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Marxism, communism and socialism have left humanity with a trail of over 200 million deaths from famine, crimes against humanity, and exploitation of human rights.


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You know, there are things in life which are totally incomprehensible, then again, one of the lessons that we learn as we mature and grow older is that much of what made sense earlier in our lives does not make any more sense today and, vice-versa, much of what we thought was irrational before, nowadays, seems obvious and becoming. Somewhere in-between, however, there are seemingly inexplicable situations which crudely defy logic. This axiomatic controversy is particularly true when dealing with the prevalent political landscape of our United States of America today – then again, it may not be as inconsequential as we thought it was.

I personally believe that all I see going on in our nation today defies all rationales. The actors must know something I don’t – it is that inexplicable. Specifically, it all transcends the whys and wherefores – at times dangerously bordering on the surreal; it is that outré.

To most, if not all Americans, Karl Marx is an unbeknownst name and so are the socio-political doctrines he first professed to the world in his Communist Manifesto published in 1848. Matter of fact, regretfully, the word “communism” is just as extraneous to most Americans as is Marx – no challenges to the intellect whatsoever.

In the Manifesto, Marx and co-author Friedrich Engels, present to the world what they thought was a pragmatical approach to class struggles. The Manifesto summarizes Marx and Engels’ theories concerning the nature of society and politics, featuring ideas on how “the capitalists societies would eventually be replaced by “socialism”. To be sure, make no mistake about it, the terms ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ are, as far as I am concerned, inexorably link to each other, so much so, you can liberally use them interchangeably without concerns of possibly altering their meaning and essence.

For the most part, since the beginning of the Republic, the United States has had a two-party system, to wit, the Democratic and the Republican Party. Notwithstanding the obvious differences that have separated them throughout history, at the end of the day, one could surmise that Americanism and patriotism transcended partisan politics and therein rested the core of greatness of the Republic. Party platforms throughout the ages have all been about issues; about ways of making America better; with each of the parties offering their top options on how to go about reaching what was ‘best for America’ – all the while as mainstream voters from all walks of life ultimately decided which party offered the most plausible alternative, as it related to each individually – democracy at it’s best.

Well, that was then, and, just like that, [the] transformation began. In my heart of hearts, I have to lay blame for most of what is going on today on one America’s darkest chapters in history which was the discrimination against blacks which prevailed even after the Civil War had officially abolished slavery. I look upon the Civil Rights Act enacted in 1964, not just as the end of an era of black discrimination, but also as a milestone marking the beginnings of socialism in the United States’ political arena.

You will agree with me, I guess, with the fact that the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and early 1960’s was all about racial struggles. The Civil Rights victory, albeit its righteous triumph for blacks in America, also paved the way for other struggles to follow, consequently, paving the way for Marx’s doctrines to find their way into the American mainstream. Before me we knew it, class struggles and racism were politically interwoven, cleverly manipulated by a propaganda machinery seeking social reforms in the U.S. as the ultimate dialectic solution to the nation’s problems.

In the last sixty years, America has seen the most radical political transformation ever in the history of the nation, bar none. By the late sixties and early seventies, for the very first time in U.S. history, we saw political platforms sending a message to Americans of the prevalent inequalities and disparities between classes – the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’; the rich, the wealthy and the well-to-do vs., the poor and the disadvantaged, – a modern day version of Marx’s visions of conflicts between the bourgeoise and the proletariat. For the first time in history, a political party, the Democrats, were sublimely telling Americans there was something very wrong with their political system other than racism – that was: capitalism. For the first time in history we hear democratic slogans clamoring for “redistribution of wealth”.

Just like that, before we all could even tell, the unthinkable, the absurd, the impossible, happened. Right before our eyes, communism cleverly shrouded by preferred pseudonyms such as socialism, progressive liberalism and others, made its entry-way into the U.S. political arena. As far as I am concerned, the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States of America, was a political milestone of transcendental consequences answering many of today’s seemingly inexplicable political controversies.

Obama’s commitment to fundamentally transforming the United States of America, as he so declared on October 30, 2008 on the cusp of his presidential election, besides everything else was, as far as I am concerned, a public announcement to the world of what he [Obama] and democrats were set-out to do. Obama’s so-called “transformation” was all about a radical permutation aimed at converting the United States of America into a full-blown Marxist / socialist state – all in the name of social progress.

I think the 2016 presidential elections was a momentous time in the political history of the U.S. for reasons not so obvious to many of us – for reasons other than Donald Trump’s unexpected victory. For the first time in U.S. history, one of the two parties, the democratic party, had an admitted socialist / communist in their ticket and made no apologies for it. The cat was finally out-of-the-bag.

On April 30th, 2016, the junior United States senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Sanders, a self-described ‘socialist’, had an unabashed history of praises for Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua and other communist nations. For the first time in the history of the nation, there was candidate openly running on a classical Marxist platform. As far as I am concerned, Sanders’ platform was symbolically a proclamation by democrats of their mission on transforming the U.S. into a socialist state.

