Sanders Withdrawal – for Real?

the good news is that Super Tuesday, after all is said and done, did send a message that, thank God, many in mainstream America, including but not limited to some in the liberal sectors of the nation, are not quite yet ready for Communism- not yet anyway


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So, amidst of all the Coronavirus / COVID-19 turmoil, sensationalism and hyperbolic frenzy, what otherwise would have been sensational, and extraordinary front-page editorial news, the apparent dropping of Bernie Sanders from the Democratic presidential race, has come and gone albeit somewhat inconspicuously, unnoticed if you will, as well it should be, all things considered – a far cry, at best, from the coverage it would have received in pre-Coronavirus times.

So, considering the fact there still will be a life after the passing of this pandemic, hopefully, sooner than later, I thought we all take a much-needed break from the overwhelming chaos and take some time to ponder on what this Sanders withdrawal from the presidential race might mean. At the outset, my very first observation is, notice that in the aforementioned introduction, I refer to Sanders’s withdrawal as “apparent”, and I did not do so inadvertently, negligently or recklessly. All the contrary, I did so with full premeditated intent of cause, which I will attempt to explain as follows.

So, my use of the word “apparent”, responds exclusively to the fact that Mr. Sanders has, in spite of his ending his campaign short, pledged to leave his name in the presidential election ballot, which means, voters in future primaries will still be able to vote for him, and, by default, earn him more delegates.

As of today, Sanders has a whopping 904 delegates, second-only to the now apparent democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with 1195 delegates – neither one, mind you have reached the magic number needed for the nomination of 1991 delegates. One can readily conclude, nevertheless, that Sanders has not really dropped out completely, has he? The question is: what is he up to?

If anybody was paying close attention, yesterday, during President Trump’s daily Coronavirus televised update conference, he [Trump] was asked about Sanders’ withdrawal, to which he commented he did not quite understand what was going on with the latter staying on the ballot, which, with all due respects to Mr. Trump, I don’t buy for a minute. I think Trump knows very well exactly what is going on, however, judiciously refrained from alluding to the subject, for presumably good political reasons – can’t blame him for that.

So, again, the question remains: what is going on? As far as I am concerned the answer is much more obvious than at first meets the eye, however, I think a hasty look at the presidential race timeline can very well help us in our search for the answer, can it not? If you all remember, as recently as only two months back in February, Joe Biden had almost been written-off, pursuant to the latter’s disastrous performance in the Iowa and New Hampshire primary caucuses where he finished in fourth and fifth places respectively, thus a general consensus at the time that his race was all but doomed. And, like the flight of the Phoenix in the Ancient Greek mythology whereby a long-lived bird recycles and /or regenerates itself, so did Biden, as he too, rose from the ashes on March 3rd, Super Tuesday, and went on to sweep 10 out of 14 states, including major victories in the states of Texas, Virginia and North Carolina, landmarking Sanders free-fall, which led to today’s demise.

What happened before and after Super-Tuesday is really a telltale story of all that is going on if you think about it. At the end of the day, most all articles written on the subject concur on the fact that Sanders just took things ‘too far to the left’, they claim. I personally take it a step further and translate this to the fact that he just was ‘too Communist’.
At the start of it all, right up to Super Tuesday, there was a stark, unyielding and forcible insurgency within the Democratic Party – one where, for the first time ever in the history of the nation, a candidate, Bernie Sanders, had come out-of-the-closet, and publicly vouched to be an unapologetic Communist, even though, he too, never described himself as a Communist, instead, labeling himself with some more palatable pseudonyms such as is Democratic Socialist, etc., – all a part of a vernacular of deceit, specifically designed by the Party’s propaganda machine to distract the minds of credulous Americans, who, to this day, don’t even know how to spell the word Communism.

Anyways, up to that turning point on Super Tuesday, when elections seemed still a rather far away occurrence, Communists within the Party, had gained political momentum in ways such as never seen before. Marxist ideals flourished, even became fashionable as portrayed by the likes of an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ludicrous Green New Deal; the Party’s vows for climate change, taking away of guns, open borders, free education, and healthcare, and a whole host of other Marxist enunciates, turned into acclaimed presidential democratic platforms, led by the most extreme of them all in the persona of Bernie Sanders, who’s resume read like a watered-down version of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Fidel Castro all rolled into one.

