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I don’t see a way out of the prevalent ideological crisis now taking place in our nation, other than another Civil War.


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I was recently talking to a good friend of mine, who called me just to let me know how frustrated he was with everything that was going on in the nation. I immediately perceived my friend’s state of frustration. I sensed his irritation, disgruntlement, grievance, and I quickly realized that I was on the very same page he was. No sooner had I told him how much I related to the way he felt, no sooner did he ask me if I could write a narrative about it in Facebook, which I promised him I would – and this is it, promise kept.

Let me preface this chronicle, however, by saying that, I truly and honestly believe, my friend’s frustrations and mine, are shared by millions of Americans inasmuch, however, as we never really hear about it, do we? Reason for this containment is simply because a great majority of us, just like my friend, aren’t able to voice and share our opinions publicly, while instead, we keep it cramped to but a rather limited circle of close friends and /or a few people with whom we interact in our day-to-day lives.

Regardless of the number of people whom I may or may not reach today, I will attempt in this narrative to speak out on behalf of all those, amongst us, whose voices are never heard for one reason or another. As much as I am aware that each of you out there will have your own opinions and thoughts, and, as much as I respect your individualism, I still hope most of you will join in with me in some of the characterizations I have chosen to describe the absolute unrest prevalent in the new United States of America today– one yet unseen anytime before in the history of the Republic.

Politically speaking, I say our loving nation is as close as it has ever been to hitting “rock-bottom”. The proof is in the pudding. I don’t think you need to go any further than to realize and understand that, for the greatest nation on the face of the earth, to have a mental midget such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at centerstage of most broadcast news in the nation is, in and of itself, one of the most salient signs how wrong things are in the country – aren’t they?

I think for any party in the U.S., whether it be Republican, Democrats, Independents or what have you, to run on a platform that vows to eliminate “farting cows” due to the potential damage these may ensue to the world’s climate balance, is, simply said, an insult to the intelligence – even to those intellectually deprived. As insulting as laughably ridiculous it is for Democrats to try and push that ludicrous Green New Deal on the rest of us.

I think that for 2020 democratic presidential candidates to run off on Marxist’s platforms that propose to increase taxes to the hilt; open borders to every illegal immigrant who wishes to come into the U.S., including but not limited to drug-dealers, murderers, terrorists and otherwise, the unwanted scum of the earth, is yet one more proof that we are as close to hitting rock-bottom as we have ever been or… maybe we have, haven’t we?

As far as I am concerned, one of the most arresting and conspicuous signs of the times and how bad things are in our country are the results of a recently conducted poll which showed that 49.6% of millennials and members of the Generation “Z” [born after 1997] embraced socialism as their preferred system of government. And, for the record, these millennials and Generation Z will represent 37% of the voting universe in the 2020 elections. You can figure out for yourself what is in store for our nation in years to come – what is in store in the aftermath of Donald Trump whenever that may be.

I have said it before and I will say it again folks, as far as I am concerned, the 2016 elections, landmarked a new United States of America. Wish I was saying that only because Donald Trump’s election represented a comeback to everything this country stood for as, the man [Trump], epitomizes all that democracy and capitalism and this constitutional republic stands for, hence the prevalent chaos.

The year 2016, instead, became a milestone for the unexpected interruption of socialism and communism continuing its path of democratically sanctioned elections of a communist to the White House, as was the case with the black Manchurian Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. To be sure, the Socialist Communist Democratic party’s plans for the continuance of communism was all but reassured had it not been precipitously, unexpectedly and unanticipatedly interrupted by Donald Trump, thus the mayhem which is now prevalent just about everywhere we turn – the rampant frustrations felt by my friend, myself and millions of Americans.

These unending deranged tirades clamoring for Trump’s impeachment are bordering on the ridiculous; the Russia-collusion hoax; Muller’s press conference yesterday, which further added fuel to democrat’s impeachment’s drive; the abhorrent Trump-hate crusades we see going all everywhere we turn, albeit Trump’s unparalleled successes, both domestically and internationally, are clear proof that we are not engaged in partisan politics at all but, we are engaged, instead, in an ever so critical ideological war of communism vs. democracy and capitalism. It is not about Trump and Clinton; nor is it about Democrats or Republicans; conservatives or progressives; it is exclusively about communism scarcely camouflaged under the pseudonym of socialism vs. democracy, capitalism and our constitutional republic – that simple.

