For the sake of a better future, I trust we have learned our lesson – China is our foe, not our friend, and so is the Democratic Party


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Hi there friends. At the outset, I hope that all of you reading this narrative will find yourselves well. Above all, healthy and in good spirits, in spite of the ongoing disruptions at center stage of our lives which have ensued from the Coronavirus – COVID 19 pandemic.
The topic today is: How will this pandemic situation affect the economy and politics of the nation, notwithstanding the fact that both are interwoven to where one will inexorably affect the other? To this day, I cannot help but find subliminal issues which raise all kinds of questions in my mind regarding the timing of this pandemic attack.

As we all know, on February 26th, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first case of COVID-19, here in the U.S., in a patient from California with no travel history to an outbreak area nor contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus. Since then, as you well know, it has been a non-stop free-fall.

Other than the much-talked-about impact that this pandemic will have on the nation in terms of deaths or otherwise people who are and will be infested with this virus, we may also presume this outbreak will probably end up having as great or greater impact on our economy as it has on the overall death-toll and healthcare issues, and, by default, it will also have a bearing on the nation’s politics, more so given the fact this is a presidential elections year – the question is: how much so?

First of all, in terms of economic impact, some experts concur on the fact that this Coronavirus / COVID-19, may end up affecting the nation even more so than did the ‘Great Depression” of the 1930s. I will preface, my assertions on how bad it really will be, by making sure I clarify beforehand the fact that I have always despised fearmongering. Matter of fact, historically, I am, as is our esteemed president Donald Trump, an optimist at heart. I have forever praised and seconded Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legendary words in his first inaugural address as president in 1932 when he said: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Having said that, I do worry about the nation’s outcome from this pandemic chaos – economically speaking that is. At last count, there were something like 26.4 million Americans who have filed for unemployment – that amounts to more than 15% of the U.S. workforce. A Pew Research survey estimates 43% of households have been hit by a Coronavirus-related job loss or pay cut. All leading economic indicators suggest that we are in for one of the worse economic crashes in the nation’s history. Ironically and paradoxically, this all comes at a time when our nation’s economy was booming like never before. Coincidentally, I may add, emphasize, or question.

As much as the government has responded to the crisis with more than $2 trillion dollars in stimulus relief money and with an additional $310 billion on the works as we speak, the intended objective may have fewer benefits than earlier anticipated considering the fact that people will really not be spending the stimulus money in an economy which is completely stalled as a result of the pandemic.

Understandably, with most of the nation being shut down, there is a ripple effect that results in a negative economic flow under the present conditions – albeit one which carries on throughout the world as well. There are, as we all know, some industries that are bearing the brunt of the damage. All businesses which depended and/or derived their revenues from clustering people under one roof such as restaurants, airlines, cruise ships, sports venues, etc., are, for all practical purposes, out-of-business – at least temporarily, that is. Some of the larger entities will hurt, but will somehow survive – vis-à-vis, others, many of the smaller businesses, will succumb and will never make it back.

Even businesses that have remained open are feeling the economic hurt that results from the nationwide lockdown whereby people are not spending money as they did before the pandemic. No matter which way we look at it, in the end, this crisis will have taken a huge toll on our economy and, while it is difficult to measure the damage in precise terms, we can safely predict this COVID-19 will prove to have a momentous impact on the global economy of the world and that of the United States as well. This being the case, one must also wonder, how will this whole thing affect the nation’s political situation considering the aforementioned entwinedness?

My greatest fears, as always, are relative to the bad players both abroad and here at home. I look at it this way, besides China’s well-known responsibilities inherent in the outbreak of the pandemic, there is the inevitable dependency of the U.S. in China, one which we have gently allowed to develop over the past forty years since 1979 – a dependency which goes as far as having the Chinese, a Communist nation, bankrolling our ever-growing national debt, now more than ever before, considering our government is going full-out in trying to subsidize the nation’s negative cash-flow ensuing from the pandemic.

Just think about this for a moment. If the U.S., God forbid, were to ever go bankrupt, highly unlikely but not impossible, China would be [the] only country in the world with sufficient financial strength to bail us out, which, said another way means China would outright own us, and, by default, we would be owned by a Communist regime, wouldn’t we?
For the sake of this narrative, I will not go on to discuss the many reasons how we got to where we are. Suffice it to say, we have nobody to blame but ourselves and, in turn, on our collective greed over the years – not to mention the lack of foresight by many of our past presidents. The question now is, how will all this going on affect the nation’s politics? In the greater scope of things, my biggest fear lies in the fact that we are somewhat, if you really think about it, at the mercy of Communism, both from outside [China] as well as from within – the Socialist Democrats in the U.S.

