How Can Any American be a Democrat?

The “Democratic” Party – ironically, a name that depicts precisely the opposite of everything they stand for...


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You know what? The more I hear all the brouhaha going on with the 2020 presidential elections, and the more I hear about the democratic presidential candidate’s platforms, the more skeptical I become as to: Where is this all going to end? Where are we headed? And, while I think I know the answer(s), I find, still, the whole thing to be appallingly inconceivable.

I am sure, that you, like me, keep on watching the news and listening to all the talking points about what is going on, and, I am sure that you, like me, sometimes lose track of it all, albeit there is so much of it that borders on the absurd; beyond belief; on the outlandish. At times, I feel like pinching myself, as I cannot believe we would ever live through some of what is going on in our world of politics – not in the United States of America; not in the utmost bastion of democracy; not in our preeminent Constitutional Republic; not in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

But, regretfully though, everyday that goes by, the proofs of all that is wrong becomes ever so evident, so barefaced, so conspicuous, to where one can’t help but wonder, how could this be happening in this, the greatest nation on the face of the earth?

Given the incomprehensible nature of all that is going on by virtue of the existential transformation of a political party that we still, to this day, hasten to label the “Democratic” Party – ironically, a name that depicts precisely the opposite of everything they stand for. A party which has all but made known its incontrovertible permutation to becoming a Marxist / Communist coalition. As such, I thought it would be in order for me to give you a frame-of-reference as to the rampant mayhem, chaos and havoc of this pervasive ideological revolution now taking place in our nation.

I thought, the best way to accomplish my objective and prove my point, would be to do just the opposite of what the democrat’s ‘propaganda-machine’ and the ‘fake-news’ do day-in and day-out – that is, let’s do a fact-check of the realities beyond the untruths; of the rhetorical falsities and the spuriousness, explicitly and uniquely intended to confuse the naïve; to entice the needy; to give hope to the despaired; to incite the envious; to provoke the angry and to goad the covetous.

I am going to try my best to discuss the issues by using a pragmatic approach. I will attempt to make short references of [the] most controversial issues presently setting the Democratic and the Republican parties’ radically apart from each other. I follow not any order of divergence, except for my very own perceptions of the abounding inanities.

As far as I am concerned, [the] most ludicrous issue of all the democrat’s lunacies is their deal with the “climate change”. As you know, they have gone as far as predicting that the end of the world is as near as coming in 12 years. To democrats, climate change is an existential threat to the planet, hence, they want to “transform our energy system away from fossil fuels into sustainable energies”. Mind you, their plan comes precisely at a time when the United States, is, for the first time ever energy-independent – an objective which we often thought to be utopic! – no comments, I will let you be the judge.

To put it all into perspective, besides the stupid disenfranchising of plastic straws, the democrat’s answer to the climate change is, none other than that of thick-headed, converted congresswoman and former New York bartender Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Green New Deal. To think that anyone could muster a plan that proposes to eliminate “farting cows” as a means of improving gas emissions on the planet, is, as far as I am concerned an outright insult to the intellect – to know that some Americans will even give this ridiculous idea any consideration is, what can I tell you, scary, at best, utterly stupid at worst.

In addition to setting us back to the stone-age, Cortez’s and all presidential candidates’ GND plan comes at a paltry cost estimated of approximately $93 trillion dollars over the next 10 years and/or $9.3 trillion dollars per year. Never mind, how we are going to pay for it.

What the democrats will not tell you is that, over the past decade, the U.S. has decreased annual carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 800 million tons, while China is now the world’s largest source of planet-warming carbon emissions. And, lamentably, in spite of all the democrats’ antics to make the planet greener, the Chinese will continue to pollute the planet, and the U.S. climate-change monomaniacs will never have a “say-so” in the way the latter [China] deals with the infamous climate-warming psychosis. Finally, democrats are vowing to reverse Trump’s decision and recommit to the hypocritical Paris Climate Accord – a draconian agreement in which our nation ended up lopsidedly subsidizing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of almost 200 countries around the world. Hello!

Then there is the issue of Medicare-For-All – a single payer healthcare system and the issue of “Free College Education”. For the record, the Medicare-for-All fallacy, would come at a whooping cost of approximately $30 trillion dollars, which would mean increasing federal spending by about 60%, excluding interest, and would require the equivalent of tripling today’s payroll taxes and the doubling of all other taxes. Bernie Sander’s campaign agenda calls for the subsidy of the added expenditures by increasing taxes by roughly 11 trillion dollars!

The “Free-College” and “ Free Public Education” fantasy has as its centerpiece tripling Title I federal spending on schools that serve low-income students from $16 billion to $48 billion. Some of the democrat clown’s platforms propose wiping out all $1.6 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans. According to new Department of Education, free tuition for public colleges would come at the measly sum of $62.6 billion dollars, again, not including the forgiveness of student loans.

