Israel was attacked with our taxpayer’s dollars

Maybe the time has come for another “Tea Party,”


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As we all know, the Palestinian militant terrorist movement Hamas, launched an all-out war on Israel today. According to the Israeli military, Hamas launched about 2,200 rockets from the Gaza strip over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Southern Israel. Hamas armed terror groups infiltrated into Israel by land, sea, and air. Israel Defense Minister said Hamas also took “Israeli hostages and prisoners of war.” Last count 800 Israelis were killed, and thousands have been wounded. The animals have also tortured women and children. This is where our taxpayers dollars are helping do.

In addition, the Iran-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah, has announced their backing-up Hamas, in a combined effort to annihilate Israel, all the while as in Tehran, members of the Iranian Parliament chanted “death to the Israelis.”

So, dear friends, let us put this into perspective, shall we? Do not kid yourselves, this attack on Israel was a well-planned movement by Iran, the worse of its kind in the last 50 years since the Yom Kippur War on October 1973.

It is not a coincidence that this attack comes precisely 26 days after the Biden administration gave Iran access to $6 billion dollars. Make no mistake about it friends. Bottom line, your President Joe Biden, and this administration, in addition to everything else, now have Israeli blood in their hands.

What will it take for Americans to, finally, wake-up and smell the coffee? If you really think about it, most other issues in the Democrat’s controversial political platform, most all of them, the economy, crime, the border, you name it, all of them, independently and combined, do not rise to the stature of the absolute desecration, hypocrisy, and treason of the U.S. catering to Iran’s whims. Enough is enough, don’t you think?

Again, if you really think about it, this whole administration this Biden S.O.B., as well as the even greater S.O.B., Barack Obama and his administration, all of them should be indicted for treason. To just think that the government of the greatest nation in the world could be kissing ass to our worst enemy State, Iran, is enough, I say, to start a Civil War here and eradicate all these Marxist cabal that is out to destroy this nation.

For Barack Obama to have promoted and endorsed the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” [JPOAC] nuclear Agreement with Iran in 2015 was sacrilegious – not to mention his sending Iran a plane with $400 million dollars in cash.

And, as a follow-up to the Obama unspeakable betrayal, our despicable, piece of garbage current President Biden, dares give Iran another $6 billion, which the administration naively claimed to be earmarked exclusively for Iran’s “humanitarian” needs, such as today’s attack on Israel.

Make a long story short friends, you have one President, Donald Trump, who, during his presidency, in 2020 brokers a deal, The Abraham Accords, in which the United Arab Emirates and Israel sign an unprecedented peace agreement, that only Trump could mediate, all the while as you have had two Democrat Presidents, Obama and Biden, continuing to kiss Iran’s ass so that they can continue waging war against the State of Israel, and against the U.S., after they have pledge to eradicate both from the face of the earth. Your pick on which President you want.

In fact, Israel’s attack by Hamas today, should not come as any surprise to anyone whatsoever. The Iranians have felt threatened by the alliance of the United Arab Emirates [UAE], who, together with Egypt, and Jordan nowadays recognize the State of Israel, which represents for them, the Iranians, a military as well as an economic threat. So, why not wage a war against Israel, now that they have all the money sent by the two sons of Satan, Biden, and Obama.

Again, yes, the U.S., is subsidizing Iran and the Palestinians as they vouch to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. But, then again, who is the U.S.? Is it not you and me? Meaning, you and I and every taxpayer in the nation, we are all helping subsidize the war against Israel. Our dollars helped killed those innocent Israelis today. How do you like that?

Is there anything we can do to prevent government from using our dollars to continue to underwrite Iran? Well, we can always wait till election time to vote out these sick Marxists. Or, then again, we can also, do what our valiant ancestors did in the Boston Tea Party, when American colonies launched a war against the British government as they felt that their rights had been violated in lieu of the fact, they were been taxed without their voices being heard, the famous slogan “no taxation without representation.” Our same situation today, we are taxed, and they do whatever the hell they want to do with our money, like give Iran a plane full of cash and $6 billion dollars for humanitarian needs, like murdering Israeli civilians.

Maybe the time has come for another “Tea Party,” just to make our voices heard that “We the Taxpayers”, “We the People” are not willing to continue allowing Joe Biden and his administration to use our money to aid in the destruction of the State of Israel by the Islamic animals. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.



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