Coronavirus – a Manufactured Pandemic?

I cannot really assert that China was, in fact, responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. I am, however, asserting that you cannot rule them out as capable of doing it


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You know what, ever since the start of this COVID-19 pandemic attack, my untimely boredom resulting from the “social distancing” syndrome and the ensuing self-imposed lockdown, has had me diving into a “never-before” search for answers to the unknown – sort of the same dive as that taken by “Deep Thought” – the supernatural-computer programmed to calculate the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. And…I got to thinking about the chances for this crisis to be all but an ad-hoc creation of China in lieu of their geopolitical struggle for power in this day and age.

Let me preface any further dissertations by sharing with you the fact there is, if you will, an inherent sense of novelesque surrealism in this narrative – one namely resulting from the knowledge that, in life, much the same as in most all Hollywood’s crime thrillers, the final outcome is always unexpected – always uniquely adverse to the obvious, the evident, the conspicuous.

In my case, it all starts at a very early age, one which, by most all standards, politics are somewhat of a distant fairytale fantasy of sorts. At that very early stage of my life, I remember when someone who, later-on, I knew to possess a great deal of wisdom, politically speaking or otherwise, my father, told me back in the 1950s: “While most people dread the fear of Russia’s challenging attempts for world supremacy, it should be China, instead, who people should be fearful of…” – ever so prophetic, I should say. For some reason, don’t ask why, dad’s words of wisdom remained ingrained with me for the rest of my life – to this day.

My contention to all this Coronavirus issue is one where I can’t help but question its dubious origins; one where, admittedly, the Chinese government is largely responsible for letting it get to where we are today. There is a serious aura of mystery as this highly infectious pathogen makes its way around the world killing people, while nations all over, including the most advanced of them all, such as is our U.S.A., find themselves impotently unprepared, caught off-guard if you will to defend and withstand the inherent global threats of extinction associated with the pandemic.

The fact that, as revealed by insurgents within the repressed media outlets in China have made disclosures pointing to the fact that the Chinese government ordered laboratories to stop conducting tests, destroy samples and suppress any news relative to this highly infectious virus makes me wonder, what is really behind all this? The fact that some Chinese doctors, who went public with information relative to the pandemic situation, were quickly summoned by the Chinese authorities and reprehended for their thoughts; the fact that many of these doctors have mysteriously died and/or disappeared; the fact that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government “let some five million people leave Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemy, without screening”, makes me wonder might not this Coronavirus or COVID-19, whichever, be a manufactured crisis by China?
There is, I know, a school of thought out there who treats my contention as outright ludicrous, preposterous or outrageous – their reasons, mostly associated to mystic, and/or a spiritual belief in the ‘goodness’ of mankind, making the latter as incapable of any genocidal conspiracies, such as one designed to kill millions of people. Well, to this incredulous universe, I say, just look at history, as hundreds of millions have in fact been killed mostly resulting from man’s unending quest for power – go no further than China itself, where the biggest mass-murder in the history of the world is attributed to China’s Mao Zedong in China’s Great Leap Forward policy which led to the deaths of up to 50 million people.

So, in defense of my “far-out” contention of this Coronavirus being a manufactured pandemic, let me just state a few of the arguments leading to my assertion. First and foremost, I begin by reminding the disbelievers, that we are dealing with China – a Communist government, regardless. Besides their seemingly capitalist-thriving economy, and despite what many would want you to believe, never forget the fact that Communists and Communist regimes, have no sense of morals whatsoever when it comes to “having it their way” – the end justifies the means, and that includes the disparaging of human life.
Before going all-out in discarding my surrealistic inclines, a quick historical review is very much in order here. First, if we go back to the fifties and earlier, China was, if you will, one of the most backward nations in the world. As the largest populated country in the world with approximately 1.4 billion people, the logistics of managing such a large number of human beings was, and still is, in and of itself a political as well as an economic dilemma and nightmare, which only Communists and Communism can deal with in the form of a highly tyrannical regime where the government has utmost control of every life.

Back in 1979, some of the brighter minds in China’s authoritarian regime came upon the realization that their traditional agricultural catabolic economy was, in fact, outdated, while at the same time realized the enormous untapped potential available to them [the government] in terms of human resources – a magnanimous working-force, who could, for all intents and purposes, be exploited inasmuch as they [the people] could be put to work and produce all sorts of goods for pennies on the dollar, allowing for the country to competitively enter into the world’s capitalist marketplaces, as well they did, allowing for an elite circle of administrators to enrich themselves beyond belief.

