A Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am extremely motivated by what I saw happened in Argentina,

Argentine president-elect Javier Milei addresses supporters after winning Argentina's runoff presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 19, 2023. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

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Amidst all the turmoil, the chaos, the mayhem that now surrounds us; amidst the new Israel holocaust, the war in Ukraine and the complete bedlam here in the U.S., courtesy of the Socialist / Marxist Democratic government and Party that now rule this nation, amidst it all, there is, if you can believe it, a light at the end of the tunnel.
Like they say, I am happy to be the bearer of good news, in doing so, I hope to enlighten your day some, console you if you are as frustrated as I am, and shed some hope in a future which, more often than not, seems justifiably hopeless just by listening to the news.
So, while we all may be distracted by the daily ongoing news on the War on Israel, the border crisis and all the rest, unbeknownst to many of us, there is, again, believe it or not, a world-wide wave of center-right and far-right movements that are now taking foothold all over Europe and in Central and South America as well.
In Europe, first there was Italy, with my heroine, far-right champion Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, then came Finland and Greece. Spain could be next when we saw 170,000 demonstrators marching through Madrid on November 18th to protest an amnesty law when Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez agreed over a separatist bid to form a government with the backing of the Catalan and Basque nationalist parties in return for agreeing to the law.
In the Netherlands, as recently as November 22nd, Anti-Islam far-right populist Geert Wilders, had a landslide victory over Prime Minister Marke Rutte’s record 13-year stint in power. Ironically, the Dutch elections were all about immigration and the closing of the borders. Any similarities to what are happening here in this nation, purely coincidental. Wilders’ first order of business was for all Russian diplomats to leave the Netherlands. For the record, many are comparing Wilders to Donald Trump as far as his style of leading and political beliefs.
Make a long story short my friends, there are, as we speak, twenty-seven countries in the European Union, of which twenty are either center-right or far right. There has been a convergence of the center right and the far right over the past decade or so, most experts agree – a shift that may have profound consequences for the EU, moreover as the latter sets to elect a new European Parliament next year, one that some of the most important actors are threatening to leave.
But guess what? The news for conservatives gets even better right here in our neck of the woods as well as some countries in Central and South America are turning to the right as well. Wonder why? As you all may know by now, on November 19th, the world was stunned to learn that a far-right libertarian by the name of Javier Milei, was elected President of Argentina, the third largest economy in Latin America, with a population of 46.9 million people.
Admittedly, there is, still to this day, the so-called “Pink Tide” – a wave that turned towards left-wing governments in the 21st century, which resulted in Marxist / Leninist governments such as Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Lula in Brazil, Gustavo Petro in Colombia, Lopez-Obrador in Mexico, and others. That said, however, Javier Milei is not alone this new right-wing wave that is now gaining traction in our continent. There are, mind you, some young new rising stars such as Ecuador’s 36-year-old centrist Daniel Noboa and how about El Salvador’s center-right President Nayib Bukele who has, almost singlehandedly, waged war against MS-13 – one of the world’s most brutal street gangs.
While we are not completely there yet, I am extremely motivated by what I saw happened in Argentina as I don’t see the Pink Tide having the hegemony it had in the earlier part of the decade. As a matter of fact, I think quite the opposite is happening. There is, like I said before, “a light at the end of the tunnel” – the same light that I see for us in the 2024 elections. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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