The Newest Terrorist Group Threatening the U.S.


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If you have been watching Fox News as of late, you may have noted that, all throughout the past two weeks, the border situation has become somewhat just unbearable. In the month of November alone there were 242,418 migrant encounters in the southern border. In this month, December, we broke another record as it has been the heaviest arrivals ever. The border patrol processed about 10,500 migrants on December 19th, and 10,800 on December 18th.

The influx of migrants across the country’s southern border will cost taxpayers, you, and I, upwards of $451 billion dollars. Reportedly, Mexican cartels are earning approximately $13 billion dollars a year smuggling migrants. Admittedly, the southern border crisis poses a heightened terrorist risk as a sizable portion of the undocumented immigrants are simply not vetted and are coming from countries sponsoring terrorism.

In fiscal year 2023, the Border Patrol reported apprehending 169 migrants with positive terrorism watch-list. Statistics also indicate that the Border Patrol seized a total 27,000 lbs. of fentanyl in the southern border, however, it is well known that the amounts of this drug that was successfully smuggled could be as high or higher than the seized amount. As a matter of reference, the amount seized was capable of killing 794 million people.

People that have made the dangerous journey in trying to cross the southern border are dying of dehydration, starvation, and heat stroke. An unknown number of migrants have died while trying to cross the border. Women migrants are being kidnapped and raped as part of the Mexican cartels’ customary extortion practice to get them across the border. Worst of all, probably is what is happening with unaccompanied minors who are being left alone at the border and are released to unrelated sponsors. To be sure, these children are vulnerable, and many are exploited and abused by the Mexican cartels as the Biden Administration continues to release them to unknown sponsors.

Now consider this, the southern border is, one may say, just another one of the major crises brought about by this administration and by the Democratic Party. If you add to that what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to this nation; if you add how they have literally obliterated the fossil fuels industry; if you add our coward retreat from Afghanistan; if you add our pandering to Iran, the ‘world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism’ as Biden gave them access to $6 billion dollars for the release of five Americans; and if you add the fact that the Biden family has spent years receiving millions and millions of dollars from rogue foreign nationals in China, Russia, and Ukraine. If you add all this up, I personally think that Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party should be classified as a “terrorist group”, should they not?

Yes, I know, my wish is metaphorically driven, as we all well know, this is just, as they say, “wishful thinking.” Then again, I looked at what is classified and/or defined as a “terrorist group” under U.S. Code at 18 U.S.C. 2331(5) of our Constitution and some of the wording in this Code, defines a “terrorist organization” as “a group that threatens the safety of U.S. national or U.S national security – including nation defense, relations with other countries, and economic concerns. Matter of fact, there are two types of “terrorism,” to wit, domestic, which involves acts of terror which are committed by those who are located and operate from the United States, and international, which includes acts of terror committed by individuals affiliated with foreign countries.

Based on this definition, I say this administration meets all the qualifications to be classified as both domestic and international terrorists. While many of you may think I am “over-the-top” on this one, yes, maybe I am, yet, if you really think about it, at this stage of the game, I think that Joe Biden, the democrats, and the Democratic Party have done a lot more to actually destroy this nation that some of those groups that, today, fall under this classification of “terrorist group.”

Notwithstanding my realization that, my wish will never come to fruition, as deservedly as it might be, nonetheless, this Marxist administration, democrats, and the Democratic Party, individually and combined, should, in some way, shape, or form be held accountable to us, to all Americans, to “We-the-People” for the unthinkable destruction they have put us through since first taking over in 2008 when we elected the first-ever communist president in the history of this great nation. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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