A Day in Infamy!

Remember one thing, “what goes around, comes around.”


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So, yes, I was glued to my T.V. today to watch history taking place in our own backyard, right here in Miami as Donald Trump was formally indicted in our Federal Court. Actually, the spectacle almost brought tears to my eyes, even though, for the best part of the three or four hours that it took for this circus, all we could really see was Trump’s caravan of black SUV limousines, courted by a huge police force.

The thought that an ex-President of the United States could be brought to this spectacle was, to say the least, unfathomable, unheard of. Then again, who knows, everything happens for the best, doesn’t it?. And there is definitely a God up there that always manages to do things in a way that they turn-out for the best in the end.

My hope in all this is that by Democrats doing what they have done to Trump today, it will definitely set a precedent and open the doors for Republicans to do likewise and return the favor to that truly corrupt son-of-a-bitch that happens to be President. So that we too, can indict Biden, not only for having government documents laying around since he was Senator, but also indict him for treason and receiving bribes from foreign nationals – and lock the S.O.B. and his crackhead son for good.

Remember one thing, “what goes around, comes around.” In ending, I am just going to say this, if you are, like I am a Cuban American, I think every one of us should be both grateful and proud of Donald Trump. The fact that he took time to stop at our folkloric Versalles Restaurant in Calle 8, should be good enough to tell every single one of us, how this man feels about us Cubans here in Miami. Notwithstanding how emotionally drained he must have been from his parody today, the fact this man took time to stop and chat to our people, should be enough for every Cuban to rally behind him – I know I will.

Bottom line, I think today, June 13th, 2023, will be much remembered as another “Day of Infamy”, the name given by Franklin D. Roosevelt to December 7th, 1941 – the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Today’s attack, as far as I am concerned, was even worse than the Japanese attack, if only because, Trump’s formal accusation is the ultimate attack on our democracy, on our Constitutional Republic, on our rule-of-law, on our Constitution. While back in the day, we retaliated by detonating two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this time around, we need not drop such bombs, as all we need to do is re-elect Donald J. Trump in 2024 – the end result being the same, to wit, winning the war against Communism and the Communist Democrats. God save us and God save the United States of America, so help us God!


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