Make no mistake, however, Sanders’ transparent stance on socialism could not be looked upon, per say, as the beginning of socialism in the United States, which had been long in the works, but instead, as a new political era in which socialism was arguably acknowledged as a viable alternative to our capitalist system, if yet embraced by many Americans. The fact that democrats had lost the elections in 2016 to, of all people, Donald Trump – a quintessential capitalist, came as a complete culture-shock to the democratic party. Notwithstanding their defeat, however, the party had made a far-reaching statement inasmuch as they had summarily made socialism a part of the nation’s political culture.

In my mind, the culture-shock to democrats caused by losing the 2016 elections, was such that, once again, all hell broke loose. Short of a third-world banana republic coup d’é·tat, we have seen how hard democrats have tried and are still trying to dispose of Donald Trump, or better yet, of capitalism. Never in the history of the country had we seen the prevalent political hatred and divisiveness we see everywhere we turn. The abhorrence of Donald Trump is such that it has reached unmanageable levels. The prevalent turbulence, the turmoil surrounding this administration are beyond anything we had ever seen before.

But…do not kid yourselves friends, it is not about Trump. It is not about issues anymore – it is about ideologies and ideologues. Stop trying to make some sense about the insensible; stop trying to find logic in the irrational; stop trying to find rationales to the absurd. The list of Trump’s accomplishments since being elected president of the U.S., is beyond the scope of this narrative. Suffice it to say, our nation is now better off than it’s been in a long time. But, then again, it never will be good enough for the socialists. To them, the democrats, it is not about making America better, it is about owning America. To them, the better it is for America – the worse it is for them.

You know something is terribly wrong when people yearn for things that are not in their best interest. It comes with the territory and we call it ‘radicalism’. You can tell something is terribly wrong when a party embraces a radical socialist platform of a 29 year-old ill-advised bartender, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who proposes to eliminate all gas vehicles from the face of the earth along with farting cows because of their gas emissions and the ensuing climate damage. It does not get any more stupid than this, does it?

Worse yet, you know that something is terribly wrong when 2020 presidential contenders, such as Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar, amongst others, make Bernie Sanders’ radical left platform of 2016 pale in comparison – not to mention this gang’s expressed intentions of adopting the so-called Green New Deal proposed by Ocasio-Cortez, which other than it’s inherent stupidity, would come at a presumed cost of approximately 93 trillion dollars which would actually bankrupt the nation.

Come 2020, the choices are simple and straightforward, you can either vote for a Green New Deal; a nation without gas vehicles and cows; higher taxes for everyone; pro-abortion, legalized marihuana, gun control and open borders, or you can vote for ‘Making America Great Again’.

But, ask you may, what is it that drives anyone to endorse these radical agendas? And the answer is: ever heard the adage: “history repeats itself”. Anyone familiar with communism will tell you. Communism thrives on envy, resentment, jealousy; on wanting what others have; on getting something for nothing. Communism / socialism will win the hearts of people precisely by offering them government-subsidized education, healthcare, welfare – you name it; anything and everything they want to hear. Some of the democrats’ platforms even include, people not working for a living if they so choose. Hello!

Are people as stupid as believing in fantasies? And the answer is “yes”, many of them are. Historically, as first conceived by Marx, the proletariat, the poor, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, the envious, the jealous, the greedy, will all listen; will all follow; will all enroll; will all become the rank and file of a socialist state. Little do they know that history has proven that the Marxist, socialist, communist doctrines have all but failed; unable to deliver on their false promises. In its place, Marxism, communism and socialism have left humanity with a trail of over 200 million deaths from famine, crimes against humanity, and exploitation of human rights. Is that what they [socialists / democrats] want for the United States of America? They may, we don’t.

In closing, I really hope this narrative has thrown some light on what may have at first appeared to be incomprehensible, unthinkable, absurd or impossible. I have a problem thinking we are a nation driven by masochism, or that we are, collectively, as stupid and/or naive as to wanting what’s worse for the country and for ourselves. And, folks, therein lies my hope. Matter of fact, my hope is that they, the socialists, specially the 2020 presidential contenders are as stupid as running on such radical platforms as those now endorsed by all the democratic presidential contenders. Matter of fact, I am counting on all these liberal socialists to continue to shove down the throats of mainstream Americans, their ridiculous agendas of primitive ambitions which would set us back to yet pre-historic times. The more radical their agendas, the better our chances of re-electing Donald Trump. From now to election time in 2020, It will serve us all well to educate our fellow-Americans, our youth; it will serve us well to spread the word and let the world know that we know. Let the world know that we are not buying their lies; we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, letting ourselves be bullied, of all people, by a 29 year-old, Queens, N.Y., illiterate bartender and her gang of resentful communists. May God save us and may God save America.


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