say?

Sorry, but that’s not just the way it works for us here in the U.S., is it? For the record, unlike many of your third-world nations, we here in the U.S., are law-abiding citizens with democratically elected government officials, as opposed to your transitional dictators used to taking-over power via military coups and/or rigged elections, while in the process of enriching themselves at the expense of people just like those found in the Caravan.

We, the American people, will not be held hostage for your chaotic Central America’s economies – most of them, a byproduct of the malfeasance and proverbial thefts of your national reserves by men who look upon your nations as no more, no less than their own parcel of land.

The next myth I want bring to your attention is what I call, the “perception myth”. If you pay close attention, both the Caravan supporters as well as their detractors, are in the habit of mentioning that “most” participants just happen to be “good” people. The raisons d’être are, simply put, a manipulation of the public opinion, which appeals to the nation’s benevolence in tolerating and accepting the Caravan’s illegal intendment. Let’s get it straight once and for all. Whether you are good, bad, man, woman, even children, it doesn’t really matter, does it? If you are one of them, you are part of an illegal commonality of people breaking the law – enough of the piousness and piety for the so-called “good-people”. If you are one of those beginning to feel sorry for Caravanners, how about feeling sorry for the millions of Americans now in need.

I chuckle every time I hear news commentators argue that we are a nation of immigrants, and, guess what? We are, aren’t we? [The] only difference being that historically, all past migrations have been conducted in an orderly fashion by people seeking refuge from oppressive regimes such as Jews fleeing Germany, Cubans fleeing from Castro’s Cuba, targeted families fleeing Rwanda and entire communities fleeing war-torn Syria, as opposed to self-serving motifs resulting from corrupted Central-American governments. Enough of this lame fashionable argument. I have had it.

I am going to close my argument(s) today by sharing some friendly if yet useful reminders to all. First, according to one study, each illegal immigrant costs you, the American taxpayers around $70,000 per year. In a way, I am glad that Mexico is getting a taste of their own medicine as officials in Tijuana have even had to close schools and are campaigning for migrants to go elsewhere, clamoring for the U.S., to keep its borders open – much like they have in the past as to allow for 11 million Mexicans to come and stay in the U.S. illegally – you tell that to blabbermouths Ramos, Acosta and Rivera.

Before closing, I also want to remind everyone that, despite what most all on the other-side-of-the-aisle would want us to believe, we are not dealing here with an inoffensive migration. We are dealing, instead, with an unruly mob, of rock-throwing animals, criminals and otherwise, yes, women and children, all of whom are ostentatiously challenging our right to sovereignty afforded us by our constitutional republic – our right to protect our borders from migrants like them.

As far as I am concerned friends, what we are dealing with here is, simply stated, an invasion, crudely put – an act of war. While I do not condone or support our use of extreme force, I am, conversely, unwaveringly in support of keeping all these illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. – every single one of them.

Before I leave you today, so long as I am in this “to tell the truth” mode, there is yet one last myth which I want to bring to light and that is the ignominious “Latino umbrella myth”. Specifically, many of us, naturalized citizens born in Latin-America, are indiscriminately and arbitrarily lumped-in as part of the Caravan-supporting coterie, exclusively by virtue of our heritage. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Please spare me the bondage. I was born in Cuba and I am a bona-fide member of the Latino universe, however one who is very much opposed to the Caravan migration for the simple reason that I am foremost a naturalized American citizen righteously anxious to protect our sovereignty.

In ending, I contend that the ongoing immigration tug-of-war will weigh heavily in the 2020 elections. Matter of fact, I believe the “immigration” issue will be at the forefront of all political platforms. Regretfully, our President’s stance on the handling of the Caravan will play a vital role in the way he is politically perceived. It is one of those “damn if you do and damn if you don’t” deals. This is a “no-win” situation for Trump, regardless. I would urge President Trump, however, to go to such radical extremes as he finds necessary so long as we can keep these people out of the country, including but not limited to shutting-down government if need be.

To be clear, we have choices. You and I have it in our power to decide what we want for our future. On the one hand you can join-in with Kamala Harris, junior U.S. Senator from California; Cory Booker, junior U.S. Senator from New Jersey; U.S.’s N.Y. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and plenty others socialist, progressive communist democrats who want to abolish ICE [U.S., Immigration and Customs Enforcement], and open-up our borders to criminals, terrorists or otherwise anyone who wants to come in. Or, on the other hand, you can thank and support our ICE and border-patrol agents for their jobs well-done while placing themselves in harm’s way for the sake of protecting the rest of us.

You can, on the one hand, support the Catch and Release practice of releasing a migrant to the community while he or she await hearings in immigration court. Or, you can vouch for a new Catch and Hold program to help us make sure our illegal immigration does not rise any more than the outrageous levels reached so far. You can give your support to Sanctuary cities to continue aiding and abetting illegal criminals or you can demand to have legislation to keep these animals from roaming in our communities.

As far as I am concerned, the Democrat’s radical militias have already begun ramping-up for 2020 elections. More so, beginning in January, there will be a democratically controlled House of Representatives.

I do have faith in that President Trump will stand-by the American people and do right by them by standing firm on not letting any of these people come into our country. Unless our President takes a very firm stand, I can see him hurting his chances for re-election in 2020. Whichever way you want to look at it, the Caravan is a true measure of what lies ahead for our nation – as such I thought it would be inherently fundamental to shed light on some of the “myths” which have been assiduously implanted on us by virtuosos in the art of propaganda and manipulation of public opinion.

I just want to close by telling the Caravanners, why don’t you just go back and get in line and wait for your asylum-seeking turn, currently backed-up in the U.S. immigration courts by some 750,000 claims. That’s how many you want to short-change by storming the borders. Sorry – it is time to say Good-bye, Adios, Au-revoir, Sayonara, Addio, Zàijiàn. We will see you all in court. God Save America!


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