A Pause in the War on Israel – Really?

Case you have not noticed, [the] in-vogue, the fashionable, and the politically correct thing to clamor for by all who side with the Palestinians and with Hamas on the War on Israel, is a call for a ‘Cease Fire.’ Why not?


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Case you have not noticed, [the] in-vogue, the fashionable, and the politically correct thing to clamor for by all who side with the Palestinians and with Hamas on the War on Israel, is a call for a ‘Cease Fire.’ Why not?  If you really think about it, the Cease Fire poetic and rhetorical theme comes loaded with highly camouflaged advantages for disguising the Hamas genocide to where, the victims have become the victimizers and vice-versa.

If you have paid close attention, in the days following the infamous mass-murder attack on Israel by Hamas, the tide has been slowly turning in the public opinion arena, while we now see an all-out world-wide crusade to make Israelis look like heartless war mongers out to kill innocent civilian Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, albeit a rather expedient theme strategically designed to distract the masses and legitimize the Hamas animals’ from their butchering of innocent Israelis men, women and children on October 7th.

What this proves to me is that we live in a convoluted world where everything, is politicized to where even a mass murder can be looked upon as legitimately warranted.  As expected, leading this politicization parade is our absolute and complete imbecile President, who as they say, “wants his cake and eat it too,” while still not capable of understanding that you can’t walk with God holding the Devil’s hand. What else is new, right?

Notably, right after the Hamas attack, Biden went into his ever-melodramatic role boasting about his unrelenting and inexorable support for Israel. Biden did the politically correct thing do to, namely, he flew to Israel and went public in a joint appearance with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjam Netanyahu, where he pledged for the U.S.’s unconditional support of Israel and for the Israeli’s rights to defend themselves against Hamas.

No sooner had our wimp President come out of his politically driven melodrama, no sooner he succumbed to the public opinion polls which showed a decline of his approval ratings amongst a wide universe of U.S. Islamic and Palestinian supporters massively displaying their anti-Semitism, again, by conveniently suggesting that an invasion of Gaza would inevitably imply the death of many civilians in the Strip.  I am obviously talking about non-other than a righteous universe of Palestinian / Hamas supporters – Sure!

Amidst all the turmoil, Biden did what any Marxist hypocrite would do best, to wit, manipulate public opinion through the use of a twisted lexicon of conveniently conceived pseudonyms meant to distract all the Useful Idiots of the world, while re-stating his administration’s newly revised position asking for Israel to have a ‘Pause’ in the war – as though the so-called ‘Pause’ would not have, in some  strange way, the very same objective than the plea for a ‘Cease  Fire’ clamored by all the Hamas supporters – interesting strategy though.

To add insult to injury, the administration also had Kamala Harris three days ago, announcing the country’s first National Strategy Day to counter Islamophobia, not to mention our bright Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveling twice to Israel with an appeal for a humanitarian ‘Pause’ in the war, which was publicly and staunchly rejected by Prime Minister Netanyahu.  I would even take bets that Biden’s message sent to Netanyahu with his boy Blinken threatened to make the U.S. pledge for financial support to Israel contingent on Israel pausing the war.

As to this so-called “humanitarian” pause, hey, last time I checked, in the aftermath of Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor that killed 2,403 Americans, the U.S. did not second-guess or hesitate to drop bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed 105,000 and wounded another 94,000 civilians but actually put an end to the war and actually prevented a much greater loss of life. I don’t recall the world then calling for a pause, or do I?

Moral to my narrative today is specifically directed to the ‘humanitarian’ Palestinian and Hamas supporters who now want to somehow switch the blame to Israel.  My simple question would be, did Hamas not know that Israel would retaliate and defend themselves even if that meant the untimely death of innocent civilians? Did Hamas not massacre innocent civilians on October 7th?  If the Hamas animals were as humanitarian as they want us to believe, would they not have expeditiously arranged for a mass exodus of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip? Matter of fact, the inhumane Israelis have been the ones dropping leaflets advising all Palestinians to leave the Strip before the start of their invasion.

I am sorry to say but, a war is a war, is a war.  Regrettably there will be lots of civilian loss-of-life, possibly even the hostages will be sacrificially disposed of by a herd of cowardly animals which don’t hesitate to use innocent Palestinians as a shield from the enemy – a flock of blood-thirsty butchers who go as far as building their headquarters underneath hospitals and do not hesitate to conveniently use red-cross ambulances as a preferred way to avoid the enemy’s fire.

Mr. Biden, the fact that Israel and their Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, have publicly dismissed your cowardly request for a ‘Pause’ in the war, just goes to say, that Israel, unlike you and your minions are not willing to let the enemy dictate their future, much like you have done with all your pandering to those who hate us as much as Hamas hates Israel.  The only room for a Pause or for a Cease Fire in this war, Mr. Biden, should be one that  comes exclusively after Hamas and the Gaza Strip have been leveled to a plain field – eradicated from the face of this earth, once and for all.

We understand, sir, that the backing of Arabs, Palestinians, and Islamic Jihadists here in the U.S. are of great concern to your elect-ability chances in 2024, however much your re-election insecurity may have driven you as far as asking Israel to relinquish from their efforts to preserve their God-given freedoms as an independent State.

We hope that Israel’s dismissal of your irrational and cowardly position may have taught you a lesson that they, unlike you and your administration, are willing to die fighting for their land in ways you never have and never will.  At the rate you are going, it would not surprise me to see you siding with Hamas in this war, much like you and Obama continue catering to Iran – the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism. God save Israel and the United States of America.


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