The Trump Indictment

Trump’s indictment could very well be the Democrat’s only way to keep the White House for yet another four years


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As you all may have heard already, last night ex-President Donald Trump himself announced the bombshell news that he had been indicted on seven counts in the special counsel’s classified documents probe at his Mar-A-Lago residence. Among the most serious crimes in these counts are:

✓ Conspiracy to Obstruct
✓ Mishandling of Classified Information
✓ Obstruction of Justice
✓ Destruction of Documents
✓ Espionage Act 10 years

This is serious stuff friends, if found “guilty” each and every one of these charges are punishable with either fines and/or fines and serious jail time. The Conspiracy to Obstruct charge is punishable with up to 40 years in prison, under the Espionage Act with up to 10 years, and the rest with 5 years. And, if anyone of you think that our weaponized Communism is not capable of putting Trump behind bars, I got news for you – think again.

For me, personally, I am, besides being repulsed, I am angry, I am fuming, I am livid, and then some. Today, I am embarrassed to be an American. Many of us left Cuba in our show of utter disdain for what Communism is all about, only to now find ourselves amidst the very same ideology, the very same political system which made us leave our homeland to begin with.

Today is a sad, tragic day, a heartbreaking landmark for what once was the sanctuary of democracy in the world. This new United States today is no better than a third-world Banana Republic, so used to becoming autocratic dictatorships with all the bells and whistles unique to them such as oppressive, dictatorial, tyrannical, despotic practices, as we now see in the new United States. Trump’s formal accusation is not only a new low, but this is as low as this country has ever been, bar none.

My take on the criteria which best defines a dictatorship is when an administration in power, such as what is happening now, finds a way to dismantle the rule-of-law of the nation. The moment any government has control over the judicial system; the moment that a government weaponizes their Department of Justice, and weaponizes their lead intelligence and law-enforcement bodies, you might as well understand, you can rest assured that we are no longer living in that free country we thought we were living – simple and stupid as that.

Then again, did you expect any different under an administration of a man and his family who are all but a corrupt Mafia that has, for years, been selling his soul and his country to our worse enemies?

Folks, let me say this, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have betrayed our country right before our very eyes, all the while as our God-Damned Republican Party are all but a bunch of stinking cowards, reeking weaklings, and rotten wimps – every single one of them. Honestly, we deserve to be right where we are today. All that Republicans do is talk, talk, talk, and more talk. Meantime we allow a Hillary Clinton to wash-out, bleach all 33,000 e-mails from her server; we allow the FBI to keep a lock on that Biden crackhead’s laptop; we allow for Joe Biden, that Mike Pence SOB, to mishandle classified documents in a worse manner than Trump and do nothing about it; we allow a Joe Biden to sell his political influence for millions of dollars to our most rogue adversaries, and…we do diddly squat about it, so…what can we expect?

Last but not least, I just hope some of us in our Republican Party learn our lesson from this Trump formal accusation. I know how many do not like Trump for one reason or another, his personality maybe whatever. And I know many are now into the Ron DeSantis band wagon. Well, guess what? As far as I am concerned, there is only one man that could re-take back this country and that man friends, is Donald J. Trump. Since the 2020 elections, and the January 6th riots, the Left, has done an incredible brainwashing job, sufficiently good to affect our short-term memories.

The Left has managed to divide us in such a way that many of the 2016 and 2020 Trumpers today do not like him anymore. Again, short memories maybe? Look, there is a reason the Left and Democrats are out to destroy Donald Trump. That reason: because they know that Trump is [the] only man that was able to put a temporary hold to the Communist crusade that started back in 2008 with the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. And the other reason is that they know also that Trump is [the] only on that can take the country back from them in 2024. Please open your eyes.

Trump’s formal accusation alone should be enough to makes us all rally behind the one man that can take us back to the Promised Land once again. Honestly, I give Trump a lot of credit. If I were him, I would admit defeat and send everyone to hell. He actually does not need all the aggravations that he is going through for the sake of giving us back the country that was taken from us by a cabal of radical Communist activists; by a conjure of corrupt self-serving oligarchic dictators out on a crusade of destruction under the banners of “Climate Change” and AOC’s “Green New Deal” b.s.

If you were counting on the 2024 elections as [the] ultimate means of taking back this nation and letting Trump “Make America Great Again”, I say, his [Trump’s] indictment could very well be the Democrat’s only way to keep the White House for yet another four years, which, will leave this nation but with only one way, and one way only out of the chaotic mess we are in, to wit, another Civil War. That is, of course, assuming our Biden genius and all his “Woke” generals have not taken us to a nuclear Armageddon sooner than later. God save us and God save the United States of America.


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