Mark my words, no matter what, Democrats will find ways in which to blame our faltering economy on Donald Trump rather than on the virus itself, as well as they will try to shift the blame of the pandemic from China to Trump. It is already happening as many in the “fake news”, have already begun to lay blame on Trump for all that is going wrong. As always, Democrats continue to switch blame by siding with the ‘bad guys’. What else is new?

I can virtually sense Democrats salivating at the thought of blaming Trump for the nation’s unemployment and economic stagnation. Watch how this line-of-reasoning becomes a mainstay issue in Biden’s presidential platform, which incidentally, has already started. And, going on past experience, I venture to say, many of the nation’s weak minds; the useful idiots; the naïve, the gullible, and the uninformed, will, no doubt, be swayed into actually believing it was Donald Trump’s fault somehow or another. To this universe of idiots, our obvious state of ‘unpreparedness’ for this pandemic, will be Donald Trump’s fault no matter what. How will that translate in the voting polls remains to be seen.

The Communist Democrats’ motif whereby “the end will always justify the means”, will have them blaming Trump for everything – from the lack of an anti-virus vaccine to the shortness of ventilators and hospital beds to our lack of testing capabilities and everything in between. And, to the corrupt elite of the Communist Democratic machine, from Bernie Sanders on down to Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez, and Co., the nation’s chaos, believe it or not, comes as a sick and rather convenient state of affairs – a renewed hope for beating Trump in November. Ironically, as always, to all these Communist Democrats, their political ambitions keeps-on taking precedence over the nation’s welfare, including the deaths of thousands of Americans. How is that for a presidential aspiring Party made up of animals who could not care less for the loss of American lives?

I shall like to end my dissertation today on a positive note and try to look through a glass-half-full rather than half-empty – all driven by my hopes for the best. First and foremost, I trust that the vision of the American people will transcend the inherent evilness and moral turpitude of the Democratic propaganda machine, and go on to give credit to President Trump for the admirable way in which he has been handling this unexpected crisis in every which way you can think of. Doubt that many of the past presidents would have ever come anywhere near as able in handling the crisis as has Donald Trump. Matter of fact, I tremble at the thought this all would have happened under the presidency of Barack Obama, a Bernie Sanders, or a Joe Biden – God forbid.

Again, I hope that American’s vision will preempt and forestall the ill-intentions of Democrats and give Donald Trump, once more, their vote of approval and confidence by re-electing him in November, as he and he alone, as far as I am concerned, is the only one in our political universe nowadays capable of single-handedly navigating through these rough times and take us to a safe-harbor once again. I think that Donald Trump’s innate savviness is our best chance to steadfastly come out of our present turmoil, both from a welfare as well as an economic perspective. Moreover, I hope that we, as a people, have learned our lesson to never again, depend on world ‘globalism’ going forward. Our dependency on a foreign nation, more so on a Communist nation such as China, should come as a rude awakening to every single American of how vulnerable we really are in spite our apparent “exceptionalism.”

Notwithstanding the obvious sorrow inevitably associated with the death of human beings by a man-made pathogen, the one big lesson we should all take away from this pandemic attack is to never ever again let ourselves be swayed into believing that the outsourcing of our supply chain can lead us to better things – it cannot. Once we are out of this crisis, we must, at once, put an end to our China dependency. We must find a way to re-finance our debt; we must safeguard our technologies by making sure no one else in the world will have access to them; and, we must bring back the manufacturing of all products, especially those in the healthcare industry back to our beloved nation.

To end, in the domestic arena, we must also come to terms with the reality that Democrats, have all but promoted this pandemic as a viable alternative to try and destroy Donald Trump as a means of regaining power and continue with their unfinished crusade of turning the United States of America into the likes of another China. We can only do so by re-electing Donald Trump in November – our only chance, if you will, of coming out triumphant of our present chaos; our only chance and hope to come back stronger than ever before.

For the sake of a better future, I trust we have learned our lesson – China is our foe, not our friend, and so is the Democratic Party. I have said before and I will say it again, all things considered, this pandemic may not be, at the end of the day, as coincidental as we all think it is. I pray to God to let us overcome the present pandemonium now afflicting our nation, which, coincidentally started in China – the world’s bastion of Communism, and, last but not least, may I politely remind you all that the laboratory where it all started in Wuhan, China was mostly subsidized by renown American globalist entrepreneurs, including our own Bill Gates. May God bless us and may God save the United States of America.


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