Trump’s Mug Shot – A Blessing in Disguise!, by using some common sense, I might just make reputed seer Nostradamus look like a run-of-the-mill palm-reader.


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No, I was not blessed with any fortune-telling capabilities, which said however, it is not too difficult to make predictions based on everything that is going around our nation. So, today, by using some common sense, I might just make reputed seer Nostradamus look like a run-of-the-mill palm-reader.

Let me explain what I mean. Let us just say, Trump is two impeachments, four indictments and 91 criminal charges, just goes to prove that we no longer live in that Constitutional Republic willed us by the ancestors. What we have now folks is no more, no less than a Marxist / Socialist totalitarian dictatorship, a bit more sophisticated yet not much different than what you have in Russia, in China, in Cuba and in Venezuela.

If any of you out there really believe that you can have honest and transparent elections in 2024, I got news for you. I say to you, please “wake-up and smell the coffee.” Is not going to happen. If you think for a moment that this dictatorship is going to let go, I say, think again. Case you have not noticed, the state of corruption in this nation is such, they just do not care anymore to try and disguise the police state we now live under – one akin to all Banana Republics.

There used to be a time when they kept it all under the rug; the conspiracy to destroy the nation was subversive. Nowadays, it is an overt and unconcealed movement. Whether or not you like Trump, whether or not you are Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, whether you are Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, no matter what, Trump’s drama, should be a wake-up call to every citizen in this nation.

While I am not into Twitter, occasionally, I do use this social media source, as it can be a great barometer of the nation’s political temperature, moreover now that, under Elon Musk, Twitter is probably [the] only free-speech medium in the nation. So, what are the Twitter masses saying about all that is going on? Be surprised, there is a national movement; a massive constituency that, I assure you will not stand-by quiet if Donald Trump is either found guilty on any of the charges, nor will they stand for corrupt elections; nor will they stand for Democrats to prevent Trump from being the democratically sanctioned GOP candidate.

By the way, this Twitter movement is not just composed of White Anglo-Saxons, there is a legion of Black Americans that are parting with the Democrats and joining with the Republicans. The movement includes young folks and people from all levels of society. Again, I am not a fortune-teller, but I can assure you, Americans have reached their limits. Ironically, the Democrats’ epitome of hatred came by way of Fani Willis, a low-class district attorney from a low- class County in Georgia, and, it might just as well have been the drop that spilled the glass, which, if you think about it, is the best news yet.

I have said it before, and I will say it again until I turn blue in the face. I cannot see us reversing the obvious destruction now taking place in this nation via our usual elections process – those days are past. I can only see the reversal via a major radical event taking place instead. I can tell you; Americans today are armed to their teeth. Historically and traditionally the true American people are brave, are patriotic, are courageous, are valiant and are heroic – is in their DNA. And Democrats can destroy everything except the essence of a people.

My bet is on the American people and on the American spirit. My prediction is that the Marxist Revolution that started by Barack Obama and followed by Joe Biden, [the] most corrupt President in U.S. History, is soon ending and not necessarily via the 2024 elections. As far as I am concerned, last night’s Trump’s surrender and the mug shot frenzy, might just have been the turning point we were all waiting for; it could very well have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” God save us and God save the United States of America.


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