Fake Impeachment Inquiry

We Republicans are our own worst enemy...


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So, I spent my entire day yesterday glued to the T.V. watching the first Biden Impeachment Inquiry, which, I had anxiously been waiting for as there had been quite a built-up in days preceding that promised there was going to be a whole new set of evidence about our corrupt President Joe Biden.

Well, I am sorry to say, that, now, after-the-fact, I am downright, disappointed, frustrated, disheartened, and sad, all rolled into one. Then again, I should have known better as I kind of predicted the outcome on my article here in Facebook of 9/14/2023, titled “Republicans – Our own Worst Enemy” – a befitting title for what transpired in this hearing.

Case you did not watch this for any reason, again, as I said before, all news podcasts on the subject had built it up as though there were going to be some new ‘smoking-guns’ – a mountain of new evidence that would finally do the trick, namely, that missing link that could connect Joe Biden to his son Hunter in their obvious “quid-pro-quo,” / influence peddling scheme.

As far as I am concerned, the entire thing was a “comedy-of-errors” for Republicans from beginning to end. For openers, Republicans called three witnesses to the stand on their behalf – one Constitutional Law Scholar, George Washington University professor of law and Fox News contributor, Jonathan Turley, and two financial experts, Bruce Dubinsky, a forensic accountant; and Eillen O’Connor, a tax exert former Attorney General for the Department of Justice Tax Division.

Well, how about if I told you right-of-the-bat, right from the get-go Republican’s star witness, Jonathan Turley, who I greatly admire by the way, in his opening statement says that he did not believe there was sufficient evidence to meet the necessary threshold for bringing impeachment articles against Joe Biden. Turley was seconded on this pronouncement by the other two witnesses as well. In other words, friends, your three key witnesses, your three smoking-guns, all three testified against and not for the cause. Can you believe this? I just could not believe what I was hearing.

Turley’s position, which he reaffirmed all throughout the hearings and prefaced by stating in every single question asked from him by the committee was, that he was O.K, with an “inquiry” as there was enough evidence to look into the issues, but not enough to impeach at this time.

The minute I heard Turley’s outlook, I said to myself, this whole impeachment inquiry is what it is usually called a “nothing- burger.” I knew this would not go anywhere. I knew that, once again, our wimpy Republicans, unlike Democrats, had, once again, fallen flat hyperbolizing and over blowing a bubble full of air which served for nothing other than giving the other side of the aisle all kinds of grounds for outright poking fun, laughing-off, and ridiculing the Republican’s case.

Most all Democrats went on to defend their case by claiming that not even the Republican’s witnesses believed there was enough evidence to impeach, and guess what? They were right based on the witnesses opening statements. The other stronghold argument made by Democrats was, why was it that, if Republicans had so much evidence, they had been able to garnish a majority of the House to bring the articles of impeachment against Joe Biden as opposed to an inquiry, which, I hate to say, was, precisely, the subject-matter of my above referred article I wrote right here in Facebook.

I ask myself, considering the overwhelming evidence that supposedly has been obtained by Oversight Committee Chairperson James Comer, why in heavens did they not bring some of the fact-witnesses to the hearing? Why did they not bring Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer to testify? Why did they not bring whistleblowers, IRS’s Special Agents Gary Shapley, and Joe Zielger to testify? Why they did not bring Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden to testify? All these witnesses, individually and / or combinedly had insurmountable factual evidence, more than enough to bring actual articles of impeachment against this corrupt President. So, why didn’t they?

Want to know the reason they did not? Because this so-called, impeachment inquiry was a watered-down alternative to a real impeachment as many House Republicans, to this day, feel that there is not enough to impeach Joe Biden – that is why. Go figure out that one. Do you know what, there was a time a year or so back, when I thought Jim Jourdan was one of the rising stars in the Party, he was tough, he was a warrior. Today, I have changed my mind, I am flatly disappointed as I am beginning to see him as “all-talk.” Ditto for Chairperson Comer.

After eight hours of “more-of-the-same,” I cringed at the three-ring circus which did not much but give all those in the Democratic side of the aisle an opportunity to use their stellar moment in T.V. to give all sorts of political speeches which ranged, from Trump’s January 6th insurrection to Trump’s indictments, to the forthcoming government shutdown and everything in between – everything but Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry, courtesy of our Republican wizards.

Bottom line, let me tell you what I think. I think that we will never impeach Joe Biden. Why? Only because what we have in our Republican Party, is all but a hoard of yellow-belly weaklings; a hoard of Swamp Animals that just talk, talk, talk; a hoard of political animals who thrive on demagoguery and telling you want we want to hear. And then we wonder why we lost the elections in 2020. And then we wonder why we someone as corrupt as Joe Biden is in the White House. Dear friends, stop wondering. Once again, yes, we are our own worst enemy. We Republicans are our own worst enemy. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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