The Dangers of the HR-1 Bill


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If you are a conservative Republican like I am, I must presume that, you, like me, are absolutely flabbergasted, dumbfounded, astonished with where we are headed under the new Democrat / Biden administration. Biden’s first six weeks in office have been nothing short than shockingly scary. Notwithstanding all the aberrations seen in Biden’s Executive Order madness, there is one behind-the-scenes movement, contentiously sidestepped by the media, which, as far as I am concerned, promises to be the final chapter to our Constitutional Republic as we know it.

I am referring specifically to the Democrats’ open efforts to change all the rules governing elections protocols and voting regulations. Regardless and irrespective of whether you believe that the past November 2020 elections were rigged or not, as claimed by Trump, I think we can all agree there were significant irregularities, enough to warrant legitimate suspicions of the outcome – a dangerous predicament I may add.

My narrative today, is not, repeat, it is not about what happened or did not happen on November 3rd, 2020. My narrative today, focuses exclusively with what lies ahead with this highly sensitive issue of election regulations – a topic which I personally deem to be one of the most vulnerable political issues of the time, if not [the] most critical of them all.

I start with the assumption, hope you will agree with me, that if I had to choose one issue which separates a democracy from a totalitarian state, from a dictatorship; an issue that separates a democratic Constitutional Republic from all other forms of government; that separates our great nation from all other run-of-the-mill third-world banana republics is, in fact, “democratically-sanctioned” elections – that is how significant, vital, and momentous it is to have an election process we all can trust and rely upon. I think you all will concur with me on that.

Historically, our United States has been like the world’s model of election honesty, thus the world’s model of democracy. In the year 2000, however, the nation had its first taste of election controversy as it pitted Republican candidate George W. Bush and Democratic candidate Al Gore over a mere 600 vote count margin in our own state of Florida. Since then, the “vote-counting” issue has recurred, mostly at state levels. That is until the infamous 2020 elections where, as we all know, all hell broke loose.

Now folks, here is my worry. Based on what I have seen so far, based on my contention that this twenty-first century Democratic Party is a Trojan Horse for a Communist takeover of this great nation, it would not come as any surprise that democrats would go into an all-out effort to stay in power; to stay in control as well as have all totalitarian states throughout history before. If I am right in my assumption, the simplest way to accomplish their objective would be to control the election results, wouldn’t it? Think about. Making sure they stay in power would probably spare them the need to use other more violent alternatives, would it not?

There may be some of you who think, I am over-the-top on this one, but I ask you to please, think again. Think about it carefully. Matter of fact, for the most incredulous amongst you, I say democrats are already well-on-their-way to masterfully crafting a voting system which allows them to manipulate election results at will – again, I emphasize, nothing to do with November 3rd. I am specifically referring to a sweeping elections reform Bill HR-1, a/k/a “For the People Act” introduced twice and passed on Wednesday, March 3rd in the House of Representatives. Mark my words, if ever this bill is ratified by the Senate and becomes law, it promises the destruction of our Constitutional Republic as we know it – no two ways about it friends.
Given, in my humble opinion, the significance of this bill, and, notwithstanding the lack of attention given it by the radical Left media, I have taken the time to do my own due diligence and decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to know exactly what I am talking about. To that end, below please find an itemized list of what I consider key issues contained in this bill.

✔ Provides for unrestricted Nationwide Mail-In Voting.
✔ Legalizes Limitless Ballot Harvesting.
✔ Prohibits Attempts to Clean Voter Rolls.
✔ Murderers and Rapist will be allowed to vote.
✔ Provides for Internet-Only Registration with Electronic Signatures.
✔ Bans Voter Registration Requirement of Social Security identification.
✔ Allows for Nationwide Same-Day Registration.
✔ Provides for a Congressional Takeover of Redistricting
✔ Provides for 16 Year-Old Voting Age.

So folks, from here on out, I would urge you all to be on the look-out for what for what is better known in political lingo, in the vernacular of politicians and politics, the term “voter access” – to wit, the label given to the controversial issue at the heart of this bill. In other words, the so-called “voter-access” issue is, no more no less, who and how will be able to vote. Democrats, on the one hand, clamoring Bill HR-1 will increment voter access. Vis-à-vis, Republicans, rightfully arguing, all the bill does is provide for all kinds of voter fraud, literally manipulating free-for-all eligibility guidelines which will inevitably lead to cheating.

Folks, I don’t think I need to say much more, do I? While we all are trying to keep our hopes high to regain our country back in 2022 and 2024, it all rides, it is all contingent on our presumption we can have democratically sanctioned trustworthy elections, however much, this simple objective is very much contingent on election results we can trust and we can depend on, is it not? Besides the inherent dangers of the HR-1 bill, up to now, as we all know, election protocols and regulations all rested with State Legislatures. Democrats, are now tirelessly attempting to divert this power to the Federal government, giving them a government centralized control of the election process.

For our peace of mind, however, it appears as though, for now at least, the HR-1 bill will not be passed by the Senate. We can all thank that to our modern-day Senate rules with the “filibuster” option which requires 60 votes vs. a simple 51 majority to pass controversial legislation such as this bill. For now, democrats would need for 10 Republican Senators jumping to their side – not impossible but highly unlikely in this case.
Bottom line folks, friends, be on the look-out, be watchful of this critical so-called “voting-access” issue. It all points to a “dead-end” road – the end of democracy and the end of our Constitutional Republic. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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