The Kavanaugh Travesty

Talk about “Banana Republic” politics – we are not getting there, we are there already.


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As recently as a couple of weeks back, on September 11th, I posted my article “The Brett Cavanaugh Charade”. In the article, I summoned to share with you my views on one of the most cynical and contemptuous political spectacles I had yet to witness since I first came to this great country back in 1960. Little did I know that the 3-ring circus which started on September 4th, aimed at appraising Brett Kavanaugh’s worthiness to becoming a Justice in the Supreme Court of the U.S., would be followed up by one of [the] most repulsive, abhorrent, and hideous conspiracies ever in the annals of political rivalry.

Talk about “Banana Republic” politics – we are not getting there, we are there already. I guarantee you some third-world countries, take more pride and dignity in the way that they conduct their business than we do. Shame on you Democrats.

Let me preface some of my comments on this extravaganza of deceit and lies, by offering my most sincere apologies to all women out there who have been victimized by sexual predators. Vis-à-vis, I am not going to apologize for believing that this Cristine Blasey Ford, a/k/a, Dr. Ford, is nothing but rip-off artist – an opportunist who either fabricated the story of being sexually abused by Kavanaugh and/or confused the attacker while under the influence of alcohol or hallucinatory substances. Not many alternatives – one or the other. You pick the one come Thursday when she testifies at the Senate’s Judiciary hearing.

Some of the things that bother me most of this Dr. Ford, are, in addition to many others that make my smell-test fail miserably is the timing of it all– bringing a crime as dreadful as the one she claims out in public some 36 years after-the-fact, precisely at the time that Senate is getting ready to confirm Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, I personally find it hard to believe at all. Coincidence maybe?

Should this case be not more than a feeble political fabrication, Dr. Ford’s selective memory seems to have blocked all relevant information regarding the attack – issues such as the date, place and names of the people at the party of the alleged attack were expediently forgotten, but not the attacker himself. Coincidence maybe? And, by the way, all 3 of the purported witnesses also denied having any recollection whatsoever of Ms. Ford allegations. Coincidence maybe?

On and on. To be perfectly honest with you, I think the whole dam thing is but a conspiracy to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Plain and simple. In addition to what is evident as far as coverage or lack-of-it thereof by the ‘fake news’, let me just share with you some narrative sent to me this morning by my cousin Luli. Most of you will not have access to the facts I am about to share as its contents have been conveniently removed from the Web. Suffice it say, someone out there doesn’t want for you and me to know about this. Coincidence maybe?

As little or nothing has been conveniently told about the accuser and/or her background, let me just say this. On September 19, 2018, a blog published by the “Cult of the 1st Amendment” details issues dealing with Cristine Blasey Ford’s Holton-Arms High School yearbook, which again, was suitably scrubbed from the web on Monday September 17th, 2018. Not before, however, someone apparently got a hold of its contents and brought it to the public light, so let me share with you some of what I know.

First and foremost, as part of the plot, the accuser has been introduced to the court of public opinion as a puritan victim – a member in good standing of the “Me Too” movement – a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, which followed sexual misconduct allegations first made against Hollywood mogul producer Harvey Weinstein.

For the record, Dr. Ford’s High-School Holton-Arms, is an independent college preparatory school for girls, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Its yearbook, known as “Scribe”, published stories and pictures appearing in the 1982, 1983 and 1984 issues, the latter being the year that Ford graduated. The Scribe yearbooks tell a compelling story of what Crissy Blasey, the name she used back in the day, and the drunken white privileged racist playgirls of Holton-Arms favorite pastimes were all about – a story far opposite from the harmless prim and proper image that Democrats would want us all to perceive – matter of fact very far from it.

Allegedly, as I was not able to do a complete fact-check on the contents, the primary source of fun and entertainment for the Holton-Arms’ girls was to go into binge-drinking and promiscuity, thus the scrubbing of the yearbooks from the web. Numerous passages in the yearbooks discuss the drunken keg parties held while parents were away from home. In the yearbooks, the Holton girls proudly portray themselves as sexual predators.

