A Nation in Free-fall !

What has this nation turned into?


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I do not know about you, but, as I wake up each day, and as I turn on the news, I find myself questioning what has this nation turned into? To say that everything is completely upside down is really an understatement. The headline this morning was that ex-Marine veteran Daniel Penny had been indicted by a grand jury in connection with last month’s choke-hold death of Jordan Neely in a subway train.

The incident happened as Penny was trying to defend the subway passengers from Neely’s threat that he was going to kill them and was ready to go to jail, as he said. For the record, Neely, was a black 30-yearl old vagrant, who had been arrested 42 times before, three of the arrests were for unprovoked assaults on women in the NYC subway. In 2021 Neely beat-up a 67-year-old woman in a subway station in Lower Manhattan.

Daniel Penny was accused of second-degree manslaughter by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who filed a complaint against the 24-year-old ex-marine. For the record, this Bragg human garbage, is the same SOB who indicted Trump with some cockamamie charges dealing with falsification of records. Bottom line, here is a guy [Penny] who was hailed by some Black passengers in the subway for his heroic act, only to be later indicted for murder.

Bottom line, the Black democrat activists, want to, once again, make another George Floyd folklore hero out of this Neely man. But it is not just about this case if you think about it. It is everything. The issue of “reverse racism,” of racial and class divide, bringing the race card and the wealth of capitalism into everything is very much a part of what the new United States is all about. Matter of fact, the race-card issue has been so much used and abused to where, as of late, the new fad has swiftly shifted to “transgenderism,” and the “gender identity” b.s.

It is everything. To just think that the Left is pushing hard to re-invent children so that they try and change their biological gender, without regard for their mental and physical health, is unheard of; to think that a Drag Queen show is now fashionable for children; to think that there are hundreds of books that have been adopted even at the elementary level with so-called gender identity themes meant to indoctrinate children to believing it is fine to mutilate their bodies is outright repulsive, yet, very much what your President believes is good for the nation – forget that he calls himself a Catholic. There is no religion in this man’s life.

In the new United States, it is fine for a biological man to appear nude in a women’s toilet, and beware if you dare question it, as you will be summarily labeled a homophobic, a xenophobic, or you are simply delirious, you are insane. Notwithstanding the incredible political chaos prevalent in our new United States; our open borders crisis, our inflation, our geopolitical problems with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, notwithstanding our out-of-control inflation; notwithstanding the corruption of this President, who became a mega-millionaire peddling political influence with some of our worse adversaries in the world, notwithstanding all of it, it is far worse even.

Add to everything that in our corrupt United Communist States, a President, and his Party, can manage to try and wedge a political opponent from running for President by crushing him with all kinds of political witch hunts swiftly backed by their Party’s weaponized government agencies, i.e., the DOJ, the FBI is really scary. This only happens in Third-World Banana Republics, which we have all but become one, only a tad bigger, albeit no different whatsoever.

And I have saved the best for last. While we may not all be completely mindful of it, I find that [the] worse problem this nation may have, besides everything else, is a very, very powerful mainstream media – one that is the real and true voice of the Party’s ideals. We have an army of diehard Marxist / Socialist / Communist media pundits, which I look upon as the heart of this nation’s downfall. The mainstream media today is like a legion of mouthpieces that have absolutely no problem in lying, in misleading and do whatever they need to do for “the cause.” The “cause” being the “communization” of this nation.

As a matter of fact, even if we were to take back the White House in 2024, which, by the way, is very much questionable, but even if we did, the nation’s cancer, the nation’s Marxist / Communist takeover would still be far from over, so long as this nation’s media is not subjugated, cleaned, completely washed out, which sounds easier said than done.
While you may very well think I have a rather defeatist outlook, you may be right in your assessment, as my misanthropic despair is relative exclusively to the degree of our absolute and utter dysfunctionality, and our lawlessness that now afflict us – a State where all that was good is now evil and vice-versa, all that was evil is now very much excused, disregarded, approved of.

Yes, Democrats, the nation’s SOB’s will find a way to convict the ex-marine Penny for saving the lives of his fellow-citizens in that subway train. It does not matter, as for the communists it is more important to make this guy an example of what happens when you interfere with the reverse racist crusade. I would not be surprised either if they also find a way to convict Donald Trump, why not? They would not hesitate to get rid of him if given the opportunity.
As I have said many times before, I am getting to the point where I do not think there are any conventional ways out of the mess we are in. I honestly think there are just two ways and two ways only to reverse the present course of this nation, to wit, either a Civil War or God’s Divine Intervention – one or the other. Of the two, I pray for the latter, to spare us spilling more blood than that already spared throughout this nation’s history only so that we would never find ourselves where we are today. God save us and God save the United States of America, so help us God!


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