My Personal Letter to Joe Biden

On behalf of every decent, country-loving American, we ask for your immediate resignation as President of the United States of America....


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Dear Mr. Biden:

What is it with you? From the very minute you took the office of the President, you have done everything possible to destroy this nation. The very first thing you did was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline and prohibit drilling from our plentiful supply of our oil reserves, reverting us back to energy dependence on countries like Venezuela and other foreign rogue oil cartels. In the process you made us pay twice and three times what we used to pay for a gallon of gas. You also drained our oil reserves to dangerously low levels which directly jeopardizes our national security.

Domestically, you have managed to penalize all Americans with the highest inflation in the last 40 years, while many Americans that live from paycheck to paycheck have a hard time making ends meet; under your destructive administration young couples cannot afford to buy a new home because interest rates are too high; some staples such as baby food are hard to find while sometimes mothers cannot feed their newborns. Meantime you, sir, who claim to be a Catholic have no problem in promoting abortions that kill unborn lives right up to the time of birth.

You and your Party have made sure to defund Police Departments all over as we see crime spike all throughout the nation. Most of us are appalled to watch our daily news as anarchic gangs are now emboldened to loot and destroy businesses and stores all over, all the while as the perpetrators know there is a ‘revolving door’ whereby they are let go free without being charged for their crimes. Under your Party and your administration, we have a new Legal system, with a whole new set of Attorney Generals that pride themselves in making victims, victimizers and vice-versa. A new legal system where cash-bails are eliminated so that the thugs can get an out-of-jail free card to go back and do their thing all over again.

You and your Party have given a new purpose to children in promoting transgenderism and the irreversible mutilation of their bodies, while confusing them in their biological identities– all in the name of a new Woke culture that claims to know better which sex is better for them.

Your aberrations have gone as far finding a reason to start teaching sex to children in Elementary Schools and do so with the backing of Teachers Unions’ who are set on keeping parents aloof in the lives of their children, as the latter are indoctrinated by the State, à la style of the China Communist Party. Under your administration you took pleasure to substitute the pledge of allegiance to God and our flag for a pledge and allegiance to the State.

You have indebted our nation to tune of $33 billion dollars of which, a great portion, has been in the form of wasteful and insane pork expenditures for Democrats’ climate change lunacy. Ironically, most all of your policies are but an offspring of an unscientific, an irrational, and fanatical Green New Deal ideology, supported exclusively by radical activists such as an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a Bernie Sanders, both admittedly endorsers of Socialist / Marxist / Communist ideals.

In your undeniable obsessive, compulsive aberration of your nemesis, ex-President Donald Trump, you, from day one in office set out to undo and reverse everything Trump had done for the good of the nation. Your hatred, your fear, and your inferiority complexes took priority over the well-being of an entire nation.

You opened our border to the world which has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans from the fentanyl drug sent from friendly China to the U.S. via your Mexican cartel partners. You have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to come into our country illegally and have permitted them to roam free so they can replicate the 9/11 attack the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Not a question of if, but a question of when.

In the international arena, your withdrawal from Afghanistan has to have been one of [the] most cowardly acts in American history, bar none. Your spineless departure paved the way for the premature death of 13 innocent Americans who were there fighting on your behalf. Your looking at your watch as the bodies of these heroes were being ceremoniously unloaded from a cargo plane, was one of [the] most disgraceful, most hypocritical, most shameful displays of insensitivity we have ever seen of a President of the United States. Your leaving behind $7.12 billion dollars’ worth of weapons and military equipment to the Taliban in Afghanistan was one of the, if not [the] most cowardly act ever in the history of this nation.

When Donald Trump left office, he handed you a world in peace. During Trump’s administration, Russia did not even think of invading Ukraine, North Korea had stopped testing ballistic missiles, and in the Mideast, there was the signing of the historical Abraham Accord Peace Agreement for the normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In three short years since you have been in office Mr. Biden, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, North Korea is testing their missiles, China is threatening to invade Taiwan, and the extremist terrorist of Islamic Hamas invaded Israel. Under your leadership the world has never been closer to another world war as it is now.

Besides all the damage you have done to the U.S. and to the world as a whole, the American people cannot trust you sir. We know better. While you may think we are all stupid, we are not. We are very much aware that you are a corrupt, and morally deprived person. Your infamous influence peddling Ponzi Scheme involving your son and your family reaches the stature of treason, as you engaged in a “quid-pro-quo” conspiracy in which you and your crime family received millions of dollars from enemy States such as China, Russia, as well as from corrupt Ukraine companies, which, for all we know, may very well be the reason you have now committed to give that nation a blank check of your taxpayers’ money.

You have single-handedly managed to weaponize our once, most iconic legal and law-enforcement institutions, such as the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA – all now corrupted, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the White House in an all-out campaign meant to shield you and your son from your corruption conspiracies, while at the same time, making sure they go after your political opponent to destroy him in any which way they can to pave-the-way for yet another fraudulent elections such as those that got you into the presidency to begin with.

You are also a compulsive liar. Your lying is so sick that you have gone as far as saying that your son Beau Biden died in the war with Iraq when he actually died of brain cancer at the Walter Reed hospital in Maryland – it does not get any more disgusting than that, does it? You, sir, are a corrupt, unscrupulous, and immoral political animal.

We have left the best for last, however. What really prompted this letter, what culminates your absolute most pathetic show of un-Americanism, the “straw that broke the camel’s back” is your highly deplorable, your uniquely disgraceful, and appalling handling of the Hamas attack on Israel this past Saturday.

Just as a matter of record, sir, Hamas’s attack on Israel was not even an act-of-war. It was genocidal, it was carnage, it was mass murder, it was decimation, it was a massacre, where [the] Islamic animals, beheaded children, slaughtered innocent civilians of all ages; it was an unprecedented act of cowardice, evilness. It was Satanic, and it was perpetrated by the same people and culture which as recently as last September you gave access to $6 billion dollars.

This Israeli attack, Mr. President, was subsidized, planned, and backed sir, by the same people who your administration has been pandering to since you got into office. By the same people that you and your former master, Barack Obama, were eager to send a plane with $400 million U.S. dollars in cash; by the same nation of Islamic extremists that you, sir, were poised to provide with over $50 billion dollars in relief aid – not to mention the windfall gains which they accessed by your unwillingness to enforce sanctions enacted by the “previous administration” as you like to refer to the ex-President.

In this last go-round after the Hamas attack to Israel, you were “missing-in-action” for three days as you were hosting a barbecue for White House staff and families on Sunday, all the while as 14 U.S. citizens were murdered, and an unknown number were taken hostage by the Iranian backed Hamas animals. And, as you made your first appearance, you dared not even mention the word “Iran” for fear this may damage your desire to continue with your shameful pandering crusade which helped help fund and subsidize the animals’ involvement in the attack. With your dollars sir, and with the armaments you left behind in Afghanistan, you were just as complicit in the genocidal slaughtering of over 1000 innocent Israelis, and 14 U.S. citizens.

You, sir, are a first-class coward. You, sir, should be impeached and tried for treason. You sir and your former boss Barack Obama are both [the] worst that ever happened to this nation. On behalf of every decent, country-loving American, we ask for your immediate resignation as President of the United States of America. You and your master Barack Hussein Obama are both a disgrace to our nation; a discredit to everything this nation stands for. Your presidency is an infamy to this nation and an ignominy to humanity.


We The People


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