Regarding Dr. Ford’s memory loss, one of the quotes that appeared on the Scribe talks about the joy of passing out and forgetting everything you did the night before, and it says:

“And there were always parties to celebrate any occasion. Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.” No comments!

The most damaging story in Dr. Ford’s character relative to her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh is that during her intense partying in high-school when the alleged Kavanaugh attack took place, “she was experiencing hallucinations from substance abuse. She was driving in a highly impaired inebriated state, and she crashed her vehicle into a building”. Specifically documented in Scribe 84 – Ford’s senior year in high-school, is the fact that she operated a motor vehicle under the influence of a psychoactive substance while crashing her vehicle. This, my dear friends is the true character of the accuser vs. the character of man who, by default, and by the assertions of a legion of supporters has been a man of the highest moral integrity and dignity.

Let me just say this, every day that goes by I despise you Democrats that much more. I say you are a ruthless cadre of hypocritical double-standard maleficent liars and outright cynical political animals. Your quest for power and your resentment for losing the 2016 elections is vibrantly showing in your continued campaigns of hatred, divisiveness and jarring the nation to where it is clear that you loathe the progress being made by Donald Trump – your nemesis, if only because of the evident improvements over a decadent republic handed us by an Obama reign of communist inclines – its roots deeply embedded in all who continue to undermine our democracy.

Mind you all, the Kavanaugh travesty is but just another sham amidst an unending farce now prevalent most everywhere we look around. Corruption in Washington is rampantly obvious. Trump’s alleged Russian-collusion is all a hoax – a witch-hunt. And so are the battles on immigration law and opening our borders to murderers; and so is the apparent support for a failed Obamacare health plan; and so is everything that you God-dammed democrats stand for. All the while as Barack Obama and his army of communist S.O.B.’s gently watch Democrats attack a president who he has done nothing but “Make America Great Again”.

My advice to the Republican establishment is, do not let your guard down with this, Democrat’s latest hoax. As reputable and honorable as you would want me to believe your Dr. Ford is, I say I guilelessly cannot accept a 36-year-old allegation made by a binge drinker and one who admittedly experienced hallucinations from substance abuse. As far as the actual alleged sexual attack suffered by Ford, maybe she was attacked…or maybe she wasn’t. If she was, based on what was going on in her life at the time, I dare say, this is the quintessential case of mistaken identity given her hallucinatory drug use.

Should Republicans drop the Kavanaugh guard and let Democrats continue to have it their way in the confirmation process, I say they can kiss the Mid-Term elections good-bye, maybe the 2020 presidential elections as well. As for the rest of us, there is more at stake with all that is going on than we care to assume. If, for any reason, we let Democrats take over, I have no doubt, we would be on a path of “more-of-the-same”. More of giving Iran, the number one exporter of terrorism in the world, the puny sum of 150 billion dollars of which 1.8 billion was delivered in cash; more of renewing relations with Cuba; more of having a Secretary of State allowing for a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans be helplessly murdered; more of selling the U.S., Uranium reserves to Russia – talk about collusion with the enemy.

In summary, I think come Thursday, the court of public opinion will have a chance to reach a verdict. Meantime, I say, for the nation to have reached a point to where an unfounded allegation of the magnitude such as is the alleged sexual attack against one of the most highly respected men both in public as well as in its private life must be an all- time low for the nation. If nothing else, the acceptance of Dr. Ford’s allegations as factual, can only serve to open the gates for a flood of similar allegations in the future, thus aiding to grossly destroy the lives of good men such as is Brett Kavanaugh.

In ending, I urge all of you diehard Democrats to consider moving to Venezuela. I am sure there, in Venezuela, your antics such as the Kavanaugh travesty and others are welcomed and encouraged. Until then, until you move, however, please don’t stand in the way of Making America Great Again. We conservative Republicans will be forever grateful if you decide to move. Matter of fact, I personally will suggest my representatives in Congress to go ahead and introduce legislation, specifically aimed at subsidizing your moving to the Communist country of your choice, with one caveat, to wit, that it be a one-way ticket to your destination! My God save America, and may God save us from the impending hoaxes by Democrats.


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