My dear friends, followers and fellow-Americans:

I have been writing political narratives for the past ten years. Never, ever, in the time that I have been involved in politics have I seen the repulsive show of low-class, hatred, resentfulness, cynical acrimony, all rolled into one, as that displayed by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as she dared rip, President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, given last night, which coincidentally, was probably one of the best ever given by Mr. Trump since taking office.

But, in a way, folks, I am glad it happened at one of the most viewed political acts in the nation. Right there, in front of millions of prime-time viewers, did this bitch dared do what she did, which ironically, was emblematic in the demeaning and belittling of a whole host of Trump’s distinguished Americans, such as Stephanie and Janiyah Davis- the latter a 4th grade black student, the daughter of a single mother who got a scholarship to a school of her choice.

In the process of ripping the President’s speech, Pelosi, also ripped legendary radio-talk host Rush Limbaugh who was recently diagnosed with advanced stage-four lung cancer and was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She ripped Kelly and Gage Hake. Kelli a widow whose husband, Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Hake was killed while serving his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Pelosi also ripped the Williams Family, as Amy Williams and her two young children were reunited with husband Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams, serving now his fourth deployment. These are just to mention a few. Pelosi’s low-class ripping of the speech not only served to demean all those who were being honored by the President, but in the process, she also managed to mutilate and degrade the Constitution of the United States of America and all it stands for.

Pelosi’s tantrum also served to disavow some of the most basic protocols of conduct becoming to members of the U.S. Congress throughout the history of our great nation. Shame on you bitch. By ripping Trump’s speech in national T.V., Pelosi’s conduct will stand-alone in the political history of our nation as probably the most repulsive low-class behaviors, ever – bar none.

As recently as last December 5th, 2019, Pelosi got all distressed when a reporter asked her if she hated Donald Trump, to which she responded: “Don’t mess with me. I am a Catholic and we Catholics don’t hate people.” Well, Speaker, let me tell you, if you are anywhere representative of what Catholicism is all about, I will most definitely consider a change of faith, as of right now.

To be sure, my dear friends, Pelosi’s hatred and unhinged display of anger are not, in many ways, difficult to understand. Think about it. Just about everything and anything that can go wrong for Democrats and the Democratic Party, has gone, in fact, gone wrong. Everything they touch turns into a blunder, a gaff, a failure. First, it was their failed Russia collusion hoax; then as recently as yesterday, the infamous Iowa Caucus, presumably one of [the] most eventful events land-marking the true launch of the Democratic presidential elections, turned, instead, into one of the most embarrassing and shameful chapters in the history of elections, as the Party, even to this day, has not been able to count the votes of their brethrens. And, to make matters worse, Donald J. Trump has just been acquitted of both Articles of Impeachment brought against him, under the leadership of the witch. It is no wonder, that frustration and anger got the best of her yesterday.

Now, folks, this may be as good a time as ever, to remind you all that the acrimony, the rancor and the bitterness exemplified by this over-the-hill, menopause-afflicted sorcerer last night, is in no way unique to her. Time and time again, we have seen an unhinged derangement of hate which has become sort of a preferred pattern of behavior taken-on by most all leaders of the Democratic / Socialist Party. We have seen it in Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff and his co-conspirator, midget Jerry Nadler; we have seen it in Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer; we have seen it in the sleazy N.Y. bartender, turned politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and we have seen it in virtually all Democratic Presidential candidates.

It is no longer about political platforms, ideals, issues, goals, principles, it’s all about personal and Party vendettas; it is about dissension, grudges, hostility and conspiracies. It is about power-plays aimed at taking-over power, every which way except via democratically sanctioned elections. It is about a vitriolic crusade of propaganda embedded with ill-will, malice, prejudice, covetousness and evilness – all which make-up the very essence on which Marxism and Communism have thrived since their inception.

In closing, I personally think Pelosi’s detestable show of hatred for our President as she ripped the latter’s speech, could be, in fact, her political demise and suicide, for which we should all be thankful, notwithstanding our own dislike of this old sleazeball. Matter of fact, I think here despicable act last night is, in a way, a telltale sign of things-to-come. I think she [Pelosi] and the Democratic Party are beginning to realize they don’t stand a chance come November 2020. This realization comes with deranged behaviors such as the ripping of the speech last night and should serve the rest of us as a motivational therapy in re-electing our President and, moreover, should be inspirational in going out and voting to regain the House of Representatives in 2020, and getting rid of this bitch once and for all.

Finally, I am going to take this opportunity to take Pelosi for her own words in which she represented to the world to be a prolific Catholic, and claimed she was unable to hate. I will say this much, Madam Speaker, your ripping President Trump’s speech last night, showed not only that you are very capable of hating but moreover that your hate for our President takes you to places where human souls, according to Catholicism, loose sight of empathy and compassion for your fellow-humans – a lonely doldrum where true Catholics dare not go.

Your actions, Madam Speaker, are truly incompatible with all that Catholicism and the teachings of the Bible stand for. Matter of fact, your hatred Madam Speaker is highly condemned and disparaged by the faith we happen to share. Matter of fact, again, according to the Scriptures, your hatred Madam Speaker, will typically send you on a one-way, irredeemable non-stop voyage to hell, where acts such as your ripping the speech last night are sure to keep you there [in hell] for as long as you continue the unrepentant crusade of moral turpitude now governing your political and personal life. May God help us, and may God save America and spare us from the evilness you so adamantly are trying to unavoidably hide from the American people. Sorry, Madam Speaker, but we know better.


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