A Presidential Debate or a Presidential Debacle?

If you, by any chance, happened to have missed last night Fox’s Presidential Debate, you can pad yourself in the back...


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If you, by any chance, happened to have missed last night Fox’s Presidential Debate, you can pad yourself in the back, this must have been, without doubt [the] absolute worst such thing I can recall ever seen in my lifetime, bar none.

Following, if I may, I will try to characterize the spectacle, which, just went to tell me, that I was right, after all in my last two articles, the Republican Party, friends, has one candidate and one candidate only, his name is Donald J. Trump.

First, let us just say, Fox’s and Univision’s moderating panel was as bad, if not worse than the candidates. The moderators lost complete control and, for the most part of the night, it was as though it was a shouting match, between candidates talking over each other, and the moderators asking them to shut up, and no one paying attention to each other.

Fox’s Dana Perino, who I like for the most part in her daily appearances in Fox, kind of lost her cool, while she seemed to give Nikki Haley priority over the rest of the debaters. Towards the end, she asked the candidates to write on a piece of paper who they would dismiss going further and was turned down for such stupid suggestion.

Stuart Varney, at times, did not know where to turn while candidates shouted answers over his instructions. The worse of the three moderators, by far, was, Univision’s Colombian Ilia Calderon, who seemed to spend all night on just the topic of immigrants and, one time blamed the U.S., instead of Mexico for the illegal drug trafficking.

Now let me try, as best I can to give you a briefing on each of the candidates, starting with the absolute most despicable, most dreadful, and most contemptible character on the stage, talking about that fat pig Chris Christie, who went as far as calling Trump, Donald Duck – shame to have someone as low-class in a debating stage for millions of people to watch this disgraceful man running for President of this nation. He could not be President of a hot-dog stand.

Running a close second to Christie in my dislike list last night was Nikky Haley. I think someone told her she needed to be aggressive to move her bar in the race and, all night, she appeared as an angry wife who just found her husband cheating on her. At times, I thought she was ready to personally attack Vivek Ramaswamy, who was O.K, as compared to most of the field. Only thing could have done better if he had taken a haircut. His hair was a little bit distracted.

Tim Scott, poor thing, it is evident he is the only Black candidate, but, frankly, it is time he changes his tune about being raised by a single mother and overcoming racial divides. We got the message already but must remind him there are far too many other issues facing Americans other than the racial divisions he overcame.

Ron DeSantis was Ron DeSantis once again, yes, we know how well he has done in Florida, but there are another 49 States besides Florida. He, once again, joined Christie and attacked Trump, albeit not as crudely as the former, but still – our fight is not Trump, it is Joe Biden. When will we all get that?

Former Vice-President Mike Pence, what can I tell you, he, of all the candidates, is the one that came through as [the] most plastic. Pence spent all night bragging about Trump’s victories as though they were his. He is boring and it seems like all these “talking points” were previously rehearsed to where he sounded like a broken record of pre-recorded slogans. At one point he made the worse joke that he had slept for 38 years with a teacher – not one single smile from anyone – he is dense.

Ironically, I thought of all the debaters, North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, had the most intelligent answers, mind you, if that did not take much to accomplish, considering the diatribes of some in the stage. Of all the candidates,, moderators managed to give him less time to speak than any of the rest.

Bottom line, the big winner last night was, once again, Donald Trump. Glad that he did not show up to give Fox ratings and to give every single candidate a chance to show-off at his expense. Kudos to Trump for not going.

And, by the way, I have written a couple of articles preceding this one where I spoke about my endorsing Trump as our candidate in the primaries. All this debate did for me was, once again, reassured me that our only chance in 2024 is Donald J. Trump, thus his obvious lead in the polls.

In summary, Ronald Reagan must have been turning in his grave that his Library / Museum was used for this circus. As far as I can tell, my only question is, was this a Presidential Debate, or a Presidential Debacle? Your call.


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