A Message to all Democrats


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To all Democrats:

Congratulations to you all. It has been 42 days since your President Joe Biden took over the highest, most powerful office in the world. In this short period of time, I dare all of you democrats to name just one, a single action, policy, rule, directive, order, anything which you can deem to be for the good of the nation and its people. Just one please.

As a political commentator, I am frantically watching the news round the clock. Matter of fact, my dependency on news is bordering an “OCD” [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder] – that is how bad it is with me. Day in and day out, I look for “headlines” – words set at the head of a passage or page which encapsulate in a few words the current events of the day, the week, the month, whatever.
Following are some of the “headlines’ of Biden’s new administration in the last 42 days:

✔ Biden Cancels the Excel Pipeline
✔ Biden Opens Borders – 117,000 unaccompanied migrant children expected to come in    the U.S. – more than 2019 and 2020 combined.
✔ 108 Illegal immigrants tested positive with COVID-19.
✔ Biden rejoins the Paris Climate Accord.
✔ Biden reverses restriction on Muslims traveling to the U.S.
✔ Biden allots $500 million dollars to WHO [World Health Organization]
✔ Biden puts a stop to new oil and gas leases on U.S. land and water.
✔ Biden to provide citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.
✔ Biden rescinds Trump’s immigration agreements with Mexico.
✔ Biden reverses Trump policies prohibiting funding that provide or refer patients to abortion clinics.
✔ Biden issues Executive Order allowing cities to fund protests in support of Black Lives Matter.

At the expense of boring you, I could if I wanted to go on with this list, but I think you all get the message. I could also take each one of these actions and go to great lengths detailing how bad each one of these policies are; what negative repercussion they all will have for every American in this country, however I will not waste my time doing that. I venture to say, anyone that is not brain-dead can figure that out on his or her own, or can you not? I figure you could.

After a meager 42 days in office, you know what? I hate to say it, but I have to say it anyways, notably, historically, traditionally, virtually all Communist leaders, from Karl Marx, to Lenin and Stalin, to Mao Zedong, to even Fidel Castro, as much as they were all evil, as much as they all were bright and intelligent. Your clown Biden here is not only a Socialist but on top he just happens to be a complete idiot, which does not speak very highly of the 81.2 million of you who voted for this clown. It is bad enough that we have a Socialist / Communist in the White House, it is worse yet that he is, on top of it, as stupid as they come.

In a recent interview made public, your clown President, when discussing the COVID pandemic situation had to pull a note card to remind him how many Americans had died of the virus. I could not believe it. Is this guy for real? Anyways, to my point again, my narrative today is directed to all 81.2 million of you democrats who voted for this guy. How could you? I can go as far as understanding all of you being romantic Socialists as you all know no better. What I cannot understand, for the life of me, is all of you voting for a mental midget.

By the way, I meant exactly what I said at the opening, I will be happy to shut my mouth, if anyone of all you 81.2 million who voted for this clown could name just one thing that is good for either you or the country. Should not be that hard, should it? I have tried extremely hard myself to find something positive, anything that could be for the better of our country or for ourselves and, sorry to say, I have yet to come-up with nothing, absolutely nothing that could be construed as such – absolutely nothing. Matter of fact, arguably, I think every single policy thus far is inherently bad for the country and for every single American.

In closing, unlike you all, I will refrain from cataloguing you, or lumping you all into a single universe by calling you all “idiots” for electing this guy and his Party as well I should, however, doing so would be the equivalent of what you guys are used to doing to us, such as when we [conservative Republicans] were all labeled “a basket of deplorables” by Hillary Clinton on an election campaign speech. I will not do that. I will give you all a pass and will give you all the benefit of the doubt. I will try to assume that you misguidedly voted for this clown since you thought it would be different; or since you were mistakenly led to believe that Socialism was something else; or since you voted for him only because you disliked Trump so much; or…whatever other reason you voted for this man and for this Party.

Vis-à-vis, by the same token, on the other hand, after these forty-two days and after looking at what has transpired in this time, the aforementioned policies, if you can still defend your vote, concur with these policies or otherwise believe in your heart of hearts that there is one single action thus far which is good for either yourself or the country, in that case, yes, you are, sorry to say, respectfully, a complete and first class idiot yourself as well as your President. If you are, I personally would not hesitate at all to use your leader Hillary Clinton’s maxim and call you all that “basket of deplorables” – a label better-suited for you all. May God save us and may God save this nation.


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