What Have We Come to Be?

United States where evil is hailed over God and good.


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We keep talking about how bad it is under this Biden administration. We talk about the border, inflation, crime, you name it.  Well, I got to tell you folks, it is worse, far worse than anyone can even imagine.  Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would ever live to see the day when I would see what I see going on around us today.  Do you really understand just how bad it is?

What I have seen happen in the aftermath of the start of the War on Israel, since October 7th, has to be a disturbing revelation of where we truly are as a nation. We can tell just how bad it really is when we see the daily protests of Palestinian supporters; we can tell how bad it is, when every protester’s flag are black, white, and green with a red triangle, and none blue and white with the Star of David; we can tell how bad it is when we see masses rallying behind the Hamas animals instead of the Israeli victims; we can tell how bad it is when we see the campuses of the principal universities in this nation, demonstrating for Palestine and not for Israel; we can tell how bad it is when masses call for Israel’s Cease Fire but no one calls for Hamas Cease to mass-murder and genocide.

I am appalled to see our streets filled with millions of placards with hate-filled antisemitic signs and slogans calling for the elimination of Jews from the face of the earth. The infamous phrase, “from the river to the sea,” which symbolically suggests the eradication of the Jewish state, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea echoed in the Palestinian protests, crackling across social media, across prestigious U.S. universities.

My point here today is, none of the unbelievable, of the unimaginable, of the unthinkable demonstrations that we see in support of the Palestinians and by default for Hamas, should come as any surprise to us. Why should it? The fact of the matter is that, this is the new United States, the United States that Barack Obama single-handedly transformed and that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party embodied into a whole different new nation, one where all fundamental values have been upended and turned upside down – a United States where evil is hailed over God and good; a United States where our youth, in some of the most reputable universities, is indoctrinated to protest for Israel defending itself and cheer for Hamas’s genocide. What have we come to be?

What we fail to understand my friends is that all those masses that we see waving the Palestinian flags, not only hate Israel, but they hate the old United States as well.  They hate democracy, they hate capitalism, they hate our Constitutional Republic; they plainly hate America and all it stands for. Today, they second Hamas and what Hamas did to Israel, tomorrow it will be us; tomorrow they will have no problem in siding with those that our out to destroy our nation, same way that Hamas is out to destroy Israel.  God save Israel and God save the United States of America.


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