American Jews Backing Palestinians

...shame on any Jewish man or woman that sides with the Democratic ideology which sides with the people that are openly out to destroy their State and culture.


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Is it my imagination or, don’t you find, as I do, that, for the most part, American Jews have not been as outspoken, as strident, as boisterous as have their Palestinian and Muslim counterparts in the War on Israel conflict?

While I am well aware that there is an overall disproportionate number of Muslims compared to Jews worldwide, still, I have a rather hard time reconciling what I have been watching on the news since the start of the War on Israel, to wit, an unbelievable wave of support for the Palestinians, and by default for the Hamas’ animals, while not anywhere near the same support for Israel and the Israelis as you would expect under the circumstances.

As I meandered on the inexplicable causes for this lack of support for Israel and the equally inexplicable chants of “Cease Fire” by those that support the Hamas genocide, I came upon the controversial, maybe unfathomable, realization that, in fact, there were some  American Jews, who were incredibly clamoring for the same “Cease Fire” chants as those boasted by the Palestinian supporters – which I can only describe as feverishly incomprehensible, to say the least.

While doing my due diligence for this narrative, I even came upon a group of American Jews that call themselves the “IfNotNow” group and say: “We are a movement of American Jews organizing our community to end U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis.”

As I dwelled further in my search for clues to this aberration syndrome, I came upon a 2013 study by the Pew Research Center, which revealed that, roughly 42% of Jews with no attachment to any particular stream of Judaism, say caring about Israel is “important, but not essential,” and 28% say “it is not important at all.”

As my level of inquisitiveness rose, so did my need to further explore this issue to where I could reconcile this enigmatic dilemma, namely, U.S.’s Jews relinquishing on their support for their Israeli’s soulmates.  As I did, I wrote off some of the most illogical explanations and finally came upon a possible conclusion that made some sense.

That conclusion was, notwithstanding the commonalities that prevail between U.S. Jews and their Israeli’s counterparts, there were, equally noteworthy differences that separated both cultures to where, perhaps, [the] only real tie, the only real bond, was limited to a religious link and nothing else – perhaps explaining a “socio-political” rift between U.S. and Israeli Jews, which, by default, would also explain why some U.S. Jews would not condemn the Hamas genocide.

Once I came upon this enlightening realization, all the pieces of the puzzle began to fit into place. For years, I had always wondered why a great number of Jews in America were Democrats and/or supported the Democratic Party.   Why Jewish adults in the U.S. identify predominantly as liberals with the Democratic Party.  Why, nationally, 65% of Jewish adults identify and/or lean towards the Democratic Party, many more than other non-Jewish religious groups.

The irony of it all, you would figure that, Jews, as a cultural /religious group, known for their unique proficiency to make money would thrive in a capitalistic and democratic society which give people optimal opportunity to succeed economically as opposed to a Socialist / Marxist system which promotes precisely the opposite ideals. You would figure that a group of people known to be thrifty, known to be savvy entrepreneurs, known to flourish economically would actually ally with any and all conservative ideologies and not with the Progressive Left which only endorses policies that result in precisely the opposite economic rewards.

Finally, I think I was able to tie most of the lose ends to the inexplicable. As far as I am concerned, the so-called “Left” that some U.S. Jews have opted to join, is, as you well know an “evil” enterprise, that specializes in indoctrinating people’s minds in such way that even the most basic values are reversed to where evil becomes an acceptable way of life and vice-versa, what was once revered as valuable its turned around into evil.  This may very well explain how anyone of the Jewish faith can side with an enemy that just massacred your people as Hamas did on October 7th.  Moral of my narrative today, shame on any Jewish man or woman that sides with the Democratic ideology which sides with the people that are openly out to destroy their State and culture.  God save Israel and God save the United States of America.


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