Takeaway from the November 7th, Elections

I also see abortion rights as a top referendum on the outcome of these elections.


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As you all know, yesterday, Nov. 7,2023 was Election Day in at least 37 states of the union, as Americans cast their votes on everything from governorships to local referendums.  For me, personally, notwithstanding all of the Democrats’ election manipulation hacks, I look upon election results as a much more credible indicator in the 2024 picture, than I do polls.

Historically, I have always contended that polls are as good as the pollsters, which just goes to say that you can take them all with a grain of salt as has been proven many times before. On the other hand, election results, again, assuming same are legitimate can more often than not, serve as true markers of what lies ahead in the bigger scope of things.

So, what were my takeaways from yesterday’s election results assuming these were trustworthy.  Well, to be honest, all said, it was as good as it could be for Democrats, likewise as bad for Republicans.  There were key races and key issues, where most headliners went to the Democrats.  There were three key states sharing the limelight inasmuch as what lies ahead.  These three states were Kentucky, Ohio, and Viriginia.

Of these three, Virginia was, you could say, at center-stage of the GOP hope spectrum as Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin was defeated by Virginia Democrats in his efforts to turn the state fully red by defending their state Senate majority lead and flipping control of the House of Delegates by Democrats, neither one of which came to fruition. As a side comment to this loss, Youngkin’s campaign mostly relied on the “Pro-Life” side of the abortion controversy had he succeeded in taken both chambers.

In Ohio, both liberal ballot measures, including the right to codify abortion rights in the state constitution succeeded with near super-majorities. And in Kentucky, Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear handily defeated GOP contender Daniel Cameron.

My humble takeaways from this election, first, once again, the warning signs are like the writing on the wall for Republicans to take a note.  Despite the encouraging polling data of the past few weeks that showed Biden trailing Trump in 5 out 6, key battleground states, namely, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, Republicans should not lay to rest on their laurels, and think for a moment that they have it all wrapped-up for 2024, as yesterday’s elections clearly showed  just the opposite.

Point I am trying to make, I would not want 2024 to be yet another 2022 mid-term disappointment, as most everyone was expecting a GOP “Red Wave” that never happened. I thought yesterday’s elections, moreover, the Virginia results sent a clear message of what we can expect in 2024.

Unbelievably, or rather, ironically, the “abortion rights” issue, could be just as critical or as important as are other key issues such as the economy, inflation, the border, the wars on Ukraine and Israel, etc.  In fact, you would figure all such other issues would have a priority for voters, but the fact is that abortion ranks right up there with the rest as the coveted women’s vote was especially affected by the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, which effectively leaves restrictive abortion provisions entirely in the hands of states.

While I am not ready to overwhelm you with statistics, suffice it to say that the women’s complete voting universe in the 2020 elections was comprised of 74.1 million women of which approximately 51% or 38 million were or lean to the Democratic Party.  Only problem is of the remaining 36.1 million GOP women voters, there is a respectable number that side with the “Pro-Choice” issue on abortion, thus making this group of voters critical in determining the outcome of the 2024 elections much the same as what just happened in yesterday midterm elections.

Needless to say, I am a “Pro-Life” advocate, however, I can’t lose track of the fact that abortion rights is a highly controversial / sensitive issue for women and their rights on their bodies, as well I don’t lose track that, strictly from a practical political vantage point, abortion rights can and will be rather decisive issue in the 2024 election. As such, the GOP should give this issue the critical attention it deserves, while not letting passions override reason to where we give the house away in 2024.

Whichever side of this delicate issue you happen to be on, the fact is that abortion rights keep winning and winning in the ballot box – simple as all that. Question is, how far are we conservatives willing to go, considering the stakes, namely, letting abortion supporters re-elect Joe Biden and/or extend a Democratic administration stay in power for another four years?

While I personally do not have a clear-cut answer or solution to this dilemma, and while I am not ready to compromise my personal advocacy for what I deem to be the morally correct answer, I do think there maybe ways, still, to adhere to our moral criteria while lessening the chances of sacrificing a nation with another devastating four years of a Socialist / Marxist administration, albeit my solution does call for a bit of an open-minded approach.

To now, Republicans have been staunchly embracing a federal 15 week ban on abortion.  I say, let’s not try to impose our own moral and/or religious beliefs on others, much the same way that our Constitution allows for diversity in freedom of religion.  In other words, to each his or her own.  Why not just take the abortion issue altogether out of all ballots in 2024 and refrain from trying to ban it by law. Let each woman make up her mind as to what she thinks is righteous for her on a case-by-case scenario.

Bottom line to my narrative today, while I see a whole host of critical issues that should decide which way we want to vote in 2024, I also see abortion rights as a top referendum on the outcome of these elections. Given all that is at stake then, the abortion issue becomes critically relevant to how it is handled by our Republican Party, as such, I just hope they smart-up to how they will treat it in the 2024 ballots, and, in doing so, do take very seriously the results of yesterday’s elections, which sent a clear message of what we can expect in 2024.  God save us and God save the United States of America.


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