A Lesson from the War on Israel

The enemies are here already, aren’t they?  They are everywhere and they keep coming in every single day through our southern border. 


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Other than proving to the world what evil is all about, the War on Israel has also served to show us here in our own backyard, how this nation, this United States has been systematically transformed from its old aura of “the greatest nation in the world”, to “one of [the] most hateful, most cynical, and most divided nations in the face of the earth.”

At a moment when every American, every human being that has a conscience, every individual who considers himself or herself, righteous; every organization, every religion institution, every educational center, absolutely everyone should be out there outraged making their voices heard, protesting, objecting, dissenting, demonstrating on behalf of Israel, or rather on behalf of the good vs. the evil what we see, instead, is an overwhelming support for the Palestinians and, by default, a support for the Hamas genocide.

I am personally repulsed, nauseated, revolted to see the nationwide wave of support for the Palestinians as opposed to the presumptive support for Israel and its victims – absolutely shameful. The national media keeps attributing this irrational behavior to Jewish antisemitism.  I am not necessarily in agreement with this.  I personally think it transcends antisemitism; I think it is anti-Americanism as well.  I think it is anti-everything that is moral.

For anyone on this planet to support the beheading of small children, the burning alive of people, the pulling out the eyes of an old man; the kidnapping of whole families, for anyone to support or endorse this animalistic behavior is outright sacrilegious, condemnable and should be penalized to the maximum extent of the law.  While I am a strong supporter of our freedom of speech rights under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the rest of us should use the same rights to call their number.

While I was expecting for every protest in the nation to have a flag with the David Star, instead, all I saw were those repulsive green, white and black striped flags with the red triangle. The Palestinian flags were being waved at, of all places, the Ivy League, colleges, and Universities. I also saw with disbelief how a spiteful, a low-life Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, dared have a public rally in support of the Hamas genocide; and how about that cynical UN Secretary General António Guterres, giving a speech to condemn Israel’s occupation of the Palestine territory – mind you, this United Nations, supposedly instituted for promoting peace in the world, is, in my book, one of the most corrupt, most hypocritical, most deceitful institutions in the world, all funded by our peace-loving U.S. government.

Like they say, “Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways.”  What the war on Israel has shown is that our United States of America is absolutely, completely, and totally filled not with antisemitism but with anti-Americanism; filled with a culture of hate for what’s good and love for what is evil.  Obama and the Democrats did in fact “transform” the United States into a hate-filled, Marxist / Communist bed of activists who have no problem in showing the world their support for a genocide such as the one that Hamas perpetrated on Israel.

Only one thing left for me to say, that is, watch as the next Islamic massacre, the next attack, the next genocide is destined to happen right here on our own backyard: right here in our own United States. The enemies are here already, aren’t they?  They are everywhere and they keep coming in every single day through our southern border.  Our colleges and universities are our own Gaza Strip. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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