Case you are wondering, how do these communist democrats intend to subsidize all the proposed entitlements, wonder no more. You guess it, à-la Karl Marx, tax the Goddam rich. Tax the wealthy son-of-bitches. Let’s reprove the successful, the affluent, the “bourgeoisie”. Close the wealth-gap, they say. Biden, for example has pledged to close $1.6 trillion dollars of what he calls “tax loopholes” which now allows for heirs to pay less taxes on their inheritance or vice-versa, step-up taxes paid by heirs. Note please, the democrats’ way of paying for all the spending madness is, how else? Raising taxes, of course. Why not? All those making a decent living in our capitalist society should be chastised just for being successful. Don’t you forget now, to the poetically romantic “nouvelle” democrat, capitalism is “evil”.

Sander’s presidential plan targets the wealth of oligarchs and proposes hiking estate tax to 77% on the fortunes of the wealthy, aiming to raise $2.2 trillion dollars from the nation’s billionaires, still way short for all they propose to spend. Let’s penalize those who have succeeded. Let’s re-distribute the wealth amongst the losers, the envious, the jealous, the resentful. Does this sound familiar to those of you who came from Cuba and other communist nations? Re-distributing the wealth? Have you heard that before? I think I have.

As far as immigration is concerned, all of the candidates are prone to opening the borders and letting the scum of the earth come in as the rest of us share-in paying for their healthcare while letting our war veterans take a back-seat to all the gang members and murderers who have been cordially invited by democrats to just feel free to break the law of the land.

To that, let me add that most all the democratic presidential candidates are promising to scrap the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcing Agency (ICE), while vouching to support sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with the national government’s efforts to enforce immigration laws. Most of them [democrats] are also strong proponents of the “catch and release” policies which only foment criminal migrants to continue murdering innocent Americans.

Democratic platforms also call for the abolishment of the electoral college, and a reviewed gerrymandering plan to manipulate the boundaries of the electoral constituency, which would now include illegal immigrants and felons. They also want to abolish the electoral college and they want to pack the Supreme Court by adding liberal judges to offset the possibility of a conservative court which may, at some point in time, reverse Roe v. Wade – on their way to promoting and supporting late-term and third trimester abortions, allowing for the disposal of newborns at will.

As far as gun-control is concerned, they continue to work feverishly to take away our Second-Amendment rights to bear arms – a well known pre-requisite which goes hand-in-hand with totalitarian and authoritarian regimes as the ultimate means of suppressing dissention such as we have seen prevail in all dictatorships throughout history.

These, my friends, are just some of the issues on which our 2020 presidential candidates stand. I don’t even want to talk about international politics, which would probably have them kissing ass of all our world enemies – picking-up where Obama left off; probably giving Iran’s mullahs yet another $50 billion dollars and moving Israel’s capital back to Tel Aviv.

As far out as this may sound to many of you, maybe the time has come when we should all re-adopt McCarthyism of the 50’s. Maybe the time has come for yet another House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), to pick-up where McCarthy left-off. Maybe it is time to have another executive order, just as President Truman did, to screen federal employees for association with organizations deemed “communist, totalitarian, fascist or subversive”. I dare say, the swamp would, most likely, be drained for good in no time at all.

My dear readers, suffice it to say that, most all the issues brought forth in this narrative today while bordering on the surreal, are just the opposite – they are very real. Sorry to say but many in mainstream America have naively fallen for the preferred pseudonyms given to the undeniable communist revolution now attempting to make good on Barack Obama’s promise to fundamentally transforming the United States of America, such as he committed to on the cusp of his presidential election on October 30, 2008.

From my very own personal perspective, I dare say, we are at war. About time we all understood and realize that, our enemy is none other than the Democratic / Communist Party of the United States of America. It is not about Trump or Trump-haters. It is about an ideological war against a coalition that endorses and supports the world’s most heinous political system in the history of mankind: communism, albeit barely no one today dares call a spade a spade. Why not is beyond me.

As much as many Americans are swayed by a romantic lexicon where aliases such as socialism, progressivism and liberalism, give communism an aura of philanthropic persuasiveness as much as it is up to us, specially those of us born in Cuba, who had first-hand experience with this dreadful ideology, to set the record straight for those who know no better.

For all the other democrat rats, those who know better but still elect to be a part of this filthy coalition, more especially those who call themselves Cuban-Americans, I just want you to know, I despise you with all my heart for all of you are no better than all those son-of-bitches who managed to obliterate my patrimony and legacy over the past sixty years.

In summary, as you can understand by the issues brought forth in this narrative, it is undeniable that all the 2020 presidential candidates, all democrats and the Democratic Party have embraced communism and Marxism as a preferred dogmatic creed over capitalism, free-enterprise, our Republic and all that our nation stands for in the free world. How can any American be a democrat in this day and age, is a dilemma that begs for the question to be asked by everyone of us? It is a mind-boggling question, that implores our utmost consideration. Matter of fact, unlike climate-change, in the answer to this question, therein lies the real existential threat to the future of this great nation. May God bless us all and may God bless America.


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