My take on the 1st GOP Debate

...we have one chance and one chance only to beat the Democrats in 2024, and that is Donald J. Trump.


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Let me preface my comments by first of all saying that I have never ever liked these debates. I personally think they are far from what they are supposed to be anyway. I think what they are really, is some sort of a hybrid, between political speeches and the moderator’s chance to manipulate the answers of candidates.

So, I got to tell you, I have seen some bad debates in the past, this one, by far, had to be one of [the] worse debates I had ever seen, bar none. As to the first question that most people ask about a debate like, who won, or who lost? My answer to this question is, the big winner in all this was Donald Trump, and [the] big loser were the American people. In fact, I give Trump huge kudos for not going, as none of these candidates can even come close to Trump’s political stature.

But, anyways, let me give you my two-bids on last night circus. I will start with Ron DeSantis. Again, these are my very own personal views, which you may or may not agree with. Ron DeSantis, as far as I am concerned, continues to come through as being “robotized.” First, he looked anxious, evident he was not comfortable and sorry, but, again, it was as though he had memorized the answers, and was nervous remembering the lines, conscious of how words would come out of his mouth. Sorry, but poor show. Did not look presidential at all.

Vivek Ramaswamy, as we have seen in the campaign, maybe fell short of the expectations of him. He is running on his youth, energy – on a new alternative opposite to the old Swamp animals. He did well, but, at times, he let some of those old animals like Pence and Nikky Haley get the best of him. He was O.K., but, for me, fell somewhat short of expectations. He could, unlike the others in the debate probably make a good running mate for Trump, but…not quite to be President yet.

Tim Scott, poor thing, he just happens to be a little boring. All of his narratives, carry a patriotic message and a message of his childhood as a poor Black American raised by a single mother and having made it in America – all of which is fine to a point. I like him as a person but would not give him a second thought as the next President of the United States of America. Kudos for trying but, not quite.

Nikki Haley, well, got to give it to her, given the circumstances she probably did as well as she could. That said, honestly, I still cannot see her as presidential material. She came out with some kind of fair to good answers overall, but I just cannot see her with any potential to beat any Democratic ticket. All I can envision for her is the ability to entice some of the women in the base of the Party, but that is about it. It would take a lot more than the women vote to win, and she simply does not have all it would take.

Doug Burgun, the North Dakota Governor, well, nice guy, but no presidential material. Your typical country boy, decent, his answers to the questions I am sure could have found some grounds for connection with Midwesterners from mainstream Americans, however, not even sufficient to even come anywhere near a Donald Trump. Nice try but better go back to old horse country where he would be more at home.

Next is Asa Hutchinson, after watching him yesterday, I could not help asking myself, what is this man doing in this debate? Man is as boring as they come. I saw him as our own GOP version of Joe Biden. Same garbage, different Party. His entire political platform is his obvious dislike for Donald Trump, which, I can respect in a democratic country, but I just cannot see it as the main issue on a campaign in which the real enemy is Joe Biden, not Donald Trump. I am not even counting for this man to be in contention for anything.

As far as Mike Pence, let me tell you friends, I thought this man was probably one [the] worse last night. By the way, I read the news today and, yes, he was the one that spent more time talking than any of the other candidates. No wonder that is the case, man is your quintessential Swamp animal, your archetypal demagogue, ready, willing, and able to tell whatever people want to hear that may buy him allies, including but not limited by his continued diatribes about his righteous religiousness. Bottom line, I would not give this man even one consideration as our next president. The more I see him, the more I dislike him.

And, as you can tell, I have saved the best for last, Chris Christie. Well, the audience booed the man almost every time he opened his mouth. Like Asa Hutchinson above, Christie’s entire platform is his outright hatred for Donald Trump which is, simply said, disgusting. This man has, again, no other platform, other than criticizing Donald Trump, while entirely forgetting the one to beat is not really Trump but it is a Democrat President and a Party against which he is really running. I find the man absolutely repulsive. Thank God that I am not alone, and most Americans just despise this fat ass.

And, again, I could not close this narrative without commenting on the moderators. I guess the best way I can put it is, last night Fox lost one more viewer, which is me. Having to stomach Bret Baier as moderator last night was the icing in the cake for me. I am moving my viewership to Newsmax. Mr. Baier just cannot help himself in his obvious dislike for Donald Trump. I thought he did a disastrous job of moderating last night and went as far as lecturing the audience for the latter expressing their obvious dislike for some of the debaters attacks on Trump.

Baiers’ moderating partner Martha MacCaullum was not far behind Baier. I happen to think that the old conservative Fox is a thing-of-the-past. Their firing Tucker Carlson was just another show of what the new Fox is all about. It is bad enough to have to listen to Juan Williams, to Neil Cavuto, or to a Brit Hume. It is obvious to me where the new Murdoch family wants to take Fox, and take my word, every day they move more to the Left, whereby, pretty soon, they will probably be equal or more liberal than CNN, MSNBC, and the others.

Bottom line my friends, from my perspective, all that last night’s debates proved to me was, like him or not, we have one chance and one chance only to beat the Democrats in 2024, and that is Donald J. Trump. With or without indictments and/or legal problems, with or without a controversial outspoken personality, which many do not care for, based on what I saw last night, sorry, but none of those that I saw on stage last night stand a chance, nor have what it takes to win in 2024.

Before the debate, I kind of new that my man was Trump. After last night’s debate, I am not only convinced, but I am also absolutely, unequivocally, and unmistakably swayed to believing that the man is Donald Trump and no other – no other based on what I saw on the stage last night anyway. What say you? May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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