You know the old saying: “…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Well, guess what, I am getting to the point where I am almost giving-up on my unbridled desire to try and open the eyes of those afflicted by the naivety that “it can never happen in the U.S.” The fallacy that communism cannot ever come to fruition in the U.S., is all but an elusive form of methodical denial. It can not only happen in America, it has already happened. And, if you don’t see it or don’t want to see it, it will just give me the more reasons to believe many of you out there, do want socialism and communism to replace our democracy and capitalism. If you do, so be it, I got one over you. I have already had a taste of what you are in for in my native island of Cuba. And, case you didn’t know you what you are in for, has been and still is, the most horrific political system known to mankind, bar none. Communism, you idiots, has represented over 100 million deaths over the course of history; communism represents famine, oppression, death, lies, envies, you name it. It represents all that could be wrong with a political ideology.

All I can say is: “be careful of what you wish for”. I cannot overlook or ignore the fact that Karl Marx believed that Socialists would eventually take-over the Democratic Party of the U.S., and “immigrants would bring socialist ideas to the United States – any similarity to what is going on with our immigration crisis today is purely coincidental, isn’t it?

I am to the point where, I am giving-up on my political correctness. I am giving up on trying to reason with ‘the enemy’ on the whys and wherefores of what Socialism / Communism are all about. I am almost to the point of wishing all you nitwit imbeciles out there that you get what you are bargaining for. I am almost to the point of wishing for a communist takeover – a takeover of what all that you son-of-bitches out there poetically continue to label socialism. I am really hoping for all you jackasses to finally get a taste of your own medicine.

Matter of fact, I hope you goddamm democrats, go ahead and impeach Donald Trump – do it. Just go ahead and impeach
Trump; why not replace him with your darling 29-year-old, Bronx, N.Y., bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Let this Ocasio-Cortez asshole run the country to the ground; along with her farting cows, eliminate all means of transportation, tax entrepreneurs; get rid of ICE and make it a free entry for all who want to come in. Why not? You are almost there, aren’t you?

Ditto to all you 22 Democratic presidential candidates, all running off Marxist platforms. Don’t wait guys. Why wait? Time has come to destitute the president as they do in third-world banana republics, where coups are just a part of life. Why not get rid of Trump right now as you have wanted since even before he rightfully won the 2016 elections? Impeach Trump now. Don’t waste any more time with this Russia-collusion hoaxes; with obstruction of justice and all the other cockamamy crap you guys have tried to fabricate over the last two years. Let’s get it over and done with. Just do it, you cockroaches.

Sorry friends but I must call it as I see it. I don’t see a way out of the prevalent ideological crisis now taking place in our nation, other than another Civil War. Yes, you heard me right, I am talking about another Civil War. And, don’t think for a moment that the Democrats’ outpouring support for gun-control has nothing to do the possibility that mainstream Americans eventually will have to take to arms to rid the nation of this socialist / communist sickness now afflicting us, which, like cancer, has metastasized to virtually all facets of society.

You may think I am over-the-top, even to suggest such a violent outcome as a Civil War. If you do, think again. Make sure to look around, and just in case you find yourself, like my friend and myself questioning: what the hell is going on, maybe then, and only then, will you come to terms with the realization, such as I did, that we are on the verge of becoming a Socialist / Communist state, and, before we even know it, there will be a new president in the oval office ordering the lowering of “Old Glory” and its replacement by a flag with the hammer and sickle along the raised clenched-fist image – an integral part of communist symbolism in the world.

Before closing, to the more prudent of you in my reading audience, I apologize for my use of some rather strong language in the aforementioned depictions of what is going on in our beloved nation and, while I will not attempt to justify myself for my liberal use of this language, I trust and hope you will understand that it’s use was strictly circumstantial governed by my passion of a subject that is too close for comfort, thus refraining myself from what otherwise could be construed to be etymologically acceptable. May God save us and may God save America.


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