Bernie’s honeymoon in Russia, his praises of Cuba’s alleged improved education under the auspices of Communist murderer Fidel Castro; his ties with Nicaragua’s Sandinista leader, Daniel Ortega, or otherwise his overt commitment to transform America, following in the footsteps of his subdued Communist predecessor, the Manchurian candidate Barack Obama, Bernie scared many in mainstream Americans as to how dangerously close we were to handing the reigns of our great nation to such a radical extremist ideologue.
Despite the fact that many in the ranks and file of the millennials, the fake-news, the Democratic Socialist Party members, almost all colleges and universities around the nation, and Hollywood’s red Tinseltown ideologues, etc., had joined-in, salivating at, like Pavlov’s dogs in the latter’s infamous experiment, at the chance of, this time around, unlike Obama’s Marxist gridlock manners, taking it all the way to the White House, and making no apologies for it.

Notwithstanding all the brouhaha and the momentous commotion of the “red” wave prior to Super Tuesday, somewhere along the line, it became rather apparent to the Democratic Party leaders that Bernie’s Communism would not take them to the Promise Land. All of a sudden it became much too obvious to many in the Party that Sanders would never ever, in their wildest dreams, be capable of beating Donald Trump in November. The dramatic turnaround did not just spur out thin air but instead sprout of a public opinion soundbite, which became self-evident in the polls on Super Tuesday, just in time to let everyone know, many mainstream Democrats were not ready for Communism – not just yet anyway.

While analyzing the demographics of the primaries, most polls and pollsters went on to say that Sanders’ loss on March 3rd came as a result of his struggle to expand his appeal with older voters and African Americans. I say, his loss was mostly to do with his base, Latinos, liberals, and under the age 40 brethren having last-minute panic-attacks on the thought of giving this decrepit Communist, who speaks more with his hands rather than his mouth, the reigns of the most powerful nation in the world – the evidence, translated into Biden’s landslide victory in South Carolina, followed by victories in Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and Massachusetts. The deal was sealed for Bernie.

By this point in time, Democratic Party leaders did get the message voters were sending at the polls and quickly came back to Earth, realizing their best hopes to finally have an overt and undisguised Communist for president of the United States of America, were all but a shattered dream of sorts – for now anyways.

So…what’s next with this old scoundrel staying on the ballot, anyway? Well, you can figure that one out for yourselves, can you not? It’s no secret, Sanders has already publicly announced that he will use his delegates to sway the Party’s position in leaning more towards his radical progressive agenda, which, otherwise stated in layman’s terms, is swaying the Party to a more Communist carriage. Oh, and by the way, mind you, Sanders’ crusade comes not so much as a petulant wish as you may think. It will not, take my word, need much persuasion on Bernie’s part to influence the Party’s base on swinging into a Marxist mindset which has been there already for quite a while, mind you.

Don’t you kid yourselves friends, Joe Biden is no choirboy, besides being as stupid as he is, and as much as many in the fake news media would want to sell him to us as a “moderate”, the latter only refers to yet a more tenuous form of Marxism, albeit, a more subdued or hypocritical form of Communism, if you will – no more, no less, yet a Communist at the end of the day. Matter of fact, Biden’s rise as potential President of our great nation, comes as a rather dangerous amalgamation, which combines Marxism and stupidity, resulting in an ever-dangerous concoction – one where the potential leader of the world can be easily swaggered to whichever the radical left wind is swirling at any point in time.

To make a long story short friends, the old scumbag Sanders realized on Super Tuesday, his chances of winning the nomination of the Party, had all but dwindled away beyond any hopes of retrieval. With this realization also came the understanding that his 904 delegates could be in fact, be pragmatically used as a leveraging tool in furthering his Marxist crusade come November – a crusade which, again, will not take much in terms of persuasion, as far as swaying the Party to adopt a radical Marxist platform which they have already embraced. He will, Sanders will, take my word, use his 904 delegates and however many more he can amass between now and election time as a quid-pro-quo tactic in exchange for furthering the Party’s, long-in-the-makings Communization crusade – that, my dear friends is exactly what is going on; not difficult to understand.

So, there you go friends, the good news is that Super Tuesday, after all is said and done, did send a message that, thank God, many in mainstream America, including but not limited to some in the liberal sectors of the nation, are not quite yet ready for Communism- not yet anyways. The good news is that eventually, the Coronavirus pandemic will subside, a vaccine will, in fact, be invented in time and we will go back to being a normal nation once again. Vis-à-vis, the bad news is, on the other hand, that, unlike the Coronavirus, Communists are here to stay, we can’t prevent it with social distancing and/or there are no vaccines in sight to prevent this Marxist pandemic to continue spreading in ways much more aggressive and dangerous than all viruses known to mankind. May God save us and may God save America.


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