The Manchurian Candidate

Joe Biden is nothing but a convenient figurehead, a puppet, a marionette for a Democratic Party


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So, it is no secret at all that Joe Biden is not running the country. Joe Biden, instead, is nothing but a convenient figurehead, a puppet, a marionette for a Democratic Party that is being run behind-the-scenes by a complex web of Marxists activists led by none other than Barack Obama – that is conventional wisdom. That said, however, I dare say, most Americans, still, to this day are oblivious to a reality which underestimates the unimaginable influence, the unimaginable ascendance that Barack Hussein Obama has had as far as where this nation is today and what the future holds.

Given the momentousness of what one man [Barack Obama] has been able to do to humanity, it is well worth that we all understand who this man really is. Back in 2012, right before the start of Obama’s second term as President, I wrote a 400+ pages book titled “The Beginning of the End”, on who this man was. And regretfully, I must say humbly, my book turned out to be somewhat prophetic, as most of what I said would happen, indeed happened.

So, today, I give myself to the dauntingly difficult task of trying to condense these 400 pages into a shortened version whereby I can provide you within the scope of this short article with an insight of the real Barack Obama, hoping, obviously, that in the abridging process, I will not sacrifice any such relevant material which may be consequential to the essence of what I am trying to get across to you today.

Who is this man who had a Messianic rise from the tombs of the unknown to the world’s highest political post? Let’s not kid ourselves folks, I still remember a young State Senator from Illinois, who, on July 27th, 2004, was chosen to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention [DNC], and, for those of us who watched it, got to be honest, I thought he [Obama] was impressive in that speech.

Man was charismatic, articulate, and most of all was convincing. The speech he gave then was nothing short of remarkable – to say the least. Little did I know, I was watching the same man that would later transform the world. In hindsight, I today can incessantly compare my first impression of this man to the way in which the Bible describes Satan’s uncanny ability to deceive; Satan’s formidable powers of persuasion, while many fall prey and sin succumbing to Satan’s deceptions.

Let us just say, when the world first defined the term “demagogue”, they must have been thinking of Barack Obama – “a political leader who gains power by appealing to people’s emotions, instincts, and prejudices in a way that is considered manipulative and dangerous” – no better definition of what Barack Obama is all about.

But…who is he really? Other than his natural charm, his charismatic qualities, who is the real man behind the facade? For that, let us begin by saying, it is in his DNA. Ever heard the term “Political Socialization”? A concept which asserts that the family, specifically parents, are principal agents by which children and adolescents acquire their political cognition, attitudes, and behaviors. How about if I told you that Obama’s Communist blueprint is found in both his father and mother.

Born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a renown Black Muslim Communist from Kenya and to Ann Durham, a full-fledged radical leftist and a cultural Marxist who frowned on miscegenation [inter-racial relationships] as part of her disparagement against others of her white race. Bottom line, Obama was methodically subjected to Communism and to a cultural Marxist / Leninist doctrine bequeathed to him by both parents.

The next footprint of Communism in Obama’s life comes by way of his relationship as a young man growing in Hawaii with a Frank Marshall Davis – a black writer-poet, well known member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party of the USA [CPUSA] at the time, also well known to the House Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities for his involvement in several Communist-front organizations. This renowned Communist developed a close relationship with Barack Obama becoming one of his mentors and most trusted advisors.

The next stop in Obama’s trail of Communist interactions comes while attending Columbia University from 1981 to 1983. In his book “Dreams of My Father,” Obama reveals how he, while attending this school goes to conferences given by members of the USA’s Communist Party [CPUSA] as well as other conferences offered by Maoists, Trotskyists, radicals, gay activists, and radical feminists. It is clear that, by this time, at the tender age of 22, Obama is already displaying his political colors. For the first time in his life, we sense Obama’s self-indulgence in the teachings of Communism by the elite of this doctrine’s most acclaimed lecturers of the time.

At age 24, in 1985 Obama is recruited as a “Community Organizer” in a predominantly Black neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago. What does a community organizer do? To put it simple, a community organizer, as the name implies, organizes the resentments and paranoia within a community, directing those feelings against other communities, from whom either benefits or revenge are to be gotten from, using whatever rhetoric or tactics will accomplish that objective – it is frightful to realize that the term “community organizer” can also be associated with the likes of men like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Valdimir Lenin and Fidel Castro.

If you think it is bad thus far, ask me and I say, for me personally, and/or, as far as I am concerned, [the] most significant, [the] most dangerous, [the] most relevant, [the] most telltale, and [the] most scary insignia of who this man [Barack Obama] is and what this man is really all about, are his inexorable ties and links to Saul Alinsky. The relevancy of the connection between these two men is unprecedented in terms of the political impact it has had in this nation’s history and its future.

For those of you who might have not been acquainted with Saul Alinsky, metaphorically speaking, Alinksy is to American Communism, what George Washington was to our United States Constitutional Republic. Notably, Alinsky’s model purports to have revolutionary changes be brought upon the United States of America via a gradual evolution of opportunistic transformations.

Suffice it to say, that one year prior to his death, in 1971 Alinsky published his book “Rules for Radicals”, which he symbolically dedicated to the “Anti-Christ Lucifer” [Satan]. Obama not only learns about Alinsky, but also decides to become a professor of the Alinsky’s model for community organizers to undermine the values of United States of America, using ‘reverse racism’ as the principal source of political disruption. Simply put, the despairing realization that a President of the United States of America was once a professor of the one man that was this nation’s most prolific hater, enemy, is outright startling! Or is it?

I could if I wanted to, go on and on, again, as I wrote 400+ pages, which is more of the same that you have read so far. My dear friends, followers, just so that you understand, I have said it before, and I will say it again. Barack Hussein Obama, along with his wife Michelle Obama are this nation’s worst enemies. Obama personifies, our own version of a Trojan Horse, an Anti-Christ and the Manchurian Candidate all rolled into one.

The magnanimity of what has happened in the last fifteen years, the unimaginable collapse of the greatest empire in the history of humanity, the United States of America, is but only a testament to a one man’s commitment to fundamentally transform the United States of America – a commitment made by Barack Hussein Obama on Tuesday, November 4th, election eve, 2008. A commitment welcomed by sixty-two million Americans who wanted the now prevalent “change,” in every fabric of our society. May God save us and may God save the United States of America.


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