The rest is history. Since that turning point in 1979, China is today running a close second in the race for geopolitical dominance – second only to our United States of America, albeit not very far behind. By 2013, China’s resurgence had them on a strategic path of continued development as evidenced by the Belt and Road Initiative [BRI or B&R], a global development strategy designed and conceived exclusively to gain world dominance involving infrastructure development and investments in 70 countries and international organizations. China’s BRI initiative is, to this day, one of the largest investment projects in the history of mankind. Since 1979, China has been among the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world, with real annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 9.5% yearly through 2018 – a pace described by the World Bank as “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history.”

Most of China’s growth and expansion has come at the expense of the United States, as our unhinged capitalist’s lure for profits and profitability had us buying most anything and everything we could buy from them at relatively low prices, notwithstanding the fact that most U.S.’s administrations since 1979, especially Barack Obama’s, thought China’s enrichment made them a more manageable enemy as otherwise them remaining a stagnated world power.

Our deranged greed did not come without a price. By the time Donald Trump became president in 2016, China had dangerously become the U.S.’s biggest banker, while China owns almost one-fifth of all the U.S. debt owed to foreign nations. The Chinese government uses these dollars to buy U.S. Treasuries. Were China ever to call in its debt holdings, we, the U.S., would be in deep trouble.

To make a long story short, in time, the U.S. became dangerously dependent on China. One of the most troubling areas of dependency is associated with our unprecedented reliance on China for pharmaceuticals as most all our active pharmaceutical ingredients, better known as API’s and the basic components for all antibiotics and other prescription drugs consumed by Americans today come from China. Think of what this could mean if there ever was a biological war between our countries. Think of what it would mean to Americans if China were to ever suddenly stopped making antibiotics. Think only of what this would do to us as a nation, making this Coronavirus pale in comparison.

In short friends, there isn’t a question, none whatsoever that, today, China stands as a potential threat to the U.S., in more ways than one. As contended by our president Donald Trump many times, among the most egregious things China has been able to get away with albeit with the blessings of all the past presidents over the past forty years has been their discernible cloning of our technologies and know-how expertise.

In short, I very firmly believe that Donald Trump is and has been [the] only U.S. president in history to have recognized the enormous threat that China represented to our nation, let alone the highly unbalanced nature of our bilateral economic ties with them – one where the latter was unequally rewarded by billions of dollars, mostly the result of unfavorable trade practices which had the U.S., in the losing end, paving the way for the start of what many choose to label as Trump’s trade war.

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic ironically comes at a time when Trump’s so-called trade war with China is implemented at the expense of the latter [China] having to, as they say, “bite the bullet” by taking a large hit on many of the goods and services they were used to providing us with – a serious setback in their path to expanding their global dominance if you will.

While many look upon Trump’s relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping as a cordial one, as indeed it may be, do not kid yourselves into believing this is the start of a honeymoon. It is not. Xi Jinping’s “cordialness” may very well be looked upon by almighty China’s Communist Party and its leaders as none other than weak and a potential threat to their status quo and everything they were hoping for in terms of geopolitical prowess. To many in the world, Trump’s relationship with China may come as a blessing in disguise – to others in China’s Communist Party and otherwise, Trump and his politics are all but “a thorn in the side.”

And, this my friends, is what I believe supports my outlandish proposition as to what might have really propelled this pandemic attack. Let’s face it. This presumed insignificant trade war, started by President Trump, may in fact be much more significant to them than first meets the eye of all of us. It may have, one can readily assume, had such a significant impact on the future of China, well-worthy to them to start a war with their number one rival and purportedly the cause of all their perils – the United States of America. On that premise, there could also be the realization by China that conventional wars, including but not limited to a nuclear war, might, in fact, be a lot more than they are willing to risk, so why not a peaceful biological war instead – one they knew they had a chance of winning as the enemy was unprepared and, furthermore, dependent on them in many ways.

Ironically, in case you did not know or may not be aware of, many experts concur in the fact that, while the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the globe may have had its origins in China, the crisis will leave China in a much stronger position geopolitically relative to the United States.

In summary, as I said at the beginning, I cannot really assert that China was, in fact, responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. I am, however, asserting that you cannot rule them out as capable of doing it – more so at a time in history when they were abruptly interrupted in their path to world supremacy. Food for thought if you will. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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