And you Wonder Why?

,,,one of the principal culprits on why we are where we are is our own Republican Party


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If you have, like I have, watched the news lately, I think you will agree with me in that there are now mountains of evidence to prove that Joe Biden is at center-stage of one of [the] most corrupt influence peddling schemes in U.S. history. There are, like they say, countless “smoking-guns” with evidence beyond a reasonable doubt pointing to, again, [the] most crooked scheme in U.S. history bar none, paving the way for what is really an absurd question: Why has Joe Biden not been impeached?

I beg you to notice that I am not, repeat, I am not asking why Biden has not been removed from office, tried for treason, tried for obstruction of justice, and/or for any other criminal charges. The answers to all of these are as simple as understanding that Biden’s Department of Justice, and /or every law-enforcement agency in the nation, including but not limited to the FBI, are all a part of the problem and not a part of the solution – they all have been weaponized and are, simply said, working on behalf of the Biden Crime Family in a major conspiracy to cover-up and insulate them from any guilt.

All that said, which we all already know, my opening question really is: Why has not Joe Biden been impeached by a House led by the Republican Party? Up until the midterm elections in 2022, you could have made the case that since Democrats had taken control of the House, there was some logic understanding why not. What I cannot understand, for the life of me, is why in hell have not our yellow-belly Republican weaklings in the House not impeached Joe Biden yet?

Think about this, Biden’s crimes, would make Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, all three look like altar servers. So, let us get it straight friends, in order to impeach Biden, all the House would need is a simple majority consisting of 218 votes. Since 2022 there are 222 House Republicans, who, if united, would have more than enough votes to impeach Biden, much the same as Democrats did with Trump when they were the ones in the majority.

So, if you listen to Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, he keeps boasting about an “impeachment inquiry.” To be clear friends, an impeachment inquiry is not, I repeat, it is not an impeachment – it is, instead, nothing more than an investigation, however, MaCarthy’s lexicon expediently, and conveniently is used as a means of satisfying legions of Americans, who, when listening to the word “impeachment”, tend to discard the principal word which is “inquiry.” By doing this all that our House Republican caucus is doing is misleading us into believing they [House Republicans] are taking the strongest action possible against Biden, which, in reality, could not be farther from the truth.

So…if you, like me, keep wondering why we are where we are as a nation, wonder no more. Let us all take the blindfolds off and let us deal with a sad reality. Yes, we can blame Biden, and we can blame the Democratic Party for the nation’s chaos, but one of the principal culprits on why we are where we are is our own Republican Party; it is the old Swamp animals, like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, it is all the RINO’s and turncoats that, quietly, continue to side with Democrats in signing into legislation, bills and laws that are precisely the opposite to all they claim to be doing in our nation’s best interest. So, again, in case you are wondering, why have we not impeached this corrupt President, wonder no more, it is our Republican wimps. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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